New Allman Brothers Band Deluxe ?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by belardd, Mar 10, 2018.

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    They're really good shows, as I'm sure you know. No repeated songs/tunes except for Dreams, which has a different soloist each show, so these shows cover a lot of ground.
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    Since these two came out around the same time, how about the two as the basis for a box set (3 or 4 discs)?
  3. lbgarcia

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    I'm with those who think the line should be drawn before ER period. The exclusivity would be diluted if the series continued in that direction.
    I have no problem with expanding the first two solo projects (Gregg and Dickie), say, including Gregg Band tour. It makes perfect sense
    to do ABB's first next.
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    Agreed. Dicky’s Highway Call and Greggs Tour album. Both are great albums and pretty far from the ABB style.
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    Grissom is very tasteful, and an incredible, creative guitarist. His work with John Mellencamp, James McMurty, and Joe Ely is testament to that. And his band Storyville, with Double Trouble and Malford Milligan, was fantastic. Only wish they had recorded more. I've seen him a number of times, in various configurations, and even as a sideman he's almost more interesting than who he's playing with.
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    Yup, I'm a huge fan of his. LOVE Storyville. Some of his solo albums are stellar as well. I couldn't believe I got see him on stage with the Allmans.
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    I don't think that the downward arc started until 2008 or so. I think 2003-2007 was pretty amazing. Although I am biased because I have seen them well over 45 times (I need to recount) and sometimes little things like song surprises might skew my view, or the opposite, hearing the same songs too many times.

    I used to be a taper and I remember thinking a particular show (I don't even remember which one anymore) wasn't that hot and I got home and listened to the recording a bit later and was amazed at how incredible the show was and was really surprised I didn't 'get it' at the time of the concert. So sometimes, these things are hard to tell...

    Actually, my favorite live ABB show in all those years (1992-2014) was probably a 2009 show I saw. (At least from that lineup)
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    Did he actually "remix" the new version? I didn't buy the latest one, I have the original Fox Box (as well as hundreds of the Instant Live discs) and I would sort of get irritated with some of the shows (2004 in particular) having a lot of audience in the mix and not enough soundboard, to the degree where I felt some instruments were hard to hear. (The Fox Box was one of those runs) I remember sampling the "new" version online and it seemed to be the same mix just slightly remastered. ... Don't get me wrong, some people like the high audience mixes and it's not that they "sound bad". I just don't like them. Especially when I was paying all that money and compared to the ones that I thought were mixed well, it was a huge difference for me. - I was a taper and could make good audience tapes myself, I liked getting the soundboard mixes!

    If he was able to go back and remix it and really brought the music forward, I'd be interested in getting the new version.
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    My original Fox Box has pressed CDs, not CDRs.

    I also got the 09 Beacon Box and had to go back to HTN to get a new box as mine was damaged and several new jewel cases. In fact over the years anytime they used those crappy cases I had to contact them for a replacement.
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  10. telepicker97

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  11. I stand corrected, it’s not this thread. I had my wires crossed. It was in another ABB/Dicky Betts thread where the topic of the 1993 Mansfield show with Zakk was discussed.
  12. telepicker97

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  13. Kingsley Fats

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    Here's some propoganda about the release

    The shows were released by the then-nascent Instant Live program without much packaging or fanfare. The new releases feature a remastered audio mix as well as tightening up of the song spacing. All three shows are available for download individually or together as an 8-CD set. If you already have the shows, you’ll want to consider getting the new version. The sound improvement is significant and the packing includes essays and a collection of Kirk West photos.

    I would say the sound improvement is NOT significant & the packaging on my version as previously stated is rudimentary. The essays are in a wierd font on coloured background & are difficult to read. There are NO Kirk West photos. I can't see that it would be worth upgrading if you have original Instant Live copies.
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  14. It’s out there online, and here too:

    The Allman Brothers Band - Featuring Zakk Wylde
  15. Interesting, I thought that Warren Haynes was involved in remastering the new box set. As I didn’t own the original Instant Live release, it’s an opportunity to buy it now. From what you wrote, it sounds like it’s essentially just reissued on regular compact discs in a slipcase/box. What would you say is the difference (if any) in the sound of the original vs new box?
  16. Kingsley Fats

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    I've had a listen to my bootleg of the "Zakk Wylde" concert. The sound quality isn't too bad - a bit boomy & clipped at the top end similar standard to an FM broadcast.
    Zakk Wylde does an OK job from an aural point of view - maybe the visual side was where he went over the top. He is not a player I am familiar with - seems to like spewing out 100's of tweedly tweedly notes which seems to push Warren in the opposite direction & he slowly builds his solo's up.
    I really like to hear these concerts with different (main) players as they & the band adjust around each other.
    Zakk may have not been their first choice but it all ended up OK.
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  17. Kingsley Fats

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    I believe it was Warren who handled the remastering.
    I'm not big on SQ & after all these are warts & all live recordings. I'm more than happy with the quality of Instant Live/Peach Records/Munck Music recordings.
    I wouldn't be buying the re release on the basis of it being "better" in either sound or packaging. I would buy it on the basis of the great range & variety of songs played by a band who were always great right throughout their career.
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  18. Kingsley Fats

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    I've just been able to locate my copy of a bootleg with Davd Grissom filling in. Unfortunately only half the concert.
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    Any update on Allman's release?
  20. GregK

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    I agree. I remember being very disappointed with the Fox Box in 2004, after reading all the hype about it, only to have it feel as though it was primarily an audience recording. Good performances but far too high audience in the mix.
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  21. Bossyman

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    Any idea where I can get replacement jewel cases? I have the 09 box and love it - but it is FILLED with broken jewel cases. I’d love to replace them with the exact same cases. Thanks.
  22. MYKE

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    You asked this last month, and I suggested the above. Did it not work ? If not, you're likely out of luck. With the closing of HTN, and the Big House Museum taking over, I'd think it was your best bet.

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    Just planned a family vacation to be in the Charleston, South Carolina area in early July -- thinking of taking a day trip out to Macon to see the Big House. Just need to convince to the rest of my family. 1st time being down that way for me and not sure when I will have another opportunity to be close to Macon.
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    You could try contacting Munck Music. Not sure if Munck can help you out with your set as the jewel cases could be totally different. I bought a few Allman Brothers Beacon show CDs recently and one of the multi CD pieces inside of the case was broken. I emailed Munck but did not get a response. In the mail yesterday was the piece I needed shipped to me by Munck. It would have been nice to get a response to my email that they were sending me the piece. But that's fine as they did one better by sending the piece at no charge :righton:.

    The Allman Brothers Band
  25. Bossyman

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    I completely forget. Just sent them a message. Thanks so much.
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