SH Spotlight Nat King Cole "LOVE IS THE THING" (1956) in new multi-channel SACD & 45 RPM LP from Analogue Prods.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. kt66brooklyn

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    Chris, this might be the post of the year!

    I have several of these on order and can't wait to get them. Great website too, btw.
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  2. Steve Hoffman

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    Thanks for the nice words, they mean a lot to me.
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  3. thorbs

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    I can't add anything worthwhile to what Chris has already said. Thank you Chris!

    And thanks to Steve and Kevin, these do sound fantastic!
  4. You and Kevin EARNED THEM, Steve! These SACD's and 45 RPM vinyl reissues are, in my opinion, THE pop audiophile releases of 2010!

    I have the entire SACD reissue lineup on order from Chad and am waiting for them all with baited breath!:goodie::cheers::cheers:
  5. benjaminhuf

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  6. Claus

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    Got my copy of "Love Is The Thing" today....... What a great mix!
  7. Hiro

    Hiro Forum Resident

    I've been listening to the Very Thought of You and Love Is The Thing SACD for the last two days on repeat.. :cheers:
    Looking forward to A->Grimm DSD transfers of After Midnight, Nat King Cole Story... Frank Sinatra Grimm SACDs, these will be must haves! Peggy Lee as well, Verve SACDs, and first batch of long-awaited rock AP SACDs...

    Bring 'em on APO!

  8. My first AP Nat Cole SACDs are due this weekend!!!

    Acoustic Sounds shipped my SACD's of "Love Is The Thing" & "The Very Thought Of You" YESTERDAY!!!:goodie: I should be getting them by Friday or Saturday via Fed Ex 3 to 4 day ground! Can't wait to plop these into my early model Playstation 3 and hear the multichannel layer for the 3-channel stereo experience!:pineapple:
  9. ToEhrIsHuman

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    +1 :goodie:

    And yes...I have a 60GB PS3 which is my main SACD player too. Taking that feature out was in my mind the stupidest decision Sony made with regards to its flagship gaming console.
  10. Gary

    Gary Nauga Gort! Staff

    Mine is in the mail. Another few weeks and it should be here!!!!!!!
  11. jpm-boston

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    I got my copy of "Love Is The Thing" today (SACD) and it is fantastic. I can't believe how good it sounds, NKC sounds like he is right in the room. Amazing.

    Somebody at Analogue Productions should send complimentary copies of these Nat King Cole releases to Nancy Sinatra and the Sinatra Estate to demonstrate to them how great Frank could sound if they let Steve and Kevin master his music.
  12. "Love Is The Thing" & "The Very Thought Of You" on SACD

    Just got my SACD pressings of "Love Is The Thing" & "The Very Thought Of You"! Am listening to them on my Sennheiser HD600 Headphones, and feel compelled to join the chorus of hallelujahs & hosannas regarding the sound quality of both these albums! I'm now ready to retire my DCC Gold CD's of both and will download these into my computer's WMA and Real player lossless audio libraries.

    They sound positively AMAZING! I thought my DCC's were great but Steve has definitely outdone himself here.:love::bigeek:

    If anything, Steve has found more detail, nuance and warmth in these recordings than I thought possible. I can't wait for the rest of the series to arrive at my office (I have them on preorder at Acoustic Sounds)!

    Thanks to Chad, Steve, Kevin & Chris for the stellar efforts. I think that they all deserve Grammys for the reissue project of the year!:cheers:
  13. Steve Hoffman

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    Another happy customer..:)
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  14. Hiro

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  15. Alexandre

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    Porto, Portugal
    And another one ...:)

    I sign under luke's words.

    Thanks again Steve, Chad, Kevin, Gus and all involved.:thumbsup::agree:
  16. Just got the two SACDs today, fully agree with Chris and my thanks as well to Steve and Kevin. :cheers:
  17. drbryant

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    Los Angeles, CA
    Got my SACD's today, and they are terrific, and a GREAT deal, with stereo, mono and multi-channel mixes. AP needs to do something about distribution - I don't think I've seen them at retail in Japan.
  18. Steve Hoffman

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    Let me break this to you gently. AP has the rights for USA only. If you got an export copy, well you're extremely lucky..;)
  19. drbryant

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    Los Angeles, CA
    Thanks. That explains it. I guess I'll be buying the Nat King Cole Story on SACD, not vinyl. The shipping cost on that sucker will be brutal.
  20. Never thought about that but it doesn't really matter to me since I order all my APs and AFs from the US anyway.
  21. efil2159

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    Tokyo, Japan
    FWIW, it seems that is now ready to take orders for SACD and vinyl of Love is the Thing and the Very Thought of You.:righton:
  22. RayistaGeoff

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    Just got the SACD yesterday, and don't really have much to add to what everybody else has said. Absolutely astonishing on every level (though with the different mixes (and the two tracks not in stereo) it took me about 20 minutes looking at the back artwork to figure out what would happen if I just put the disc in and pressed play! :laugh: )

    If there's anybody by now who's even remotely on the fence about this, don't be. Even if you don't think you need it, you need it. This is why you spend money on music.

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  23. Steve Hoffman

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    Thanks for the emails, letters, etc. on this. We really appreciate it.

    And to those of you who asked, yes the bonus studio chatter and false start before "I Thought About Marie" is only on the 45 RPM LP set. A treat for vinyl fans. (Or vinyls fans).
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  24. Metralla

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    I'm with you on that. Thank God, that was all we had to do. And press the mono button on the preamp half way through.
  25. Steve Hoffman

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    Why would you press the mono button, Geoff? The mono stuff is hard mono right on the disk. You use the mono button for some vinyl.

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