My new CD player - Cyrus CDi*

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Fishoutofwater, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Fishoutofwater

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    Have a word with Cyrus. They are very helpful. Good luck
  2. Malinky

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    How old is your player?
    That slot mechanism is very temperamental and can need adjusting after some years play.
    I had the old `Skipping` and `Stuck Disc` problem, I sent it back for a service (sorry `Fishoutofwater` but I find Cyrus to be difficult to deal with, as they refuse to admit that their products can even develop a fault).
    Player was returned after adjustment and `Soak testing`, was STILL faulty! and had to be sent back again....what a hassle!
    So it`s probably in need of a service.
  3. Fishoutofwater

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    Cyrus 8 is not a slot machine. I take your point that Cyrus always state that "its the first time we have come accross this issue" but i have used Cyrus gear for 20 plus years and when i have sent stuff back for a service they have also included upgrades with no extra charge. They admitted to me that the 8 series CD player, which i also have, did have a few issues but they claimed they could easily sort them. Their CDi slot mashine is a superb player and i love it. Ugly bugger though!
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  4. hifisoup

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    We sold their Mission loudspeakers and Cyrus electronics here in the USA back in the '80s. It was great sounding gear, I thought. I wonder why they no longer sell here in the states.
  5. blair207

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    Fife, Scotland
    You and hundreds of others. It’s a major problem on older players. Did you buy it new or second hand? If you take it to a dealer they will offer to send it to Cyrus but the bill will be expensive. Probably better to see how much they will give you for it against a new model.
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