New Allman Brothers Band Deluxe ?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by belardd, Mar 10, 2018.

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    from IMWAN

    Our man Bill Levenson is working on two special projects One is another Allman Brothers Deluxe but no word on what it is as of yet but he did say he is working on a Special Edition of 'Live Stock' by Roy Buchanan. My personal favorite by Roy and now having a Levinson Expanded Special Edition really has me excited. No further info at this time.

    Rick A.
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  2. Hopefully it’s Enlightened Rogues. Would love a deluxe treatment for this spectacular album. We need more Dangerous Dan and his brother Frankie Toler. The two finest Allman Brothers outside of Duane and Gregg. :edthumbs:
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    IMWAN won't let me on their page, is it because I have not donated?
    I would be hoping for a deluxe of the first ABB album.
  4. Kingsley Fats

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    I'm looking forward to an expanded Live Stock.
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  5. belardd

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    IMWAN • Index page

    From the Vaults Roy Buchanan

    I want a Deluxe of the first
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  6. John Fell

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    Due out in May.

    Roy Buchanan is the guitarist's guitar hero. Singularly uninterested in rock stardom and the trappings of fame that go with it, Buchanan never achieved the popularity of his six-string peers; yet his unfathomable technique and ferocious Telecaster tone put him near the top of any serious listing of the greatest guitarists of all time. Stories abound about the regard with which other musicians held Roy (and the indifference with which he greeted their esteem); for example, legend has it he turned down the Rolling Stones for the job Mick Taylor got, and blew off playing with John Lennon, while Jeff Beck dedicated "'Cause We've Ended as Lovers" from Blow by Blow to him. These days, his ability to create the sounds he did without the use of any effects, often from his patented "pinch harmonic" method of playing, continue to astound players both casual and professional. Buchanan recorded a number of commendable studio albums, but on stage was where the magic happened; that's why most listeners deem the 1974 Live Stock album to be his best. But the tracks on that album, like most live records, were cherry-picked from several different shows, in this case both sets Roy played at New York City's Town Hall on November 27, 1974. In fact, of the 21 songs Roy played that night, only six came out on Live Stock, and one other, a version of Neil Young's "Down by the River," came out on a subsequent compilation. That leaves 14 unreleased performances— - and now, Real Gone Music presents Live at Town Hall 1974, a 2-CD set that captures both shows in their entirety, drawn from the original multitrack tapes recorded that night by The Record Plant Mobile Studio. Several things strike you as you listen to these two shows. First, this was a good band, perhaps Roy's best, with Malcolm Lukens on keyboards, John Harrison on bass, Ronnie "Byrd" Foster on drums, and Billy Price on lead vocals when Roy didn't take a turn. Second, the six tracks originally selected for Live Stock were the "safe" tracks, showing the band at their most succinct. It's no accident that all but one came from the first show; during the second show, the band— - perhaps spurred on by some refreshment during intermission— - positively swaggers as Roy deals one lightning lead after another, even having fun with a faulty patch cord on the first song of the second set. For this monumental release, we've made every effort to put you right in the front row; both our liner note writer (Buchanan biographer Phil Carson) and photographer (Charles R. Cohen) were there that night, and have the stories and shots to prove it. Mixed and mastered by Tom Lewis at Studio 1093 in Athens, Georgia, and produced by Bill Levenson, this one's a major addition to the Buchanan discography and further proof that nobody, but nobody, played guitar like Roy Buchanan.

    1. Done Your Daddy Dirty
    2. Reelin' And Rockin'
    3. Hot Cha
    4. Further On Up The Road
    5. Roy's Bluz
    6. Can I Change My Mind
    7. Hey Joe
    8. Too Many Drivers
    9. Down By The River
    10. I'm A Ram
    11. In the Beginning
    12. Driftin' & Driftin'

    1. I'm Evil
    2. Too Many Drivers
    3. Done Your Daddy
    4. Roy's Bluz
    5. Further On Up The Road
    6. Hey Joe
    7. Can I Change My Mind
    8. In The Beginning
    9. All Over Again (I've Got A Mind To Give Up Living)
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  7. Kingsley Fats

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    I'm looking forward to it even more !
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  8. ABBDutchFan

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    Well, to each their own, although i would much prefer Enlightened Rogues Deluxe over a Win, Lose Or Draw Deluxe (a dissapointing and disjointed album, especially considering it followed the hugely succesfull Brothers & Sisters album) i think it's a bold statement to call Dangerous Dan and his brother Frankie Toler the two finest ABB brothers outside Duane and Gregg since Frankie wasn't even part of the ABB during the Enlightened Rogues era. He came in the picture for the ABB's weakest album of the whole lot. Because adding Frankie meant they had to fire Jaimoe first which was an alltime low for the band / brotherhood.

    I personally think those super deluxe sets (like Brothers & Sisters, Fillmore East and Idlewild South) should be reserved to essential releases in a band catalogue. ER and WLD are neither.
  9. allbrosca

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    I think Laid Back should be the next Allman project to get the deluxe treatment followed by Highway Call. Two great albums each followed by epic tours!
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  10. ABBDutchFan

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  11. pool_of_tears

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    I can envision enough material for a deluxe edition of Enlightened Rogues, and for Win, Lose or Draw.
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  12. pool_of_tears

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    I’d buy one for Laid Back...album, demos, tour rehearsals, full 1974 concert
  13. pool_of_tears

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    Enlightened Rogues and Win, Lose or Draw may not be perfect, but they’re still worthwhile.
  14. lucan_g

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    This has to be hyperbole right? You would pick them above Dickie? No. You can’t mean that. Hell...even above the contributions Warren made?
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    Dickey does not have a brother in the band. He is only counting members of the band who also had a brother in the band.
  16. lucan_g

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    Totally misunderstood what he was saying. I thought “Brother” in the sense that they always refer to all members as brothers.

    And the iPhone shall not defeat me thus time...yeah, DickeY’s got no blood brother in he band... makes much more sense now.
  17. Bill Mac

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    I'd be all over a Laid Back Deluxe set with all the items you mentioned!
  18. pocofan

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    I agree. Outside the Arista era album I think Enlightened is a bottom tier album. Win, Lose Or Draw did have a couple of bright spots. Nevertheless, Can’t Lose What You Never Had and High Falls are worth having the album for. The title track should have been a Gregg solo album track.
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  19. Thank you. Exactly what I meant. And for what it’s worth, the more I listen to ‘Dangerous’ Dan Toler the more I’m convinced he is better guitarist than Warren, and Warren is damn good, so . . .
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  20. pool_of_tears

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    I think they (Universal) could go the same route as the Idlewild set. Laid Back could sound great in 5.1. Or they could go the same route as the Brothers and Sisters set.
  21. MYKE

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    Rather than make me consult my Johnny Sandlin book, do you know if there are enough outtakes and alternatives, Mike ?
  22. pool_of_tears

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    Dan Toler is an underrated player, and he really excelled in a live setting. If he was good enough for Dickey to bring him into Great Southern and the ABB, and to be in Gregg’s solo band, he was obviously a very good player. Neither Gregg nor Dickey would’ve taken on a 2nd rate player

    Thinking about this list:

    Duane Allman
    Dickey Betts
    Dan Toler
    Warren Haynes
    Jack Pearson
    Derek Trucks

    There’s one heck of a legacy
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  23. I hope so. Lately I’ve been on a listening binge of ABB shows from the Toler era on YouTube. My favorite one is below. I’ve gone back to the Arista albums for a few spins too. Personally I think ER and WLOD are better musically then the last couple of albums with Warren, but that’s just me. Also dove back into the two Dickey Betts solo albums from that period. Dan and Frankie were a force to be reckoned with. Check out some of the DB solo shows from late 70’s on YouTube.

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  24. pool_of_tears

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    That’s the only ABB related book I never bought. To paraphrase my mom, “I better get my ship together and start sailing”. I have to assume there’d still be material available, even after the demos and alternates on the One More Try Anthology. I can’t see much in the way off actual unheard song titles, but I’m willing to bet there’s a good amount of 1974 tour rehearsals left to be heard (see “Feel So Bad” from One More Try). Bill Levenson would know for sure.

    I’m just a geek for the ABB, I know.
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  25. MYKE

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