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    I live closer to Knoxville, so I have visited that store for several years. Finally made it to the Nashville store this summer. I like the Knoxville store much better. My primary reason for this is because I spend a lot of time at the "VERY SCRATCHED" section. All of these cds are 92 cents(I've bought a couple hundred, never had one to not play). Anyway, at the Nashville store, all of the VERY SCRATCHED cds are in shelves about 3 feet off the ground, which means you have to kneel or sit on the floor to look at all of them. In Knoxville, the shelves go to about 6 feet high, so you only have to kneel or sit for the bottom rows, rather than all of them. When you are getting older, squatting down for an hour isn't a minor chore.
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    Great Escape-Charlotte superstore is best overall for used CDs and LPs though their vinyl prices went up a tad with the resurgence as most did and their non bargain bin CDs are a tad higher in price.
    The Madison store is smaller but can get some interesting things in and it's nice to go there occasionally. The vibe there is also a bit more friendly and open it seems possibly owing to the fact of the main store being huge.
    The new Murfreesboro location is smaller but nicely organized and has some really interesting stock like all of them with interesting finds of all media.
    All three now have sections of new vinyl in stock so they're expanding on that nowadays.
    The stores run regular sales and just recently did a vinyl blowout of half off all stickered items 2018 and before.

    Grimey's-best for new releases and new vinyl. Used prices are surprisingly cheap and they get some nice CDs in but you have to dig for them and the store focus is completely vinyl.
    McKay's-Best for book nerds like myself. AMAZING book deals if you search. Used CDs are ok in price but the bargains are in the bargain shelves where you can find dozens of great discs for under a buck if you're willing to dig forever and check to make sure it's not a cat toy. Their vinyl prices are a complete JOKE. Anything people might know regardless of condition: $10-20.

    I still haven't been to Allison's yet. Phonoluxe is worth digging through every once in a while if you have some spare time WHEN they're actually open! But admittedly some of their prices from what I recall are very high-but then again they have some incredibly rare vinyl if you want to go dig in the main room.

    Tomorrow I'll be at the record convention which is always great fun and has some great deals if you're willing to search for them. It's regularly held a few times a year at the Nashville Palace across from the Opryland Hotel.
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