My conclusion is Led Zeppelin Presence my #1

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Scott Sheagren, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Scott Sheagren

    Scott Sheagren I’m a Metal,Rock,Jazz Fusion,Gaga type of guy. Thread Starter

    Not sure why this album is not ever considered like one of the best albums they did!Its amazing to me.i love every song and they all jam so well.
    Is it anyone elses favorite?
  2. cwd

    cwd Forum Resident

    Clarksville, TN
    Favorite LZ or favorite overall lp?
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  3. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Pick up a fast car, burn my name in the road

    I love it and find the fact that it was apparently hated when it came out quite remarkable.
    Led Zep IV is probably my favourite, but Physical Graffiti or Presence come in second
  4. BSC

    BSC Forum Resident

    Glasgow, Scotland
    It clearly lacks the variety and scope of their best work. It lacks warmth too and has something of a forced style about it.

    It does however have a certain charm of it's own and it is different from just about anything they did. I think it adds to their overall output in a reasonably positive way but ultimately fails by quite a distance when you try to put it in the context you have.
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  5. CowboyBill

    CowboyBill Forum Resident

    After hearing these albums so much in my lifetime, I can;t say I have a favorite. Presence is very good though, it'd be easier to just say "In Through The Out Door" is my least favorite.
  6. Old Zorki II

    Old Zorki II Heavy Horses Operator

    Tampa, FL
    It is my fifth favorite LZ album! Not counting live ones...
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  7. Sergius Wegmuller

    Sergius Wegmuller Forum Resident

    Definitely not although preferable to ITTOD. But Achilles is a majestic opener for sure.
  8. Haggis Wampovich

    Haggis Wampovich Forum Haggis

    Three Rivers, USA
    Not sure I can definitively pick a favorite Zep lp, but I consider Presence an equal part of their canon and not a ‘lesser’ recording. The drumming is fantastic.
  9. George Co-Stanza

    George Co-Stanza Forum Resident

    My least favorite of their eight studio albums.

    To each his own, though. :)
  10. gkella

    gkella Forum Resident

    Toronto, Canada
    In its day, I found it lacking.
    Today, I appreciate it much more.
    But not my favorite.
  11. If I Can Dream_23

    If I Can Dream_23 Forum Resident

    United States
    It's definitely great! Not my personal favorite by the band, but it certainly stands on its own.

    I've been enjoying the super deluxe recently. Lots of great stuff in the box!
  12. Barnabas Collins

    Barnabas Collins Forum Resident

    My least favorite Zep too. Outside of Achilles Last Stand and Nobody's Fault But Mine, most of the songs just aren't that memorable, IMO. I will say that it's Zep's best sounding record though.
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  13. Wally Swift

    Wally Swift Forum Resident

    Brooklyn New York
    By Zeppelin surpassed only by PG. But, Achilles is my favorite LZ number.
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  14. Thievius

    Thievius Blue Öyster Cultist

    Zep II is my favorite, always has been, but I do love me some Presence.
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  15. moople72

    moople72 Forum Resident

    Achilles Last Stand is great.....stacks up to their best work.

    The rest seems to suffer from the fact that they were rushed and Plant's heart, by his own admission, was not in it.

    To me, it's their first inferior album.
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  16. Funky Meadows

    Funky Meadows Forum Resident

    Echoed with the exception of "Tea For One" (I love that little 9 and a half minute ditty).
  17. Holy Diver

    Holy Diver Forum Resident

  18. Dellarigg

    Dellarigg Forum Resident

    Sadly, it's my least favourite, too. As someone said up above, it doesn't have the variety of their others. Feels a bit colourless. I still listen to it, of course.
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  19. Greenalishi

    Greenalishi Forum Resident

    San Francisco
    Cool album cover. Great song in Nobody's Fault But Mine. The rest eh.
  20. luckyno13

    luckyno13 Forum Resident

    London UK
    Presence is my favourite Led Zep album.

    Bonzo is just so groovy and heavy on this one and Page's solos sound like he's tearing every note from the depths of his soul.
    If he hadn't sold it already, that is.
  21. jon9091

    jon9091 Master Of Reality

    I like it. It has grown in me over the years. But, overall, I think it needed more of a contribution from John Paul Jones...a few keyboards, stringed instruments, arrangments, etc.
    I know that was a conscious decision, but it lacks the depth of all previous albums.
    Could use more harmonies from Plant as well. I think the only ones are a bit at the end of Candy Store Rock. That being said, I still enjoy it immensely.
  22. Chrome_Head

    Chrome_Head Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA.
    I think it's great and underrated, much better than most give it credit for. I love this album, and while not my favorite, it's probably in my Zep top 5.

    Found a US Swan Song original LP used last year, and it has a nice sound, lots of impact.

    I think it's half a great album that starts to run out of steam by the last track. Not surprising, considering the amount of work the band had been doing by then, Plant's car accident, and Page's habits. Considering all that, it's amazing how well it came out.

    "Achilles", "Nobody's Fault", "For Your Life" and "Candy Store Rock" (which has a furious and addictive groove) are all great cuts, which I like as much as anything else in the band's album high points. I can go back to this one again and again, where I'd rather not hear some of the earlier albums for the 1,000th time.

    (and I've long thought that the band The Mars Volta almost styled much of their sound and approach on "Achilles Last Stand").
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  23. HfxBob

    HfxBob Forum Resident

    I think it suffers from being a bit monochromatic. The colors just aren't there.
  24. TheDailyBuzzherd

    TheDailyBuzzherd Forum Resident

    Northeast USA

    The best part. Although, that song you mentioned and "Candy Store Rock" are quite fun.
  25. Chew

    Chew Casual Stalker

    It is in my top 3 for sure. Along with "In Through The Out Door" and either "I" or "III" holding the other spot.

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