My email is down, contact me through the PM's here or..

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Mastering Engineer Your Host Thread Starter

    My email is down, so if you’ve sent me something I didn’t get it. Instead contact me through the PM's here or if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, I can be reached there as well.

    Sorry, they're working on it (slowly..)

    Meanwhile, back in 1937, here is some of OUR GANG.

    Our Gang from Karen Zuehlke.jpg
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  2. Rick Bartlett

    Rick Bartlett Forum Resident

    So we can't send you a letter via snail mail then? :D
    I did that recently, it felt quite rewarding.
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    BRODNATION Tomorrow Never Dies because Tomorrow Never Knows

    Hey @Steve Hoffman. I just wanted to let you know that you have created a beautiful place to discuss, compare, socialize and make new friends. And I want to thank you and let you know that i am very thankful to be part of this wonderful forum. Thank you very much for everything and I hope you have a lovely night
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  4. varispeed

    varispeed what if?

    Los Angeles Ca
    I just saw the cow billboard. They were writing "all your email are belong to us eat mor chikin".

    Don't pay the ransom.
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  5. Sordel

    Sordel Forum Resident

    Midlands, UK
    Difficult not to be impressed when Our Host is sufficiently willing to be contacted that he actually lets us know when he has a temporary email outage!
  6. AnalogJ

    AnalogJ CMO (Chief Musical Officer)

    Salem, MA
    Which one is you in the photo, Steve, and which is Kevin Gray? ;)
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  7. D-Holmes86

    D-Holmes86 Active Member

    Only just discovered this great site, So from one music lover to another......Thank You ! :targettiphat:
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  8. CDmp3

    CDmp3 Forum Resident

    You don't have an alternate email like Yahoo or Gmail?
  9. Edwin Hawley

    Edwin Hawley Forum Resident

  10. loudinny

    loudinny Forum Resident

    Thx so much for providing a forum where music enthusiasts can communicate, express, learn and explore......
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  11. Strat-Mangler

    Strat-Mangler Forum Resident

    I'm old-school. Will a telegram work? How about carrier pigeon? Smoke signals? :D
  12. richbdd01

    richbdd01 Forum Resident

    Steve is the one with the most hair I think...;)
  13. AnalogJ

    AnalogJ CMO (Chief Musical Officer)

    Salem, MA
    That would either be the one the left, or second from the right.
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