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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by vinyl13, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. vinyl13

    vinyl13 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    IN, USA
    anything and everything Neil Young.
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  2. Daryl M

    Daryl M Senior Member

    London, Ontario
    I just hope that he releases a live CD from the current tour with The Promise Of
    The Real. The concert I saw in Detroit in July was extraordinary.
  3. Thievius

    Thievius Blue Oyster Cult-ist

    Syracuse, NY



    edit: Oh you wanted a catch all thread for everything Neil Young. Ok, gotcha.
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  4. vinyl13

    vinyl13 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    IN, USA
    I have always thought that Live Rust is one of the best albums of all time. Does anyone else agree?
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  5. Agent of Fortune

    Agent of Fortune Däncing Barefoot

    I'm sure I would agree if I could get an unedited CD of it....
  6. tootull

    tootull too many too

    Spinning the most these days:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. EwaWoowa

    EwaWoowa Sexiest Monkey Ever...

    I see you have Merkin Ball to go with Mirror Ball... Good man...
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  8. vinyl13

    vinyl13 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    IN, USA
  9. DmitriKaramazov

    DmitriKaramazov Senior Member

    Free (i.e. release) Time Fades Away now! :D
  10. Mr-Beagle

    Mr-Beagle Ah, but the song carries on, so holy

    Mirror Ball was the first album that left me cold. Unfortunately several more have followed.
  11. goodboyfred

    goodboyfred Forum Resident

    Come on Neil, give the east coast the Buffalo Springfield shows that you decided not to go through with.
  12. CybrKhatru

    CybrKhatru Music is life.

    Los Angeles

    That is all.

  13. NY has one of the most distinctive harp sounds in rock history
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  14. pdenny

    pdenny 21-Year SHTV Participation Trophy Recipient

    Hawthorne CA
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  15. gkella

    gkella Glen Kellaway From The Basement

    Toronto, Canada
    I saw Neil for the first time early last year at Massey Hall.
    It was an all acoustic show.
    Amazing night. I still get chills when I think about it.
    Before the show, my brother in law and I stood behind Massey Hall where Pocahontas was parked.
    He signed my Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere CD cover.
    Now a cherished possession.
  16. Neil & I share a birthdate, November 12th. It's usually pretty cold outside, especially in Winnipeg.

  17. rjp

    rjp Senior Member

    quite possibly the most unique man in music.
  18. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    I'd LOVE a CD release of Live at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.... Los Angeles, CA. February 1, 1971
  19. gregr

    gregr Forum Resident

    If Neil Young and Paul Bunyan got in a fight, who would win?

    I say Babe the blue ox would stop it.
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  20. Mother

    Mother Forum Resident

    Anything Neil?

    Ok great. Here's my top 10 Neil:

    1. On the Beach
    2. Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
    3. Zuma
    4. After the Gold Rush
    5. Tonight's the Night
    6. Comes a Time
    7. Harvest
    8. Rust Never Sleeps
    9. Ragged Glory
    10. Psychedelic Pill

    1. Cowgirl in the Sand
    2. Down by the River
    3. After the Goldrush
    4. On the Beach
    5. Revolution Blues
    6. Southern Man
    7. Ohio
    8. Cortez the Killer
    9. Tell Me Why
    10. Out on the Weekend
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  21. bRETT

    bRETT Senior Member

    Boston MA
    I have the TMQ boot with the whole show on one LP. Very happy with that,
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  22. seaisletim

    seaisletim Forum Resident

    Philadelphia PA
    How about that pattern on the inside sleeve of the original 'On The Beach' vinyl release?

    Super cool
  23. GodShifter

    GodShifter Forum Member

    Dallas, TX, USA
    I still listen regularly to Weld. That is Neil Young and Crazy Horse at their finest backing up a record that is, arguably, one of Young's best and definitely one of his heavier outings. Great cuts on Weld; too many to mention, really. Arc? Uh, I think he was too influenced by Sonic Youth or something. I like noise projects (Melvins, SunnO))), Boris) but I still don't know what he was doing with that one. Woah.

    I still remember Neil's version of "Rockin' in the Free World" from Saturday Night Live. Steve Jordan on drums, Charlie Drayton on bass, and Frank Sampedro on guitar. Pure rock fury for the 6 or 7 minutes that track ran on TV. I've yet to see a performance like that on live TV except maybe Fear when they did SNL in the Belushi years.

    Studio wise, I think I listen to Freedom more than any other album. That was a mind blowingly good album for its time. It still blows my mind that he came up with such a strong record after a string of fairly bad records in the 80's. Freedom took Neil into the 90's with strong, strong momentum.
  24. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    I'm opting for a legit CD...vinyl does not work for me.
  25. Monosterio

    Monosterio Forum Resident

    South Florida
    For a few years in the early to mid-'80s, he was my favorite artist of all. And not because of his '80s albums, but because it was only then that I started catching up on his magnificent '70s work.

    Top five albums:

    After the Gold Rush
    Tonight's the Night
    Comes a Time
    Rust Never Sleeps

    And, speaking of Freedom, he staged one of the greatest comebacks of all time:

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