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Neil Young Launches Online Archives (1st December 2017)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Defrance, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. DTK

    DTK Forum Resident

    Not really true - Briggs rehearsed the Horse for several days and taught them the songs before Neil recorded with them for both Ragged Glory and Sleeps With Angels - maybe he should have received arranging credits. Briggs knew what he was doing, he was a real producer, Neil doesn't and he only employs henchmen who says yes after Briggs.
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  2. Rockinrob

    Rockinrob Forum Resident

    Tampa, FL
    For both tonight’s the night and ragged glory, they would play the set, and take a break. Play the set again, and call it a day. They did this every day/night (in the case of tonight’s the night) for a couple weeks.

    they also didn’t review the tapes, although briggs did and kept track of what was great and what wasn’t.
  3. Boswell

    Boswell Forum Resident

    WOW! That is enviable! I would love to record an album this way.
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  4. Ken Norris

    Ken Norris Well-Known Member

    First day of listening for me was The Old Homestead, Look Out for My Love, and Dume.

    Love the CSNY stuff.

    Dume takes me to my Zuma happy place.

    Homefires is a wonderful song.

    Homefires (the album) could be really good. Hope Neil puts it together.
  5. JoeRockhead

    JoeRockhead Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    The Last Trip To Tulsa is the one from the Time Fades Away single, right? surprised the song folder doesn't mention that and/or have a picture of the 45
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  6. Echoes71

    Echoes71 Forum Resident

    The documents in the info card for the acoustic version of "Vacancy" are completely demented, even for Neil!
  7. IHeartRecordsAz

    IHeartRecordsAz Forum Resident

    Scottsdale, AZ
    It's finally here! If you want to read the full, updated Neil Young sessionography, here it is: Neil Young Sessionography.docx

    There's quite a bit of conflicting info across Neil's albums and even within NYA itself, so I did the best I could (and used my best judgment from nearly two decades of Neil Young study) to choose what I feel is the most accurate information. Also, organizing Neil's recording dates by a "session" is tough when he's constantly plucking tracks from his archives to put onto new albums, so think of this organization as more of "eras" then 100% accurate album sessions.
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  8. Wildgift

    Wildgift This is the modern world that I've heard about...

    Got my box, but no download code/NYA subscription info. Anyone know anything?

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  9. ET3311

    ET3311 Not that Larry. The other Larry.

    Any chance you upload a picture of the box from the top down with the lid flipped open?

    Nope. Still waiting on the email with the download code.
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  10. Fletch

    Fletch Forum Resident

    Nowhere, man.
    Looks like it’s being emailed.
  11. Graham

    Graham Forum Resident

    London, UK
    The links on that free subscription email I just received all go to 404 error pages. Ha! I’m going to bed.
  12. Wildgift

    Wildgift This is the modern world that I've heard about...

    Were these boxes supposed to be numbered or come with Certificates of Authenticity or the like?? I got the CDs; a book and a poster, plus a greedy hand return card.
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  13. Nipy

    Nipy Active Member

    San Diego
    Not numbered. Neil said certificates will be sent out later on.
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  14. Ken Norris

    Ken Norris Well-Known Member

    No download code in Canada today either.

    At least we get to listen to it!!
  15. ET3311

    ET3311 Not that Larry. The other Larry.

    Believe it now? The "I'll believe it when I see it" responses crack me up.
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  16. DmitriKaramazov

    DmitriKaramazov Forum Resident

    I finally FINALLY got off the dime and plucked down my $19.99 for the annual membership in NYA.

    MY GOD
    what in the Sam Hill heck was I waiting for? Best $19.99 I ever spent.

    Mother of Pearl, this is a great time to sign up too!

    And no, folks, I’m not affiliated with Neil. Wish I was!

    — David

    @Heart of Gold
  17. DmitriKaramazov

    DmitriKaramazov Forum Resident

    I’m on an IOS IPad, and I’m not seeing this “snowflake” or the vertical bars on the Timeline. Anyone else using an IPad seeing the “snowflake”?
  18. Heart of Gold

    Heart of Gold Forum Resident

    The Stockholm 2001 concert is definitely a dedicated mix from a multitrack recording. It sounds great.
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  19. DmitriKaramazov

    DmitriKaramazov Forum Resident

    Live music is better! Bumper stickers should be issued!

  20. Echoes71

    Echoes71 Forum Resident

    I'm not using an iPad, but even on my laptop screen, the icon is so tiny that it is VERY hard to notice unless you are looking hard or if your screen is zoomed in. I would recommend zooming in on the timeline and then going to the years where the shows are located. Hopefully you'll see the icon!
  21. Neil Young Archives II pricing & Shipping
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  22. IHeartRecordsAz

    IHeartRecordsAz Forum Resident

    Scottsdale, AZ
    FYI I fixed a couple of errors in my sessionography doc, including my omission of the Chrome Dreams version of "Hold Back the Tears": Neil Young Sessionography.docx
  23. sacsongs

    sacsongs Forum Resident

    St. Louis , MO
    "There is no such thing as too much music...only too little time"

    This stuff is blowing my mind. The first disc is absolutely sublime.
  24. Hulloder

    Hulloder Forum Resident

    Is Archives II available to all subscribers at NYA? Or just those who purchased the set?
    Sorry if this has been clarified upstream.
  25. Vinyl Socks

    Vinyl Socks The Buzz Driver

    DuBois, PA
    All subscribers.

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