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My impressions of the Rega Elex-R

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by maglorine, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. Kristofferabild

    Kristofferabild Forum Resident

    The only I have seen about the damping factor of Rega amps is in this review of the old Brio:

  2. Ilusndweller

    Ilusndweller S.H.M.F.=>Reely kewl.

    Columbus, Ohio
    Thanks, the damping factor is 127 for the previous gen BrioR. Up until a couple months ago I had a couple amps with damping factor of 200. Then I got a Rogue Sphinx V2 (tube pre/class D amp) with a damping factor of 600 and feel it works very well with my speakers. Then I noticed some of the Hegel integrateds have DF of 2000 and 4000. Thanks again!
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  3. Echoes Myron

    Echoes Myron Forum Resident

    I wonder if that is why my Sphinx v2 sounds so good with my B&W 805s.

    I replaced my Sphinx with a Primaluna, which at 4x the price is at a whole other level sonically. But I keep the Sphinx as a back up and had occasion to put it back in my system this week. It is a very nice sounding integrated indeed.
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  4. Ilusndweller

    Ilusndweller S.H.M.F.=>Reely kewl.

    Columbus, Ohio
    I think the Sphinx would work well with many speakers in the 200W and under/86 dB sensitivity and higher range. I currently have it hooked up to 83 dB/750W Carver Amazing Silver MK4 and the low end is a bit lacking, especially at louder volumes (3, 12" open baffle stereo subs get <100 Hz) and it is not uncommon for me to run it full blast, but I like my music louder than most. Overall it is a very good performer with these speakers, but hardly ideal for them, especially at higher volumes. If I didnt damage my Innersound ESL 800 with static electricity from my fingertip, I will likely use the Sphinx as a preamp.
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  5. stereoguy

    stereoguy Its Gotta Be True Stereo!

    Maglorine: Can you speak to soundstage of the Rega Elex? Is it holographic at all?

    Most reviews I've read on the Rega are very good, but I havent learned much about the soundstage of it.

    I'd be interested in hearing your comments.

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  6. shug4476

    shug4476 Forum Resident

    Good but not great was my experience. If SS matters, get a tube amp.
  7. rrp

    rrp Active Member

    I was able to listen to the Elicit-R in my system yesterday... the Elex-R is miles ahead in every discipline...

    and than I listened to the Classé CAP-2100... a very different animal
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