New Kendrick Lamar album, "DAMN". 14th April 2017

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Bubbly Waves, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Bubbly Waves

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    It's still as-of-yet unknown what most of the song titles are (other than lead single "Humble"), what the name of the album is, and what the album cover looks like, but the pre-order page is now up on iTunes.

    An expected release date of April 14, 2017--one week from now.

    Here's the lead single for those who missed it:
  2. Naughty Chord

    Naughty Chord Hole in my Socrates

    Sub-Tropo Texas
    I haven't figured out the song yet but the video is Video of the Year material.

    I wonder if the physical will be released this Friday? I haven't seen any pre-orders anywhere.
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  3. tmwlng

    tmwlng Forum Resident

    Very stoked for this release. Hopefully a physical copy will come along soon.
  4. nmesen

    nmesen Forum Resident

    Golden, Colorado
    Album details officially announced this morning... DAMN.


    1. “Blood”
    2. “DNA”
    3. “Yah”
    4. “Element”
    5. “Feel”
    6. “Loyalty” Feat. Rihanna
    7. “Pride”
    8. “Humble”
    9. “Lust”
    10. “Love”
    11. “xxx” Feat. U2
    12. “Fear”
    13. “God”
    14. “Duckworth”
  5. Naughty Chord

    Naughty Chord Hole in my Socrates

    Sub-Tropo Texas
    Now that's what I call an unexpected cover and title!

    Color me skeptical on the U2 feature. I'm sure it will turn out to be great but I just can't imagine how.
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  6. Naughty Chord

    Naughty Chord Hole in my Socrates

    Sub-Tropo Texas
  7. noname74

    noname74 We The North.

  8. jfeldt

    jfeldt Forum Resident

    SF, CA, USA
    Thanks for the announcement, this is great news! Instead of knowing and having to wait, I like these last-minute album announcements.

    Funny about the Grey Poupon reference and scene in the video, I just watched an analysis of Grey Poupon references in Hip-Hop just a few days ago (probably linked from somewhere on SHTV):
    How Grey Poupon became hip-hop’s favorite condiment
  9. mindgames

    mindgames Forum Resident

    It has arrived.
  10. MikaelaArsenault

    MikaelaArsenault Forum Resident

    New Hampshire
    Love Kendrick. Can't wait to listen to the track with U2 and especially the Rihanna one!
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  11. Naughty Chord

    Naughty Chord Hole in my Socrates

    Sub-Tropo Texas
    Ha ha! I was in Walmart today and I looked for it just in case they put it on the shelf early. I'll make a special trip somewhere tomorrow to pick this up. Don't know what to expect from this one.
  12. bcaulf

    bcaulf Forum Resident

    I'm a big fan of his after hearing the sprawling masterpiece of To Pimp A Butterfly and the also brilliant Good Kid Mad City. Both of which were concept albums, I wonder if this one will be more straightforward?
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  13. Bowieboy

    Bowieboy Forum Resident

    still annoyed Blond never got a physical release
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  14. Bowieboy

    Bowieboy Forum Resident

    I doubt Walmart is the place you'd want to buy a Kendrick cd though to be fair
  15. davidshirt

    davidshirt =^,,^=

    Grand Terrace, CA
    Listening now. The song with U2 is really good. The whole album is good.
  16. Gaslight

    Gaslight Modern Cad

    Northeast USA
    I've been bouncing around on it - I like the feat U2 song as well. I'll need some time to let this album sink in, for certain.
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  17. Gaslight

    Gaslight Modern Cad

    Northeast USA
    I may have to get the CD for this one, if there's no vinyl coming.

    Man this album is sinking in now and I am liking it.
  18. Wigwam

    Wigwam Active Member

    Theories/Rumors are that he will release another album on Easter Sunday!
  19. pghmusiclover

    pghmusiclover Forum Resident

    His vinyl releases usually come way after the digital versions.
  20. Kevin j

    Kevin j Forum Resident

    Seattle Area
    I will wait, just like I did for D'Angelo. it was worth the wait.
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  21. Randy Tater

    Randy Tater Active Member

    That was bizarre, wasn't it? Such a great album. I really don't understand why a physical copy wasn't released.
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  22. ralphb

    ralphb "First they came for..."

    Brooklyn, New York
    Same here, just seems like a stupid move. If you didn't get a Record Store Day copy, you were out of luck.
  23. Vince Gill

    Vince Gill Forum Resident

    Kendrick is so far ahead of the competition, it's phenomenal. Like when Michael Jordan would just get that look and take over a game at the end and everyone knew no one else could keep up. Album is fire. Makes me want to street fight a dragon or something.
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  24. Arkay_East

    Arkay_East Forum Resident

    I'm amazed I managed to get the vinyl. There are at least a few thousand copies but still.
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  25. Bowieboy

    Bowieboy Forum Resident

    were they official or was it bootleg? I've seen boots before of Kanye's Life Of Pablo

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