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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Donfrance, Sep 28, 2020.

  1. Donfrance

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    Vesoul, France.
    Hello readers, I found this documentary on Netflix. I'm not sure if it's available on other streaming sites.

    My Octopus Teacher is about, you guessed it, an octopus and somebody who films it. I'm 55 and have never seen a documentary exposing so much emotion and beauty.

    A very touching story, showing that humans and nature can be a lot closer if we made an effort. Beautiful images and a lovely story.

    You can find a trailer on YouTube. ( also spoiler alert.)
  2. The Wanderer

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  3. Spencer R

    Spencer R Forum Resident

    Oxford, MS
    Watched this and loved it.
  4. jfeldt

    jfeldt Forum Resident

    SF, CA, USA
    This was a cute movie. Recommend :thumbsup:
  5. bluesbro

    bluesbro Forum Hall of Shame

    Will watch, thanks
  6. Alert

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    Great River, NY
    I saw this a week ago and enjoyed it very much.
  7. chacha

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    mill valley CA USA
    Fantastic, gorgeous movie. Just watched this week. Stunningly beautiful.
  8. Bertly

    Bertly formerly known as "Berty"

    I watched a couple weeks ago and have continued to think about it off and on since. Very touching film.
  9. knob twirler

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    Chapel Hill, NC
    I really thought this was going to be a thread about a handsy adjunct professor.
  10. johnod

    johnod Forum Resident

    I'll have to check it out, thanks.
  11. the jesus abyss

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    Was hoping for a Shape of Water scenario where the man & Octopus would get erotic.
  12. Sky Dawg

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    Los Angeles
    I really enjoyed it. Highly recommended.
  13. razerx

    razerx Who me?

    The East
    Close enough:

  14. Roland Stone

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    Deep Maryland
    Same here. I had a history TA who seemed to spend the bulk of the weekly discussion section lining up his weekend with various freshmen . . . After a while I realized I could skip the readings.
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  15. johnod

    johnod Forum Resident

    I watched this, enjoyed very much.
    Wonderful photography, thanks for the recommendation.
  16. VU Master

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    I'm a long time diver with a fascination for octopuses. They're amazing to observe underwater and are very intelligent creatures. Jacques Cousteau wrote of seeing them build underwater houses, complete with doors and windows.

    I came across this documentary a few weeks ago and watched it twice. Fantastic. My wife really enjoyed it too. Highly recommended, and the photography is beautiful.

    One minor disappointment was that there were no night scenes. These animals are very cool to watch at night and sometimes put on quite a "light show".
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  17. This show is phenomenal. You just can't stop watching it.

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