New box set: McCartney I II III

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Sgt. Abbey Road, Jun 17, 2022.

  1. O Don Piano

    O Don Piano Senior Member

    Because people really, really enjoy complaining about “cash grabs” here!

    That’s one term I wish we weren’t allowed to use on this forum……

    And I don’t understand why people are so angry about it. Or why they’re so compelled to share their anger about some thing they don’t have to buy.
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  2. maccawings

    maccawings Senior Member

    And Then I guess the I, II, III and IV box set?

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  3. Bullis

    Bullis Forum Resident

    Niagara County
    Come on macca.
  4. Thomashh

    Thomashh Forum Resident

    would love to buy a cassette-box ;-)
  5. sunking101

    sunking101 Forum Resident

    Yorkshire, England
  6. Sgt. Abbey Road

    Sgt. Abbey Road Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Graz, Austria
  7. bward

    bward Forum Resident

    Boston, MA USA
    OK, but don’t take your frustrations over the current state of the music industry, or Paul McCartney’s discography, out on me.

    Im just a fan who likes color vinyl.

    If you’re not careful, out of spite, I’ll buy two. One to listen to, one to keep sealed.

    Just kidding.

    Seriously though, remember this.

    There will be another McCartney release that will drive you nuts.

    Just let it go!
  8. joeislive

    joeislive Streets Ahead

    This really feels like something he should have had available during the tour, as this is definitely something that a more casual concert going fan (y’know not the ones like us hovering around online forums daily trying to sniff out any clues for possible archive release) wouldn’t already have and be more likely to get as an impulse buy. But then again I don’t remember the last time Paul actually sold music at their shows. (Not counting the time albums were included with ticket purchases)
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  9. davenav

    davenav High Plains Grifter

    Louisville, KY USA
    Or maybe some people actually don’t own them? Or their copies are worn out? Or they want to buy them as a gift?

    I can think of a lot of reasons that aren’t all about you.

    And “preying”?? They wouldn’t make them if there wasn’t a place in the market for them.
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  10. Kiss73

    Kiss73 Forum Resident

    anybody know what the "with introductions from Paul" bit is??

    He doesn't do a spoken introduction to the beginning of each album does he????

    Surely just a comment on each album within the booklet.
  11. Fawltykog

    Fawltykog "Nothing Is Real"

    Sunny England
    Well there was those big empty 'dice' boxes with Mr McCartney's name on 'em that were sold for stupid prices when 3 was out, owners of said boxes could stuff all 3 albums in them i guess. :)
  12. maccafan

    maccafan Senior Member

    There's plenty to hum from McCartney but speaking of McCartney II and III nobody loathes those albums more than me. In all fairness, II does have some songs that are really good...
    Coming Up
    One Of These Days - one of McCartney's best acoustic songs
    On The Way
    I don't get the negative about this release, there are probably plenty of people who don't have these albums and now have the chance to get them all. Especially those who like this left-field musical direction from McCartney.
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  13. intv7

    intv7 Senior Member

    Boston, MA, USA
    There isn't anything we discuss on this forum that I "needed" to buy.

    Collecting music is my hobby. My collection is full of stuff I've bought and re-bought, and bought again. That's the way it goes.
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  14. mBen989

    mBen989 Forum Resident

    Scranton, PA
    "Junk"? "Temporary Secretary"? "Every Night"? "Waterfalls"?
  15. Whoroger89

    Whoroger89 Forum Resident

    Imagine whining on a forum about a release. No one is forcing anyone to buy it. But complain away
  16. chickendinna

    chickendinna Homegrown’s All Right With Me

    Me too. I didn’t make it all the way through the Stereogum Paul’s 80 best/favorite list, although I will later. I must have heard Penny Lane perhaps 1000 times, or at least it feels like it. It gives me the same thrill as it did in February of 1967 when I was almost 11 years old.
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  17. intv7

    intv7 Senior Member

    Boston, MA, USA
    "Maybe I'm Amazed"????
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  18. Beatlened

    Beatlened Forum Resident

    Dublin, Ireland
    Handy set for anyone who doesn't have these albums. But what's happened to the quality of the artwork
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  19. Sgt. Abbey Road

    Sgt. Abbey Road Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Graz, Austria
    "Find My Way"? "The Kiss Of Venus"? "When Winter Comes"?
  20. Whoroger89

    Whoroger89 Forum Resident

    Pretty Boys
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  21. MHP

    MHP Lover of Rock ‘n Roll

    There is a whole new generation of indie-musicians out there, who are discovering the man’s music for themselves. Thankfully, they don’t use their time on internet boards, where old farts try to tell them what to and what not to like…
  22. hollywoodswag

    hollywoodswag Forum Resident

    Central Florida
    I pre-ordered this. I don’t have any of the three on vinyl and while I’m not an overly big fan of II or III, it’s cool. Fun purchase from my perspective.
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  23. jacchank

    jacchank Forum Resident

    rochester new york
    i'am 73 years old and love the beatles.....but when it comes to pauls solo albums....especially after the late 70's ....he lost me......age/creativity gone/no more catchy powerpop songs....maybe he just moved on.... started writing on the piano ....go to powerpopaholic....bands in their 60's....still churning out great catchy tunes....check out librarians with hickeys many more.....songs that still put the drive in my soul....paul has not done that in a long time.....most likely it's me....stuck in the powerpop genre...but right now, to me, he is a nostalgia act......nobody will write a bad concert review when you just laid out hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a ticket
  24. O Don Piano

    O Don Piano Senior Member

    Why are you so angry about this?
    Ignore it if you have no inclination to buy!
    How does this affect your life?
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  25. intv7

    intv7 Senior Member

    Boston, MA, USA
    Hmm. IMO, he made many of his best albums after the late '70s. Sounds like you're the one who "moved on".

    But imagine that. An 80-year-old man is a nostalgia act? The horror.

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