New box set: McCartney I II III

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Sgt. Abbey Road, Jun 17, 2022.

  1. davenav

    davenav High Plains Grifter

    Louisville, KY USA
    What is a hard pass anyway?

    Does some record store clerk suddenly get a chill and say, “Wow, somebody just *really didn’t * buy a box set just now!!”

    You don’t need it. I don’t need it. So what???
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  2. Pianoman99

    Pianoman99 Forum Resident

    For me the true target audience of this kind of package are young people who got into vinyl recently and maybe liked McCartney III when it came out. Paul's marketing team now wants these people to discover his older material.

    It's very clever to link those three albums thematically, because a recent album like McCartney III acts as a bridge to the older albums (albums that younger fans maybe wouldn't discover otherwise). Like that the actual year of release gets more in the background and a feeling of timelessness is being created.

    I don't think this package is aimed at us old guys. We have those albums anyway in many incarnations. No need to get angry if such packages come out. But please give us LT and BTTE next.
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  3. davenav

    davenav High Plains Grifter

    Louisville, KY USA
    A limited edition on RSD??? Say it isn’t so!!!
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  4. Marry a Carrot

    Marry a Carrot Interesting blues gets a convincing reading.

    Los Angeles
  5. davenav

    davenav High Plains Grifter

    Louisville, KY USA
    You’re making entirely too much sense. It’s like people need something to be angry about.
  6. nikosvault

    nikosvault Forum Resident

    I thought the trick was to slip in a great album surrounded by lesser works when selling these clever box sets.
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  7. JDeanB

    JDeanB Forum Resident

    Newton, NC USA
    I will say if one option was of a box of the three albums in 5.1 and/or Atmos, I would be excited.
  8. edenofflowers

    edenofflowers A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular!

    Me feeling is that they (the label) wanted to get something/anything out to coincide with all the hoopla around Paul's 80th. I've been surprised myself about all the coverage Paul's birthday has been getting.
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  9. supermd

    supermd Forum Resident

    San Jose, CA
    Now we’re talkin’.
  10. maccafan

    maccafan Senior Member

    It's business 101 strike while the fire's hot. Why wouldn't you promote something while it's still relatively popular? I'm surprised they didn't include McCartney III Imagined?!
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  11. jaypee65

    jaypee65 Forum Resident

    Vienna, Austria
    I don't picture twenty-something vinyl enthusiasts, no matter how passionate they are, spending that kind of money for 50 and 40 years old recordings of a 80-year-old musician. No matter how great he is. Not going to happen. There's a difference between attending a concert (the bucket-list syndrom) and buying expensive records. Beside, it's easy to find I and II, second-hand, for little money.
    And before I'm accused of blasphemy, I want to point that I have I and II and like them (didn't care for III though), have all the Beatles albums and saw him in concert (before he lost his voice).
  12. Jx84

    Jx84 Well-Known Member

    No thanks, I'll wait for the Van Halen I II III box set instead
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  13. Pianoman99

    Pianoman99 Forum Resident

    Of course it's happening. Not on a big scale, but there are more and more young people now keen on new vinyl.
  14. folkfreak

    folkfreak The cold blooded penguin

    You mean someone who just can't let it go but needs to reply to each and every post with a different opinion?
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  15. Sgt. Abbey Road

    Sgt. Abbey Road Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Graz, Austria
    I’m a teenager and probably will do it:laugh:
  16. jimod99

    jimod99 Daddy or chips?

    Ottawa, ON
    That’ll be in the deluxe edition of the box set, released on different coloured vinyl in three months time...
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  17. lawrev

    lawrev Forum Resident

    San Antonio, TX
    We aren't the old guys......we are the guys who have gained a certain amount of experience by living life and rock n roll. :)
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  18. EmceeEscher

    EmceeEscher Forum Resident

    Austin, TX
    I predicted a I, II, III box set when another iteration of III was first hinted at on these boards, being obvious as soon as the early marketing materials for III referred to these albums as a trilogy—only getting wrong that a full-fledged book would be included, focusing on these three albums and Paul's methods of recording solo for each with more Linda photos, Mary photos and Ed Ruscha sketches.

    Between everything that went into Lyrics and the Archive Editions for I and II, I would think pulling together a hardback book on these three solo records wouldn't be that difficult. Anyway, my only surprise with this news is that this set isn't even more lavish with more ephemera and therefore a higher price point.

    $100 for three exclusive-color vinyl records in gatefolds, and three hi-quality 8x10 photo prints in an Ed Ruscha-designed box seems fairly reasonable. The standard 2LP Plastic Ono Band reissue goes for $70+ everywhere I see.

    I hope all who pick it up, enjoy!
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  19. bward

    bward Forum Resident

    Boston, MA USA
    Interesting question: will young people buy the new Mc 1,2,3 box? Or is it just aging baby boomer completists? I guess there is no middle ground.

    It seems to me someone is buying all those new copies of Rumours or Led Zep 4 (plenty of those in secondhand shops), so I’d wager there is a market here.

    I’m not saying this box will set the world on fire, but yes, there will be a market for it.

    And as for the color vinyl craze, multiple edition phenomenon, the “money grabs.”

    It appears everyone from Paul’s contemporaries to some of the biggest names in music today, even a major retailer, are all doing the color vinyl, multiple edition thing.

    Yet, it’s McCartney’s legacy that suffers?

    I’m not buying it.

    But I am buying the new box.

    Here’s a few other artists playing the game:

    Elton John Color vinyl
    elton john color vinyl in Music Records: Search Result | eBay

    Rolling Stones Color Vinyl
    The Rolling Stones Colored Vinyl Vinyl Records for sale | eBay

    Metallica Walmart Exclusive color vinyl
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    Fleetwood Mac color vinyl:
    Fleetwood Mac / coloured vinyl – SuperDeluxeEdition

    Taylor Swift Multiple folklore editions:
    Taylor Swift Folklore Exclusive Deluxe Edition RARE Vinyl LP's (Multiple Variants)

    Newbury Comics Color vinyl
    Exclusive Vinyl Records: Newbury Comics
  20. Cristiano Cortellazzi

    Cristiano Cortellazzi Forum Resident

    Sirmione, Italy
    One of the veeeeery few..

  21. Big Blue

    Big Blue Forum Resident

    What a difference an ocean makes… this forum is literally the only place I have noticed mention of Paul McCartney turning 80. And I think most people already thought of him as probably being 80.
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  22. Fabsmith

    Fabsmith Forum Resident

    Livonia, MI
    I already own all three and really only like McCartney (1970). I may pick up a pristine copy of that on vinyl.
    But this trilogy isn’t something I want to spend $100 on.
    Instead, I hope London Town/Back to the Egg albums get the deluxe treatment. I’d be in for that.
  23. walrus

    walrus Forum Resident

    This. But at the same time it's frustrating that they do pointless releases like this to clog up the vinyl plants instead of putting that effort into something interesting and worthwhile. Like, some small band's new album is delayed so they can make more copies of McCartney albums that have already had multiple reissues and an album that was just released under two years ago. Meanwhile, of course, there's hours and hours of music in Paul's archive that they could press on 3LP's instead. Even Paul brushing his teeth would be more interesting.
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  24. aoxomoxoa

    aoxomoxoa Play that fast thing one more time

    Do you really think Paul McCartney is picking up new fans with his new music? I doubt it
  25. ajax25

    ajax25 Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    It’s the Power Rangers marketing strategy.

    Same thing, different color, mo’ money.
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