Neil Young Launches Bootleg Series

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Michael, Mar 11, 2021.

  1. chickendinna

    chickendinna Homegrown’s All Right With Me

    I've said it previously, the Rainbow show is excellent if you can live with the sound quality. Since it is part of the OBS, you shouldn't be shocked by the recording. It pales in sound quality if you compare it next to Carnegie Hall for example. I'm enjoying the loose performance thanks to the right amounts of weed, tequila and cocaine. The show has a great mix of TTN tracks and some Neil chestnuts. Rainbow is not for everybody and that's ok too.
  2. GarretK

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    Chicago, IL
    Finally caught up with the new releases today, and have to note that even though Rainbow does sound pretty awful, the version of “Cowgirl in the Sand” is a real surprise. I’ve never heard a rendition quite like this one…some really unique guitar passages in there. I can see myself playing the set just to be rewarded by this highlight waiting at the end, and could very well end up appreciating the whole thing more.

    Also, I hope the poor quality bodes well for the likelihood of this 1975 Crazy Horse show being released. Has more of a wild, blown out sound, despite also sounding like crap. Great boot.
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  3. borderwolf

    borderwolf prisoner of rock'n'roll

    parma - italy
    Cotati is my dream
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  4. chickendinna

    chickendinna Homegrown’s All Right With Me

    I'd like a clean copy too. The commonly circulated recording makes the Rainbow show seem like a soundboard.
  5. Kevin j

    Kevin j The 5th 99

    Seattle Area
    I love boots, but I also love the fact that true rock and roll is of the moment. For example, as much as I’d love to hear it, I kind of like the fact that Mountain House ‘90 wasn’t captured.
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  6. ET3311

    ET3311 Careful with that axe, Roy.

    Which release was vinyl only?
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  7. None.However if there ever is one I won’t be getting it as I already own a frisbee.
  8. Harm1985

    Harm1985 Forum Resident

    Journey Through the Past, Where the Buffalo Roam and A Letter Home feed from the booth.
  9. Dave Gilmour's Cat

    Dave Gilmour's Cat Forum Resident

    Any rumours, hopes or wild predictions about which sets might be next in this series?
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  10. ET3311

    ET3311 Careful with that axe, Roy.

    These are the major releases nobody should miss out on! Get them to CD now! We've seen you've got some pull at NYA. Lol
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  11. ET3311

    ET3311 Careful with that axe, Roy.

    Journey and Buffalo both on cassette. So really the "Booth Feed" is the vinyl only release that is scaring people into thinking Neil will release more vinyl only. Lol wow you guys!
  12. downloadsofist

    downloadsofist Forum Resident

    New York
    finally listening to Somewhere Under the Rainbow and it's just terrific. I will say, though, that I have no desire to own it in a physical medium, given the bootleg audience recording. I almost ordered the vinyl and I'm glad I didn't. But enjoying it just the same.
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  13. Marty T

    Marty T Stereo Fan

    NM - North of ABQ
    Yeah, whenever audience claps are far more present than the performer, I'm out. This release was a major disappointment.
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  14. mpayan

    mpayan A Tad Rolled Off

    Ok Im way behind on these. Which more electric oriented sets sound good and the material is good?
  15. adam_777

    adam_777 Forum Resident

    Duncan BC, Canada
    Only 2 are electric sets. The latest two 1977's High Flyin' and 1973's Somewhere Under The Rainbow.

    High Flyin is from an oddity period of Neils career where he basically joins a glorified bar band. Its multitrack recordings so it sounds great and I personally really enjoy it. It does feature a majority of music not written by Neil though he does play on everything. In that regard it's very different from pretty much everything else he has done post Springfield.

    The Rainbow is Tonight's The Night tour so similar in setlist to Roxy although unlike Roxy this is an audience recording not a multitrack so if sound quality is a primary concern this will be skippable. But it is an awesome show that is more adventurous and unhinged than Roxt and features an expanded setlist as well.

    I very much love them both but also consider both to be for the more diehard side of the Neil spectrum. For Rainbiw because of its lo fi recording and similarity to the much better sounding Roxy release and The Ducks High Flyin' because it's kind of a side project departure from your regularly scheduled programming. If you can see past those potential hurdles though there is lots to enjoy in these two releases.
  16. arthurprecarious

    arthurprecarious Forum Resident

    North East England
    I submitted a review of “Under the Rainbow” to Amazon. I said it was a great show but not much better than bootleg quality. They initially posted it but have now removed it telling me…..

    “ Thank you for submitting a review of Somewhere Under the Rainbow 1973; we’re sorry you did not have a positive experience. We investigated your concerns about product authenticity, and the information we have indicates that the product you received was authentic. As a result, we removed the review you submitted. This ensures that customer reviews remain as accurate as possible for the benefit of future customers.

    We appreciate your input and hope you will continue to submit valuable feedback about your experience shopping on Amazon.

    Thank you.”
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  17. davers

    davers Forum Resident

    I've always been a big supporter of Neil getting stuff issued on CD but have to admit I haven't lost any sleep over those particular titles.

    That said, Journey and Buffalo make for a fun, quirky listen every once in a while.;)
  18. Ricky Lampoon

    Ricky Lampoon Forum Resident

    Strange, the way that Amazon works.

    There were much, much more reviews on Amazon a few years ago, then something changed and now every product has only a few reviews, if any.

    I used to enjoy reading pages and pages of album reviews, as I liked to see the different and honest opinions.

    But, those days have gone - freedom of speech, bah, humbug......
  19. Dave Gilmour's Cat

    Dave Gilmour's Cat Forum Resident

    This is baffling. It has 113 reviews at present and many of the one-star and two-star reviews talk about the bootleggy sound quality. Maybe Amazon thought you were saying that the release itself was a bootleg (rather than an official NY product) and took exception to that? reviews: Somewhere Under the Rainbow 1973
    I don’t know if this is true. Look how many negative reviews there are for this release!

    One thing these Amazon reviews do reveal is that a lot of people have been confused by the overall concept of the Official Bootleg Series.
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  20. Ricky Lampoon

    Ricky Lampoon Forum Resident

    You're right, there are some negative reviews for the Somewhere Under The Rainbow release.

    But, I still believe that at some point in the last few years, Amazon cleaned up their reviews.

    Tonight's The Night for example shows 133 reviews. Surely there have been much more reviews for such a classic album that is now so old:
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  21. Except for The Ducks where the Archives box content for them had already been determined all the releases have come from eras where the relevant Archives box has been released.This makes sense as they may want to use content in the Archives box for that period in which case they would hold it back.
    Again except for The Ducks where none of us have seen the book with Archives Volume III all the Bootleg Series releases have been listed in the Archives Selected Tracks section of the book with the box sets.The only show from the era of Volumes I and II listed that they haven’t released is Hammersmith 76 although there are less individual tracks listed for that than the other shows released.
    So if there is consistency -a dangerous word with Neil I know - the next set of Bootleg releases will come from the timespan of Volume III or perhaps the Hammersmith show.
  22. Dave Gilmour's Cat

    Dave Gilmour's Cat Forum Resident

    You may be on to something there. Harvest, by comparison, has 3,546 total ratings, 874 of which have reviews.
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  23. CCrider92

    CCrider92 Senior Member

    Cape Cod, MA
    My review is much like yours but I think that they think that you were sent a "pirated" copy of Neil's authentic bootleg > I think it was a misunderstanding.
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  24. Toad

    Toad Forum Resident

    Is there a way for a gentleman who lacks an old lady to experience the honey slide?
  25. Six Bachelors

    Six Bachelors Troublemaking enthusiast

    I only just realised that there are “complete” timeline concerts for Royce Hall, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and the Bottom Line. I now know it is mostly stage talk that is cut from each but does anyone know how many minutes are missing from each?

    I also only just realised that the physical media/edited version of Royce Hall presents See The Sky About To Rain much earlier in the concert than it came, presumably so side 2 of the LP was not too long. A bit annoying but never mind. Apparently the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion show is considered superior. I’m not sure I have a preference between them…

    …but I think I prefer the Young Shakespeare album/compilation experience anyway. There is something unique about that night’s recordings compared with the California shows that I love. Somehow more morose or something.
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