Mynset Music (Miami) going-out-of-business sale - 60% off

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  1. recacer

    recacer Forum Resident

    Order: 1947
    Placed: 01/19
    Shipped: 01/24

    Bentley, Dierks - The Mountain [LP]
    Blondie - Vivir En La Habana (Limited Edition Yellow Vinyl) [LP]
    Bon Jovi - 2020 [LP]
    Carlile, Brandi - In These Silent Days [LP]
    Carlile, Brandi - The Fire Watcher'S Daughter [LP]
    Cheap Trick - Heaven Tonight [LP]
    Cheap Trick - In Another World [LP]
    Gilbert, Brantley - The Devil Don'T Sleep: Live At Red Rocks [LP]
    Jean, Wyclef - All Star Jam At Carnegie Hall - 12'' Singles [LP]
    Mercury, Freddie - In Memory Of: - 12'' Singles [LP]
    Motley Crue - Too Fast For Love [LP]
    Springsteen, Bruce - Western Stars [LP]
    Styx - Crash Of The Crown [LP]
    The Specials - The Best Of The Specials [LP]
    Various - A Day In The Life: Impressions Of Pepper [LP]
    Various - Rock Heretics [LP]
    Various - The Vinyl Series Vol. 1 [LP]
    Various - Thump Old School Vol. 2 [LP]
    Winehouse, Amy - Remixes [LP]

    Brand New Heavies - Heavy Rhyme Experience: Vol. 1 [LP]
    Cheap Trick - In Another World [LP]
    Cheap Trick - We'Re All Alright [LP]
    Church, Eric - Carolina (Lmtd Ed. Clear Vinyl) [LP]
    Church, Eric - Chief [LP]
    Def Leppard - Yeah! [LP]
    Goo Goo Dolls - The Audience Is That Way [LP]
    Perry, Steve - The Season [LP]
    Perry, Steve - Traces [LP]
    Springsteen, Bruce - Letter To You [LP]
    Starr, Ringo - Zoom In [LP]
    Stars On 45 - Stars On Long Play Ii [LP]
    Stars On 45 - Stars On Long Play Iii [LP]

    Urban, Keith - Keith Urban [LP]
    Various - The Vinyl Series Vol. 2 [LP]

    *The 2 items in bold that shipped, I originally ordered on my first order but was refunded. Looks like they found them. All in all... good deals, great packaging (on 1st order, 2nd hasn't arrived yet), and quick replies to email. I'll continue to keep my eye on them when they re-open the website (will be going down for maintenance).

    From Mynset Instagram...

    Last Weekend Alert! ️

    Dear Music Enthusiasts,

    This weekend marks the end of an era for Mynset Music Store in Miami. We want to ensure that our cherished customers make the most of these final three days, so we're operating on a special schedule:

    ️ Friday and Saturday: 10 AM - 8 PM
    ️ Sunday: 10 AM - 4 PM

    And guess what? Our 60% discount on LPs, T-Shirts, and Blu-Rays will continue until January 28! Plus, we're extending our CD promotion starting at $4.99 to DVDs as well, but this DVD offer is exclusively available in our physical store for those bidding farewell to us this weekend.

    Please note that our website will be undergoing maintenance starting January 28. As soon as it's back up and running, we'll announce it. Stay tuned for updates on our new location and grand reopening date.

    Address: 1301 SW 70th Ave - Miami FL 33144

    We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our customers, both new and longtime supporters, who embraced us when we acquired the iconic Museo Del Disco and made us feel at home. A special shoutout to those who promised to follow us wherever we go—we'll miss this place that's been so dear to us.

    Let's continue the musical journey together, as our website will still serve music lovers worldwide.
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  2. Comicsanstombstone

    Comicsanstombstone Forum Resident

    Well, they picked my last order quickly, though the cancellation rate resembles a Morrissey tour.

    Powell, Bud - Complete 1947-1951 [CD] × 1

    Hawkins, Coleman - Complete Jazztone Recordi [CD] × 1

    Drew, Kenny - Complete Recordings 53-54 [CD] × 1

    Criss, Sonny - Sonny'S Dreams [CD] × 1

    Raney, Sue - Complete Capitol Years 1956-1960 [CD] × 1

    Hampton, Lionel - Complete Jazztone Recordi [CD] × 1

    Blair, Sallie - Complete Albums And Singles 1957-1962 [CD] × 1

    Konitz, Lee - Meets Jimmy Giuffre [CD] × 1

    Gaynor, Mitzi - Mitzi / Sings The Lyrics Of Ira Gershwin [CD] × 1

    Russell, Barbara - Swing With Me / Golden Blues [CD] × 1

    Jones, Sam - The Soul Society / The Chant / Down Home [CD] × 1

    Jones, Carmell - The Remarkable.../Business Meetin' [CD] × 1

    Jones, Inez - Have You Met Inez Jones ? [CD] × 1

    Rouse, Charlie - Quartet & Quintet [CD] × 1

    Mapp, Norman - Jazz Ain'T Nothin' But Soul [CD] × 1

    Mance, Junior - Soulful Piano/Big Chief/Village Vanguard/Birdland [CD] × 1

    Hampton, Slide - Sister Salvation/Something' Sanctified/Live At Bir [CD] × 1

    Henry, Ernie - Presenting... [CD] × 1

    Edwards, Teddy - Sunset Eyes [CD] × 1

    Freeman, Russ - Trio & Quartet [CD] × 1

    Buckner, Milt - Rockin' With Milt [CD] × 1

    Moody, James - Cookin' The Blues / Another Bag [CD] × 1
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  3. recacer

    recacer Forum Resident

  4. chas

    chas Forum Resident

    cleveland, ohio
    Late to the party but still found a few interesting items!


    Springfield, Dusty - Living Without Your Love [CD] × 1 $4.71
    Springfield, Dusty - White Heat [CD] × 1 $4.71
    Deville, Mink - Where Angels Fear [CD] × 1 $4.71
    Deville, Mink - Coup De Grace [CD] × 1 $4.71
    Munich Machine - Munich Machine [CD] × 1 $4.71
    Munich Machine - A Whiter Shade Of Pale [CD] × 1 $4.71
    Parker, Paul - The Collection [CD] × 1 $4.71
    Divine - Shoot Your Shot [CD] × 1 $4.71


    Previn, Dory - Live At Carnegie Hall [CD] × 1 Refunded $4.71
    Thunders, Johnny - So Alone [CD] × 1 Refunded $4.71
    Davis, Skeeter - Pop Hits Collection [CD] × 1 Refunded $4.71
    For Discos Only - 3Cds [CD] × 1 Refunded $4.71
    Jabara, Paul - Keeping Time [CD] × 1 Refunded $4.71
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  5. Ex-Oligarch

    Ex-Oligarch Forum Resident

    Ithaca, NY
    One of the things I've enjoyed about this thread is seeing how wide-ranging the tastes of the forum participants are. There's surprisingly little overlap on the lists people have posted.
  6. Comicsanstombstone

    Comicsanstombstone Forum Resident

    Nice, I didn’t even think to search for Mink DeVille. Their search function makes/made casual browsing hard. I ended up realizing they had most of the Fresh Sounds (public domain jazz label) releases up to a year or so back, so just searched for specific ones I was missing.
    I wonder what will become of their old location? Something dispiriting like a sportswear store, perhaps.
  7. hutlock

    hutlock Forever Breathing

    Cleveland, OH, USA
    I actually ordered a Mink DeVille 12” that was listed as some bizarre misspelling of “Spanish Stroll” but it got refunded.
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  8. Howard Bleach

    Howard Bleach Imperial Aerosol Kid

    green bay, wi
    I was home for all of five minutes yesterday and got to very quickly peruse my mail, and I noticed something interesting: it appears Mynset included in my first box a CD that was supposed to be refunded (Willi Williams). Now, whether this replaced something that was supposed to be there, I have no idea (I'm working away from home this month - long story), but now I'm intrigued. When I get to the bottom of it, I will report back. I'm only able to get home once a week right now.
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  9. Auntie Pho

    Auntie Pho Metal Dad

    Rockford, IL
    Just for the hell of it, here are all of things I had shipped and refunded over 5 orders, most LPs I ordered were refunded.

    Gorguts – Pleiades Dust [CD] × 1
    Gorguts – Colored Sands [CD] × 1
    T-Shirt - Death - Leprosy (XL) × 1
    Kuti, Fela - Yellow Fever / Na Poi [CD] × 1
    Kuti, Fela - Underground System [CD] × 1
    Kuti, Fela - No Agreement / Shuffering And Shmiling [CD] × 1
    Kuti, Fela - Noise For Vendor Mouth / Everything Scatter [CD] × 1
    Kuti, Fela - Excuse-O / Monkey Banana [CD] × 1
    Great Dictator - Charles Chaplin [Blu-ray] × 1
    Zappa, Frank - One Shot Deal [CD] × 1
    Zappa, Frank - Joe'S Menage [CD] × 1
    Zappa, Frank - Joe'S Domage [CD] × 1
    Celtic Frost - Innocence And Wrath [CD] × 1
    T-Shirt - Individual Thought Patterns (XL) × 1 (had been refunded on an earlier order)
    T-Shirt - The Sound of Perseverance (XL) × 1
    Obituary - Ten Thousand Ways To Die [CD] × 1
    Napalm Death - Resentment Is Always Seismic [CD] × 1
    Sarcofago - Decade Of Decay [CD] × 1
    Moore, Thurston - The Best Day [LP] × 1
    Bathory - Destroyer Of Worlds [CD] × 1
    Darkthrone – Sardonic Wrath (CD) × 1
    Spencer, Jon - Extra Width (Definitive Version) [CD] × 1
    Corrosion Of Con Formity - Technocracy (White Vinyl) [LP] × 1
    Iron Maiden - Seventh Son Oa Seventh Son (Import) [LP] × 1
    Mudhoney - Lie [LP] × 1
    Mudhoney - Morning In America [LP] × 1

    T-Shirt - Individual Thought Patterns (XL) × 1
    King Crimson - The Reconstrukction Of Light [LP] × 1
    Obituary - Slowly We Rot [LP] × 1
    King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Chunky Shrapnel [CD] × 1
    King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Butterfly 3000 [DVD] × 1
    Orpheus - Jean Cocteau [Blu-ray] × 1
    Zappa, Frank - Carnegie Hall [CD] × 1
    Primitive Man & Unearthy Trance - Split [LP] × 1
    Voivod - Dimension Hatross [CD] × 1
    Morbid Angel - Heretic [CD] × 1
    Dylan, Bob - Shadows In The Night [LP] × 1
    Cline, Nels/Lage, Julian - Room [LP] × 1
    Celtic Frost - Tragic Serenades [LP] × 1
    Moore, Thurston - Rock N Roll Consciousness [CD] × 1
    Pungent Stench - Club Mondo Bizarre [CD] × 1
    Bathory - Octagon (Picture Disc) [LP] × 1
    Bathory - Requiem (Picture Disc) [LP] × 1
    Corrosion Of Conformity - Animosity (Orange Brown Marbled Vinyl) [LP] × 1
    T-SHIRT - Death Human (L) × 1
    T-Shirt - Death Scream Bloody Gore (L) × 1
    Expulser - Fornications [LP] × 1
    The Fall - The Twenty - Seven Points [LP] × 1
    Discharge - Early Demos - March/ June1977 [LP] × 1
    Reed, Lou - The Twilight Reeling [LP] × 1
    Childish Gambino - Kauai [LP] × 1
    Perry, Lee Scratch - Roast Fish Collie Weed & Corn Bread [LP] × 1
    Slayer - Live Undead [LP] × 1
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  10. Howard Bleach

    Howard Bleach Imperial Aerosol Kid

    green bay, wi
    We had a few of the same cancellations, and are both the proud new owners of an XL Leprosy t-shirt :evil:
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  11. hutlock

    hutlock Forever Breathing

    Cleveland, OH, USA
    I received two large orders and discovered after unpacking that they included a completely random CD that I totally didn’t order. And when I say random I mean RANDOM: it isn’t on Discogs, it isn’t on Amazon… it seems to be something local if I had to guess. If I was better at posting pictures I would share here because the cover is really something to behold!
  12. Auntie Pho

    Auntie Pho Metal Dad

    Rockford, IL
    The Fela CDs I got seem like legit Knitting Factory pressings, but the UPC (stickers, not printed) and matrix codes do not match anything in discogs, but they do show up on ebay if you google the UPCs. I wonder if they were left overs from the box sets that were sold individually. And some of the other CDs I got were European pressings. This store had some interesting distributors.
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  13. Comicsanstombstone

    Comicsanstombstone Forum Resident

    Received my biggest order today and was a bit pissed off that three of the Original Jazz Classics CDs are actually CDRs. But that’s shoddy business practice from the label, not the store’s fault. I’ll probably put them on the marketplace here at some point.
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  14. Rob Zarzecki

    Rob Zarzecki Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    Same here. Didn't notice until you pointed this out. Wow. Pro CDRs. Kelly Blue - Wynton Kelly, Blue Mitchell - Blue's moods, and one or two more...fresh sounds label items are /were available for those interested
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  15. gospelfish

    gospelfish Forum Resident

    Memphis, TN
    Ok it is officially over now so I can stop scraping the bottom of the barrel
  16. throwupmyhands

    throwupmyhands Forum Resident

    Washington, DC
    I placed a second (larger) order on Friday, and received confirmation. Haven't yet received my refund list on the batch yet. So much suspense.
  17. throwupmyhands

    throwupmyhands Forum Resident

    Washington, DC
    I spoke too soon. Emails just came through.

    Shipped: LPs unless otherwise noted
    Argent – Best of (Clear vinyl)
    Boney M – Christmas Album
    Larry Coryell – The Eleventh House at Montreux
    Papa John Creach – S/T
    The Kinks – Arthur/Brainwashed 7"
    The Animals – S/T 10"
    Ingrid Michaelson – Everybody (gift)
    Ingrid Michaelson – Lights Out (gift)
    Celtic Women – Emerald Musical Gems DVD (gift)

    Yardbirds – Blueswailing (this one hurts)
    Graham Nash – Over the Years / Demos
    Dexter Gordon – Go
    Larry Coryell – Fairyland
    Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Live at Montreux DVD

    Total spent: $75.42

    Not bad for 6 LPs, 1 7", 1 10", and 1 DVD.
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  18. scottheisel

    scottheisel Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Cleveland, OH
    My order came today, impeccably packed and in pristine condition. Happy to score some good records for very, very cheap.
  19. hutlock

    hutlock Forever Breathing

    Cleveland, OH, USA
    Yeah mine have all been like this. My last two packages are due today so hoping for a perfect rating as far as that goes.
  20. putz

    putz Forum Resident

    Today's package. Around $58. One more to go

    Lowe, Nick - Wireless World (Rsd) Green Vinyl [LP] × 1
    60% OFF (-$14.71)
    Vile, Kurt - Square Shells (Limited Edition Colored Vinyl) [LP] × 1
    60% OFF (-$9.05)
    Meshuggah – Contradictions Collapse 2LP [LP] × 1
    60% OFF (-$17.54)
    Urban Cowboy - Soundtrack (Limited Edition Blue Vinyl) [LP] × 1
    60% OFF (-$18.67)
    Jeff Beck - Tribute (RSD Exclusive) [LP] × 1
    60% OFF (-$10.75)
    Meshuggah – Immutable [LP] × 1
    60% OFF (-$16.97)
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  21. Howard Bleach

    Howard Bleach Imperial Aerosol Kid

    green bay, wi
    I've got 3 out of four boxes so far. I haven't inspected closely enough to see if there are any CDRs in there, but the boxes are indeed well packed, and everything is accounted for. The only minor imperfections are to the few LPs I bought, and these imperfections (slight corner creases, general shelf wear, etc) might have happened on the sales floor, anyway. At these prices, I'm loath to complain about such trivialities. Very happy to have found this thread!
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  22. dr jazz

    dr jazz Forum Resident

    park ridge,il,usa
    I interpreted their Instagram statement to suggest the website would reopen in a week. Is that right?
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  23. throwupmyhands

    throwupmyhands Forum Resident

    Washington, DC
    The banner on their site says so.
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  24. Davidmk5

    Davidmk5 Forum Resident

    Marlboro , ma. usa
    I got duped on one , i ordered two Bill evans OJC discs , 1 was a real disc & the 2nd a Cdr
  25. hutlock

    hutlock Forever Breathing

    Cleveland, OH, USA
    Was the CD-R disc shrink wrapped like a regular CD? If so, I’m sure the store couldn’t tell either without busting them all open.
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