New amp...Watt to do?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Bolster, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. Bolster

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    I've had my Yamaha A-S501 just over 4 years now and I'm getting the upgrade bug (no known cure) again.

    I originally thought about upgrading to the Cambridge Audio CXA80 and CXC, as it's now being discounted. However as the matching network player is still a bit pricey, it's a quite a bit over my budget and grounds for divorce.

    A more wife friendly option is the Marantz PM, CD and NA6006 series. The only thing that bothers me is the low power output of the PM6006 when compared to the A-S501. This may or may not be a bad thing as my listening room is just over 3 metres square, plus the Marantz amp is said to be mellow sounding according to some reviews.

    Any ideas, should I pull the trigger?
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  2. Helom

    Helom I'll take the monkey coffins

    You'll need to enter the $1500+ range of integrateds to get a notable improvement IME. I recommend trying to audition a Rega Elex-R somewhere. I'm not certain it'd be better, as I couldn't compare them side-by-side, but I liked what I heard with the Elex-R driving some Maggie .7s.
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  3. Archimago

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    Let's see.

    Your Wharfedale Diamond 230's in your profile are quite efficient speakers at 88dB/W/m (8 ohms nominal). The Marantz PM6006 are rated at 45W into 8-ohms.

    What you could do is plug in some numbers to a calculator like this:
    Amplifier Power Calculator
    And see how much power you might need. So for example, 88dB/W/m, sitting 3m (~10') away which is more than what you'd be doing, average 80dB SPL, 12dB headroom, you only need 1.5W power with burst to 23W. So for those parameters, the Marantz seems just fine.

    Another thing you can try is what I talked about awhile back with estimating power needs like this:
    Archimago's Musings: MUSINGS: How much amplifier power do you really "need"? Why not test for yourself?

    Most folks (~70%) seem to be happy with <25W based on the survey results.

    All the best...
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  4. D700

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  5. DEG

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    Lawrenceville Ga.
    Class D power amps are much improved these days, they don't hardly way much, and the sonics are said to be fantastic. Or check out Schiit products - made in the USA and are great, I have their mid line d:a and it sounds excellent! Happy shopping!
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  6. Bolster

    Bolster Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Thanks, that's plenty to for me to check out.
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  7. The Pinhead


    Lateral move.
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  8. rebellovw

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    Prescott, AZ
    I'd give tubes a shot.
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  9. How is Schiit pronounced?
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  10. sublemon

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    there is a cure, and that is to buy a great amp... once you have a great amp it should be one of the components you don't need to change until it dies or etc.
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  11. sublemon

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    look for a used pass labs amp and a good preamp
  12. jawaka1000

    jawaka1000 Forum Resident

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  13. rockclassics

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    Arkansas, USA
    Exactly how you would expect.

    Rhymes with bit.
  14. Balthazar

    Balthazar Forum Resident

    Keep the Yamaha and shop for new speakers if you want a big change.
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  15. head_unit

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    Los Angeles CA USA
    Also super duper agreed. That Yamaha seems very nice, I'd focus on upgrading the speakers. If you don't think you can, wait and save up more. Really, you don't seem dissatisfied with your system, you just have the upgrade bug. And, nothing against your Wharfedales which I'm guessing are good for the money, but there is a lot of improvement available on the speaker side whereas those current speakers might not be revealing enough for an amp upgrade. Just my gut feels.
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  16. Bolster

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    Just one
    Not entirely sure about the speaker upgrade route, but what I will say is that I have never been entirely convinced by the AS501 and have generally found it a bright for my taste and also tiring over extended listening.

    I used to have a Pioneer A300R and this always returned a warm sound and was seemed very capable despite its low(?) power.

    I guess I'm looking to the marantz to recapture that warmth, do you think this amp will play nicely with the wharfedales?
  17. Fishoutofwater

    Fishoutofwater Forum Resident

    As you are in the UK give Cyrus amps a listen. I Love them and i am sure you will find a local dealer who will let you audition their range of amps.
  18. weavzy

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    Get a Yamaha AS1100.

    I got a mate who had the 501. He upgraded to the As1100.

    ...last time i saw him he was trying to make out with it...

    Ok, That's not true, but the massage is clear: He loves it.

    And I love mine...but like a brother...nothing weird.
  19. Bolster

    Bolster Forum Resident Thread Starter

    oooh those meters!
  20. warp2600

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    Great thread title.
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  21. onemug

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    With that small of a room, I'd put the emphasis on the quality of the 'whats per channel'(*) more than the amount of them.

    * someone had to do it. :D
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  22. The Pinhead


    So it's what, 1.5X 1.5 ?!

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  23. Bolster

    Bolster Forum Resident Thread Starter


    Agreed, so the question is 45 Marantz watts or 85 Yamaha watts? ... or something else :sigh:

    Also re room size its 3m x 3m
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  24. Bolster

    Bolster Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Ha ha looks about the right size... however, my bad, the room is 3m x 3m which is still a bit on the small side.
  25. The Pinhead


    This is not mockery. This little amp is all it would take to pressurize your room. Please convince your wife to let you put the system in the living room.

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