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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Bill, Sep 29, 2001.

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  1. Bill

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    Has anyone received any of the new British Beatles vinyl releases that Red Trumpet is selling? I called to check on the quality before ordering, since they are NOT cheap, and with typical candor, Red Trumpet said that impressions on them are split. Because they are digitally mastered, I'm afraid that they will just sound like the CDs, but with the added advantage of pops and clicks!
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Sckott

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    That's basically true. You realize these issues have been repressed from earlier runs. There were 2 different runs (it seemed) in the early 90's, dry period, and now they're making em again.
    They're good pressings, but what I would do is get one of your favorites like Help! Or Abbey Road and see how you like em. They're definately not special though, nor are they a big splash audiophillically. They're nice pressings, good packaging, very delicate and true to original form, but they're reissues. There's even diffrerences to the past early 90's issues, such as the placement of the Apple on the cover, there's a couple of them that are stereo (But in the 80's, EMI UK released a ton of Parlaphone stereo reissues, even Japan did)

    I bought the whole collection one by one in the early 90's from SirenDisc for $14/ea. I'm a bit dissapopinted they're selling them for $27 this run (EMI is asking for much more now, it's not Trumpet's fault), as there's no real big improvement, just new availability to those who might end up prowling eBay and paying upwards of THAT kind of money for the simple super-clean reissues. That's where it's at - People who WILL buy them.

    With very few exception, like DCC and Classic Records, even the most enjoyable records DON'T have to be expensive. I'm glad I bought my UK reissues back then.

    It's a lot like the Abkco vinyl of the Stones work. It's still the SOS, but the vinyl is clean and they're pressed really well, good vinyl. They're still selling for $9/pop sealed. Let It Bleed still sounds great on those Abcko "Virgin Vinyl" lps. A lot of the London US and UK vinyl was really noisy.
  3. alexpop

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    Virgin " vinyl still a good bet?
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