Neil Young & Crazy Horse - WORLD RECORD new, Rick Rubin-produced album 2022*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by jlf, Sep 2, 2022.

  1. Zeki

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    Mirror Ball: pretty funny as I had a similar reaction. Then I replied to a rank-the-NY-albums here on the forum and placed Mirror Ball way down the list. Someone questioned that, asking “what about such and such?” I drew a blank so went back and listened…and now I have four Mirror Ball songs on my Super Buffet playlist (Song X, I’m The Ocean, Downtown, Fallen Angel). That’s a strong showing! I have no idea why I had dismissed it initially.
  2. qtrules

    qtrules Forum Resident

    scenery is good too.
  3. SurrenderToTheRhythm

    SurrenderToTheRhythm Forum Resident

    I’ve never listened to Broken Arrow. Sort of on purpose. I like knowing there’s still one Poncho era Horse album out there for me to discover.
  4. GregK

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    Baltimore, MD
    Of these latest Crazy Horse albums, I think I prefer Colorado the most, with Barn next and World Record a close third. Chevrolet is a great song, and I really like I Walk With You; such a spectacular way to have the loud guitar drive the song like that! But the rest of the album is just too saturated with background vocals. I've never been a fan of such prominent background vocals and this one seem to overdo it.
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  5. chickendinna

    chickendinna Homegrown’s All Right With Me

    You’re missing out on a very solid NY & CH album. Although I don’t think it’s top tier Neil, it’s not that far off either.
  6. palisantrancho

    palisantrancho Forum Resident

    Listening to it now. It's another good album. I thought I knew his entire discography, but I am rediscovering all these albums that I never paid much attention to. It would be difficult to come up with a list of his weakest albums, because I think there is something to be said about every one of them. He has over 50 albums! That's a lot of albums to have a strong opinion about. I'm catching up! I have always loved him and think he is a tremendous talent, but I even underestimated how great he really is. World Record will likely be my album of the year. I can't see anything topping it.
  7. Zeki

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    I wait for the top 10 albums of 2022 thread and then go to work (well, at least I did for 2021…and was very pleased with all my discoveries). :D
  8. Mr_Flanders

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    Morehead, KY
    The opening 3 songs on Broken Arrow are killer. And Music Arcade!
  9. palisantrancho

    palisantrancho Forum Resident

    I usually find at least a few albums at the end of the year that I missed. December is when I catch up on the year in music. I don't like very much, but I always hope there are a few more records out there. So far, I only have four albums that I know will make the list.
  10. Zeki

    Zeki Forum Resident

    It sounds like you’re doing what I did when I put my massive playlist together. And my blank spots mirror yours. Kinda interesting (to me).
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  11. DmitriKaramazov

    DmitriKaramazov Senior Member

    You are right about They Might Be Lost. Classic track.

    “Well, the jury is out
    On the old days you know . . .”

    I don’t know why that lyric gets me every time.
  12. ARK

    ARK Forum Miscreant

    Charlton, MA, USA
    those are the ones. Would have made for a good ep with just those 4
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  13. debaserq

    debaserq Forum Resident

    Red Mosquito as well.
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  14. Mr_Flanders

    Mr_Flanders Forum Resident

    Morehead, KY
    Yeah! I really feel like you can hear the fruits of their collaboration with Uncle Neil on that record.
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  15. omikron

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    Lexington, KY
    A bit late to the party but after first listen ... well, I'll just say this: It's been a while since my first reaction to a Neil album as been a flat out, flabbergasted and speechless "WOW!"

    There's some energy on this release that I can't say has been present since maybe The Monsanto Years. Before 'Monsanto', Le Noise was the other last album that contained any real vitality. Yes, I know, we all can disagree and provide conjecture and that's totally fine but these were the last truly wow albums for me. There are enjoyable albums of course but what's the last one that truly wowed you?

    There is plenty of variety here and plenty of hard core, classic Neil moments. Of course "Chevrolet" steals the show but there is a lot more to like here.

    Just to make things interesting and provide a bit of criticism, Neil has been on lyrical autopilot since Monsanto and there is no new broken ground here. But honestly, I don't care. I tune in for the music more than I do the lyrics. Heck, instead of a Chevy, he can be singing Ford Pinto over and over and I wouldn't care. This album is a winner and love that the man keeps bringing it.

    I would gladly trade in his touring days for the endless stream of new albums he keeps pouring out if they are of this caliber this late in the game.
  16. Tony Glass

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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Still waiting for my copy to arrive. I have avoided listening to it digitally so I could listen to the vinyl release first. Hope it shows up soon. It Shipped over a week ago but has been slowly moving closer to me. The positive reactions have got me anticipating it even more than I already was.
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  17. RoyalPineapple

    RoyalPineapple It ain't me in the photo, babe.

    Chevrolet has an exciting sound. It's a sound I personally enjoy.

    I also think that within 10 years or so, there will be an AI programme that can mimick the Crazy Horse sound. And it will pump out instrumentals as if they were authentic Crazy Horse performances.

    One may be entitled "Camaro", another will be "Baked Beans and Bananas".

    And the AI won't care either way, because it's artificial intelligence. It gets the job done, but in a superficial way.

    The question is:

    Will the computer-generated forgeries be as good as the originals?

    I think the answer is "no". Because what will be missing is the depth and meaning and nuance of the originals.

    Oh, the computer will convincingly create a "blues/rock riff in the key of D (with Crazy Horse grit and character)". But it certainly won't be able to invent the complex characters of Sun Green and Grandpa, and then tell their stories.

    (Not for a long time, anyway.)

    Meanwhile, there's a lot more to Cortez the Killer than just a pretty guitar solo. And there's a lot more to Chevrolet than just a pretty car.
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  18. omikron

    omikron Avid contributor to Paul McCartney's bank account

    Lexington, KY
    A computer AI version of Neil and Crazy Horse?

    I guess you never listened to Trans.

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  19. EndorphinMachine

    EndorphinMachine Forum Resident

    That's probably my favourite line in the last 15 years of rock music, cracks me up every time.
  20. Rasselas

    Rasselas Neil Young Unreleased - NYU on Facebook

    Since you asked....

    This will get your pulses going! If you want the longest Chevrolet possible then you are presumably going to have to buy the download/CD AND the vinyl version and patch them together. Why? Because - surprise, surprise - the vinyl version has 20" of music that the stream/film versions do not have, even if it is shorter overall. (As I do not have the CD version or the download, I am assuming the CD/download are identical to the stream. Let me know if they aren't.)
    First things first though. The main edit which shortens the vinyl version starts after the first of the closing "Chevrolet" background vocals at about 11:45. The timing to the next "Chevrolet" is 2:02 on the stream and only about 0:17 on the vinyl. From the second of the final "Chevrolets" to the end the timing is identical.
    But odder things happen earlier on in the recording. The two versions are identical timewise up the start of the quiet section at about the 8:40 mark. What is unexpected is that the vinyl version has an extra 20" in the instrumental section after that point before the "On the road..." verse starts. During the singing, they keep pace with another, but after that they diverge again. (EDIT) The last verse of the vinyl version has only one line "Gone is the crowded highway" whereas the stream has three lines ending in "Found in the place they live inside me": This means that the first of the final "Chevrolets" comes in 18" earlier on the vinyl. That kind of makes up for the 20" the stream lost earlier on. (END OF EDIT) The stream then takes the lead again in the final section with its extra 1:44 of jamming between the first two of the four "Chevrolets".
    The film version, apart from a slightly different intro before the first drum stroke, appears to be about 18-20" shorter than the stream but that is only because it is very slightly speeded up. (about +2% faster, which obviously makes a difference in a fifteen minute song). If you don't believe me, check the bpm of each version.
    Finally, the timings I have given for waypoints may differ slightly from yours because I captured and trimmed the songs slightly to make the comparison easier. But I'm sure you'll find your way around. Now I wonder if someone is going to splice together their very own jumbo version, which should come in at an official 15:35 or so. Good luck!
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  21. andyediewatt

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    South Australia
    Post wins the forum today. Such detail and dedication to the cause :)
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  22. Rasselas

    Rasselas Neil Young Unreleased - NYU on Facebook

    If Neil is keeping music from me, I need to know where! But in retrospect I am now asking myself why Neil decided to add 20" of instrumental to the vinyl version early on during an early instrumental break but removed 20" of the final verse, which makes the lyrics different in the two versions! Seems an odd decision, but that's Neil for you. Maybe he doesn't realise.
  23. Kevin j

    Kevin j The 5th 99

    Seattle Area
    The vinyl version of the entire album is different from the digital version. Neil and Rick have confirmed this.
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  24. Rasselas

    Rasselas Neil Young Unreleased - NYU on Facebook

    OK, to be more precise, the extra 20 seconds on the vinyl (which is not on any of the other versions) comes basically at the end of the long instrumental break and immediately before the verse "On the road in my old Corvette" comes in, so at approx 10:05 to 10:25 on the vinyl. It is actually a nice section.
  25. Atron78

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    Halifax, NS
    Maybe the cd needed a third disk to get the full Chevrolet.
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