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New Classic Alt reissue label: Rubellan Remasters, now open for business!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Scott Davies, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. dave33

    dave33 Forum Resident

    Tampa, Fl. USA
    Oh, but I do have a vinyl bootleg of the Pleasure Victim tour from 83. Maybe that's what you were thinking of. It has the unreleased song "Touch and Go" on it.
  2. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo Senior Member

    Yes, I'm as sure as I can be about something that is 30+ years old. It was all Berlin, it was a promo, & it has been bootlegged; but I remember an official promo. It MIGHT be the 1983 Savoy show, which has turned up on boots & at WGV as an mp3.
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  3. Pavol Stromcek

    Pavol Stromcek Forum Resident

    SF Bay Area
    Yeah, I've seen all those, of course. But there aren't any reviews (that I've seen) that compare/contrast it specifically with the One Way pressing, which is what I was hoping to find. I'm sure yours is an improvement; just trying to get a sense of how, exactly, before I buy yet another version of this album!
  4. Ben Adams

    Ben Adams Forum Resident

    Phoenix, AZ, USA
    This is not just another version. This is the definitive version.
  5. will_b_free

    will_b_free Forum Resident

    Boulder, CO
    Live Cuts, a syndicated radio show that played excerpts from King Biscuit shows, sometimes had a red label and white diecut sleeve - RADIO SHOW: LIVE TRACKS 10/24/83 EDGAR WINTER, BILLY SQUIER, BERLIN, ROXY MUSIC | eBay
  6. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo Senior Member

  7. Pavol Stromcek

    Pavol Stromcek Forum Resident

    SF Bay Area
    Thanks, Ben! I usually feel the need to do some due diligence before buying an album which I already have two copies of. But when a particular pressing gets your endorsement, that usually means an automatic buy for me.
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  8. Scott Davies

    Scott Davies Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I heard through the grapevine that Stephen Schnee (who does a variety of audio and video related postings on his YouTube channel and elsewhere) was interested in interviewing Fingerprintz and Silencers frontman Jimme O'Neill after the release of my recent Fingerprintz compilation. I ran it by Jimme who was open to the idea, so then passed on the info to Steve. Today, he performed a lengthy video interview with the legendary O'Neill that will air in two parts on his Beach Blanket Fort Bingo series. Here's a trailer Steve put together in anticipation of part 1, along with samples of many great songs from the brand new compilation.

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  9. Ben Adams

    Ben Adams Forum Resident

    Phoenix, AZ, USA
    Aw wow, man! Yeah, you’ll be pleased. Scott’s work is top-notch.
  10. Scott Davies

    Scott Davies Forum Resident Thread Starter

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  11. Juggsnelson

    Juggsnelson Senior Member

    Long Island
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  12. Curveboy

    Curveboy Forum Resident

    New York City
    That Metro extended version...sounds brilliant.
  13. Pavol Stromcek

    Pavol Stromcek Forum Resident

    SF Bay Area
    Cool! Yeah, I like the sound of the Passions CD he did last year.

    I went ahead and ordered the Visage debut along with the SPK and Trees CDs. Looking forward to 'em!
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  14. Scott Davies

    Scott Davies Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Berlin is officially now lined up for manufacture.

    I thought I'd share a little something with you. One of the most requested reissues I've received is for the Real Life album Heartland. As I've previously mentioned, I've made many attempts to contact Curb Records with no response. I shared this during a recent exchange with my distributor and it turns out he knows someone at Curb, so he put it to them for feedback. The reply he received was that Curb generally doesn't like to license full albums, maybe a track or two for a compilation or whatever. But it was suggested I put together a proposal to run by the man in charge, just to see if it would offer any incentive. Since I suspect this would be a monster seller, I put forth a substantial offer for 2000 copies of a 2 CD set of the album. No one knows if/when I could hear anything about it in any direction but I thought some might be interested since that album has come up in this thread multiple times. Just don't hold out any hope, it's more about saying 'well, at least I tried'.

    And going back a couple of weeks to the mystery band with a load of unreleased material, I guess it doesn't hurt to mention it because I just don't feel anything will come of it. It would be great if it did but I've done this long enough to be realistic. One person did guess correctly, it is B-Movie. There's a load of unreleased/unmixed multitracks primarily from 1982 that the band said they would love to release. They had some communication with Universal UK some time back but ran into some snags and that was that. I'm not sure if my efforts will result in anything but it's another case of 'well, at least I tried'.
  15. SJP

    SJP Forum Resident

    Excellent news on Real Life. Hope your proposal is met with positive response. As for the mystery artist, B-Movie, that would be amazing as well. It is a shame that artist wishes fail to factor into the response by these major labels.
  16. samwisefan

    samwisefan Forum Resident

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  17. Post-Punk Monk

    Post-Punk Monk Seeking divinity in records from '78-'85 or so…

    North Carolina
    Yow?! 2xCD on "Heartland?" Color me intrigued. In 2016 I bought a sealed copy of this LP and made a single CD-R with the following tracks:

    Real Life: Heartand + CD-R [2016]

    1. Send Me An Angel
    2. Catch Me I’m Falling
    3. Under The Hammer
    4. Heartland
    5. Breaking Point
    6. Broken Again
    7. Always
    8. Openhearted
    9. Exploding Bullets
    10. Burning Blue
    11. Send Me An Angel [Ext. Mix]
    12. Like A Gun
    13. Catch Me I’m Falling [7” Remix]
    14. Pick Me Up
    15. Send Me An Angel ‘89
    16. Always [Special Dance Mix – Raunchy Version]
    17. Catch Me I’m Falling [12” Ver.]
    18. Send Me An Angel [’89 Club Mix]
    I had an old LP from 1983 but I felt that the sealed copy was well worth the $2.00 asking price for this project! I did need to buy the "Heartland" OZ 7" for the B-side, "Pick Me Up," from OZ, which cost a bit in postage, but was bearable. Especially after hearing it. It seemed like a template for "I send A Message," one of my favorite INXS songs. I'm highly interested in seeing what else would cause this project to sprawl to a 2nd disc! I love this album. I managed to see Real Life at my 2nd ever rock concert when they opened for Berlin on the "Love Life" tour. As I liked Real Life even more than Berlin, this was a great thing.
  18. Scott Davies

    Scott Davies Forum Resident Thread Starter

    There were two distinctly different versions of Heartland. The first edition had the original mixes of Angel and Catch, and that was replaced soon after with the single/video versions of the songs. I believe both previous CD editions included the second edition with the single mixes in place. My desire would have been to have the first CD contain the original version of the album and save the single mixes for the bonus disc. By my calculation, the material came to 92 minutes, hence the 2 CD format. Here's what I wanted. Again, I have no expectation this will happen but this was the idea:

    Send Me An Angel (Single Mix) 3:53
    Openhearted (Remix) 3:55
    Catch Me I'm Falling (Single Mix) 4:02
    Like A Gun 3:14
    Pick Me Up 3:16
    Thrill Me 4:13
    Exploding Bullets (Remix) 4:21
    Always (Dance Mix) 3:55
    Send Me An Angel (Extended Mix) 5:40
    Catch Me I'm Falling (Extended Mix) 5:55
    Exploding Bullets (Extended Mix) 5:35
    Send Me An Angel (Master Mix) 5:02
  19. PdB73

    PdB73 Active Member

    Western Australia
    Fingers crossed for the Real Life release - that would be awesome! : )
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  20. reapers

    reapers Forum Resident

    Here’s hoping the Real Life project moves forward.

    The B-Movie would’ve been sweet, too bad it didn’t work out.

    Pretty much any potential project discussed in this thread would be an instant buy for me, so keep ‘em coming!
  21. Post-Punk Monk

    Post-Punk Monk Seeking divinity in records from '78-'85 or so…

    North Carolina
    I am not surprised that our friends at Curb had the two US editions of the album. That label is squirrelly in the head. They specialize in about 5-6 fake albums worth of Real Life material that were three actual albums in OZ. Their fake Sparks Greatest Hits album [a massively rebranded "Music They You Can Dance To"] is rightly the stuff of legend. Nothing they would do to muddy waters in search of another sale would surprise me. I have two copies of "Heartland" that are identical. They have the original LP mix of "Catch Me I'm Falling," not the 7" remix [which is longer as it's a 12" edit].
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  22. Pavol Stromcek

    Pavol Stromcek Forum Resident

    SF Bay Area
    I know these are kind of old news by now, but I am enjoying the Visage debut, Trees, and SPK CDs that I ordered earlier this week.

    The Trees and SPK albums are actually new to me. I'm not sure how these two albums eluded my radar for so long, particularly when I can think of plenty of other similar artists or albums that I'm into which are more obscure.

    I admit that if all the songs on the Trees album were like "Come Back" and "Shock of the New," I probably wouldn't be too into it, but tracks like "Midnight in America," "Wildwood," and "11:00 AM" feature the sorts of nice, moody, sophisticated chord changes and melodies that tend to grab me.

    SPK kind of makes me think of a slightly left-field Propaganda. Even though there's a lot of emphasis on throbbing, clanging beats and busy rhythms, there are some really nice, understated melodies in several of these tracks. (I had heard some SPK stuff way back in late 80s or early 90s, but it was mood-piece soundtrack style stuff that didn't do much for me at the time.)

    So, thanks to Scott for making these albums readily available (and with great sound to boot).
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  23. scribbs

    scribbs Resident Mockery

    Surf City USA

    I love the Trees CD. Reminds me a lot of Wally De Backer (Gotye). Love the kitchen sink approach. On my short list of most important resurrected albums. Sounds awesome!
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  24. patient_ot

    patient_ot Forum Resident

    The Trees album is a hidden gem. I should play it again soon. If not for Scott's reissue, I probably would've never heard of the band.

    I'm a huge fan of early SPK, but it's nothing at all like the synth dance stuff they did towards the end. They probably should've changed the name of the band at some point. They were pioneers of old-school industrial music in the late 70/early 80s, before the term "industrial" meant rock bands with 10% industrial elements, electro/EBM music, and stuff like Nine Inch Nails.
  25. JohnBR

    JohnBR Forum Resident

    I love B-Movie and own a few CDs (some authorized, some not). It's a shame that their early '80s material has never been officially compiled, and I wasn't even aware of any unreleased recordings! I'd be first in line for that set.
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