Neil Young - Archives Vol. 1: 8 CD's, 2 DVD's

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Pawnmower, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. tob

    tob Forum Resident

    Bethesda, MD USA
    If this file doesn't get deleted, here it is....

  2. autumn daze

    autumn daze I really don't belong here

    Milton Keynes, UK
    I had never heard that performance before. I'm completly blown away now and feel knocked out.
  3. Phlo

    Phlo Formerly dave-o

    Memphis, TN
    That was a slice of heaven. Thanks Bud. I am completely stoked for this bad little puppy! Looks like the wait is going to be more than worth it.
  4. Toby

    Toby Well-Known Member

  5. Lownotes

    Lownotes Senior Member

    Denver, CO
    That is an AWESOME clip!
  6. I just watched the LIVE AT MASSEY DVD and am not quite blown away.

    Not sure what this footage was filmed on but it seems to me like they've done some extra work adding a grain to the film to make it seem more "archival".

    Between the songs there is black & white stock footage of the outside of Massey and the streets of Toronto, also some colour footage from Neil's ranch. All of this is extremely grainy amd I wonder if they treated the concert footage so that its texture would match with this.
  7. ec461

    ec461 Forum Resident

    Amazon just shipped mine! I can't wait. :)
  8. four sticks

    four sticks Senior Member

    I think I'll hold of on Massey Hall if it's going to be in the box. I could probably sell Fillmore easily and sit tight until years' end. :sigh:
  9. full moon

    full moon Forum Resident

    Really interested in the track listings.........:righton:
  10. JayB

    JayB Senior Member

    I'm looking forward to the CD..I'm not a DVD guy...I find it hard to "watch" concerts on the tube..YMMV..
  11. Chris M

    Chris M Senior Member

    I forgot about the Deja Vu outtakes and the 1971 BBC appearence..
  12. lemonjello

    lemonjello Forum Resident

    That's already on a Music Scene DVD. But it's edited as aired. I think there's an unedited version around, and that would be nice to have.

    (p.s. Shadygrove..your avatar scares me.;) every see the movie 'Armacord"?:D )

  13. KBanya

    KBanya Active Member

    What is the "Riverboat Stuff"? I'm not familiar with this.
  14. Clarkophile

    Clarkophile Through the Morning, Through the Night

    The Riverboat was a famous folkie club in Toronto. (cf. "Ambulance Blues")
  15. Chief

    Chief Over 11,000 Served

    Neil has been talking about those shows for the past several years. He did his first series of solo shows there in February 1969. The recording of "Sugar Mountain" is from one of those shows.
  16. grbl

    grbl Just Lurking

    Long Island
  17. GregK

    GregK I'm speechless

    Baltimore, MD
    Isn't this from Canterbury House in Ann Arbor?
  18. Chief

    Chief Over 11,000 Served

    You're right. I've seen Riverboat listed as the source but that must be wrong since the label on the single says "Recorded Live At The Canterbury House".
  19. GregK

    GregK I'm speechless

    Baltimore, MD
    It's also mentioned in the Decade liner notes. Same era and similar venue (although Massey Hall is larger)
  20. seg763

    seg763 Forum Resident


    are you a record company marketing guy?

    'ever have to buy again', thats funny!

    (not making fun of you here, this is pointed at the industry and what the tell the consumer)
  21. Pawnmower

    Pawnmower Senior Member Thread Starter

    Dearborn, MI
    a friend of mine heard October 23rd as a release date.
    might be too early for a date that far away.. and just a rumor.
  22. PeteH

    PeteH Shoes for Industry!

    Way over yonder
    Like Live at the Fillmore, my local Best Buy has the CD/DVD at the same price as the DVD ($14.99). It's a misprice and I know I should have told them but .....
  23. pool_of_tears

    pool_of_tears Searching For Simplicity

    don't bring it to their attemtion. :agree:

    i bought gram parsons' reprise sessions last summer and the sticker said $11.99 :bigeek:

    i figured "here's a screw up...if it rings for something more then i'll tell them i won't buy it unless they sell it as the sticker advertises". sure enough, it rang as $11.99 + tax :angel:
  24. dolstein

    dolstein Senior Member

    Arlingon, VA
    Sorry if this question has already been asked, but . . . considering that some of Neil Young's recent audio releases have also been released in hi-res 96/24 audio on standard DVDs (I'm thinking of the Greatest Hits, Filmore and the upcoming Massey Hall releases), is there any possibility that the Archives set would be released that way as well? It's well known that Neil isn't happy with the sound of red book CD, so it would seem a little strange for him to make the audio recordings available only on CD.
  25. seg763

    seg763 Forum Resident


    good question, it appears that Massey Hall and Fillmore East will be part of the Archives box, but only on cd? or on cd/dvd like the individual releases?

    I was gonna sell off my individual releases, now you've got me thinking.......
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