Mynset Music (Miami) going-out-of-business sale - 60% off

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  1. Mynset Music Store

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    Hello everyone,
    I'm Jackie from Mynset Music. We've seen your feedback about our January sale and wanted to address a few points:
    Yes, we're a real business passionate about vinyl.
    Apologies for any site navigation issues and purchase problems. We had syncing issues between our physical store and website but are fixing these.
    We're improving our site, removing incomplete listings to enhance your experience.
    Exciting update: We're now adding vintage vinyls to our site!
    Celebrating our new Coral Springs store (Miami store is closed), we're launching a super sale this Friday!
    We value your feedback and are working hard to serve you better. Check out our updated offerings and the upcoming sale!
  2. the real pope ondine

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  3. Jamison Anderson

    Jamison Anderson Forum Resident

    Lynden, WA
    Vintage what?
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  4. mur

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    South Florida
    I think she meant used records and CDs.
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  5. throwupmyhands

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    Washington, DC
    Big fan of your store from afar! You sent me some amazing records in great quality. Best of luck at your new brick-and-mortar. We'll be staying tuned and supporting you long-distance.
  6. Tjazz

    Tjazz Breakfast at (a record store)

    10462 W Atlantic Blvd - Coral Springs FL 33071

    Phone: +1 305-267-5511

    Email: [email protected]

    Store Hours
    Mon to Sat: 11am - 7pm
    Sun: 12pm - 5pm
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  7. Beholdentonoone

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    Anybody have a link to the "super sale"?
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  8. Tjazz

    Tjazz Breakfast at (a record store)

  9. Tjazz

    Tjazz Breakfast at (a record store)

    New location is not too far from We Got The Beat (West).

    We Got The Beats Too


    4588 N. University Drive
    Lauderhill FL 33351

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  10. Tjazz

    Tjazz Breakfast at (a record store)

    Oh, the Mynset physical store is not open. Only online sale.
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  11. ATMP

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    Washington, DC
    Interestingly, the OOP Velvet Underground mono box set that I bought from them during the blowout sale and was told was out of stock. It popped back into stock after the website was refreshed and doubled in price on Friday during the 50% off sale. I don’t blame them for not selling it to me at a ridiculous price last time (though I was disappointed), but this I find a little more disingenuous.
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  12. Ex-Oligarch

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    Ithaca, NY
    As for the reappearance of the set after the "out of stock" during the sale, I noticed this on a couple of the items I tried ordering too, but I think we should cut them some slack (at the very least). It looks to me like they weren't properly set up to do online sales, but were giving it a try with a poorly designed website. The site clearly had problems tracking inventory and properly calculating prices during their moving sale, and they honored the overgenerous miscalculated prices on CDs until they fixed the error, which I thought was very generous and a nice gesture to online customers. They would certainly have been within their rights to cancel all of those orders. Plus, I imagine their physical shop was a madhouse that week, and I wouldn't be surprised if the place was turned upside down and it was hard to locate items on the sales floor, or if things turned up unexpectedly when they unpacked the moving boxes.

    As far as doubling the price before the current 50% off sale is concerned, that is a bit disappointing, but if it's only a handful of high-ticket items, it was probably easier to handle the web price calculation that way rather than create individual exceptions to the across the board sale with their problematic website.
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  13. throwupmyhands

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    Washington, DC
    I can't imagine how many items they moved out of their warehouse during that sale. I'm sure they weren't expecting a nation-wide response.
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