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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by head_unit, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. head_unit

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    Los Angeles CA USA kinda better EXCEPT for trying to record shows. I just changed from the plain really rectangular box to a Genie 2 setup. Previously, I could search something (Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown let's say). Previously, I would get a list of episodes, and I could go down the list pressing the R (record) button to record episodes I wanted.

    Now, it opens up each episode to a menu with "All Seasons" "Watch Now" "Record" etc, and it takes way longer. Isn't there some way to just one-click record episodes of interest?*

    And, can I program this DVR over the Internet?

    *I don't want to "Record Series" because otherwise I get multiples of the same exact program, and I can't select "First Run Only" because these are mostly old programs. I wish the recorder could recognize when a program has the same title and not record it again...
  2. Vidiot

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    It totally sucks. Among the worst user interfaces I've seen in years. There are Microsoft and Adobe guys who pulled up the DirecTV interface on their screens and laughed and laughed, saying, "wow -- this is even worse than anything we ever designed!" :eek:
  3. We got the update over a month ago. Terrible. Form over function, and even the form in many areas is poorly laid out.

    The responsiveness of our HR44 was near instantaneous. Now, there is a lag to everything, such that it seems like a command is not accepted so you try again, and then the box catches up, and you end up not where you were expecting to go.

    We like to see what is in the scheduled recording queue......that now takes something like 5-6 clicks.

    I am not sure what use cases this update was designed to address, but it is clearly not designed for the way we use the system.
  4. boboquisp

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    I sucks. Soon to be leaving the dish. :thumbsdow
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  5. AJH

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    Additionally, since this stupid "upgrade," my latest generation Genie receiver (three months old) can take, at times, up to twenty seconds just to change channels. Prior to this, channel changes were almost instantaneous. I've rebooted the receiver several times, and it helps for several days, but after a few days the receiver is back to taking forever to execute commands. Also, because of the way the menu is designed, I find it very difficult to find a specific recorded episode of a series. The people who were was in charge of the design and implementation of this interface need to be fired. This design is just awful!
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  6. feinstei9415

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    I can't believe that DirecTV and Dish's satellite services aren't out-of-business by now due to the migration to Internet-delivered services....
  7. AJH

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    PA Northern Tier
    It's easy for people who have access to reliable high speed internet. However, although it may be hard for some people to believe, but those of us who live in very rural areas of the country still don't have that kind of access or if we do, it's just as expensive as having cable or satellite service.
  8. Kyhl

    Kyhl formerly known

    It is a terrible design. I am used to checking into the "to do" list regularly to cancel some upcoming episodes. It is now tough to find the "to do" list.

    Plus the inefficient code slowing it down. Our Genie is still useable, not nearly as slow as others are reporting but it is definitely slower.

    Have been on Dtv at this location for 13 years and this will be the last year before pulling the plug. We would pull the plug today if we could. One more year of the last 2 yr contract.
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  9. No Static

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    Right. The scenery is beautiful and the noise is nonexistent but the internet is an AT&T Mi-Fi cell box.

    It's a fair exchange.
  10. ibanez_ax

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    The new guide is okay, the new menu stinks.
  11. Chris DeVoe

    Chris DeVoe Forum Resident

    One of the finest home theaters I ever built is out in the boonies, and DirecTV and optical media are their only options.
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  12. halfjapanese

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    I live out in the country where there’s no cable or fiber optic alternative and no WiFi. Satellite delivery is all that’s available to many folks in rural areas. Nevertheless, I ditched Dish for a few streaming services and use an HDMI dongle from my phone to TV. Before I canceled Dish I was offered a 70% fee reduction which is an indication to me that a large-scale exodus is underway.
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  13. feinstei9415

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    South Bend, IN
    Boy, that is surprising! I stream Roku services successfully with 4G cell phone service (I have unlimited data on my plan) so that might be another possibility if it exists in your rural area and if you have WiFi tethering included on your cell phone plan.
  14. The Genie blows. Only got it because it's wireless and the new landlord didn't want new holes in his walls.
  15. halfjapanese

    halfjapanese Gifs moider!

    If AJH lives as far out as I do, he/she is likely to get 3G cell phone service (with 4G closer to towns/cities). That's still serviceable for streaming. I have few stream interruptions but plenty of artifacts.
  16. maclen

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    Wasn't too happy about the AT&T merge. Is this an indication of things to come?
  17. Dude111

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    I got rid of DTV years ago when they tried to foce thier garbage box on me......(Which was slower than my RCA)
  18. Bobby Boogaloo

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    I'd bet "yes."
  19. GlamorProfession

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    i don't care for it either. seems like it was a change for the sake of change. the smaller font gets you one more channel when you pull up the guide. big whoop. now my elderly mother has a hard time reading it.

    for those of you who say it slowed it down, try "clearmybox" in the search and hit enter. it will reset your dvr and might help with the i've heard.
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  20. head_unit

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    Los Angeles CA USA
    My next question is, in the Guide, can't I press a channel number to jump down to that channel any more? Seems like that doesn't work?
  21. ibanez_ax

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    You should be able to. I've done it with the new guide.
  22. Chris DeVoe

    Chris DeVoe Forum Resident

    You have to have been "grandfathered" in. The only thing anyone can get now is:


    i.e. Not unlimited at all. You get X amount of data, after which they turn the firehose down to a dribble.
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  23. feinstei9415

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    I haven't found this to be the case at all with the "unlimited *" plan.
  24. Chris DeVoe

    Chris DeVoe Forum Resident

    Then you either are grandfathered or haven't run into the data limit. My brother's "unlimited *" plan drops to 2G speeds after 12 gigabytes of data per month.
  25. John Moschella

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    Christiansburg, VA
    Well the business model is certainly challenged, that is why they also offer streaming services.

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