New Mellencamp Album Coming in Nov with a Tour in 2019

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    I also saw him on the the Plain Spoken tour, thought John was in fine voice, the band were as tight as ever, and the set list was excellent if ''as always'' too short. The follow up ''and still going in Canada'' tour was/is pretty much an extension of that, the inclusion of the song ''John Cockers'' was a real pleasant surprise, it is one of John's very best songs, even if the greatness of that song went over most people's heads that night, bring on ''The John Mellencamp Show'', can't wait till Feb.
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    Oh, what could have been...

    John Mellencamp: 34 officially issued studio cover songs [in addition to the Trouble No More album]:
    Kicks (Barry "Mann" Imberman/Cynthia Weil) 2:55
    Hit the Road Jack (Percy Mayfield) 2:32
    I Need Somebody (James "Iggy Pop" Osterberg/James Williamson) 3:43
    The Man Who Sold the World (David “Bowie” Jones) 2:28
    Oh, Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison/William Dees) 2:54
    Supergirl (Aldo Legui/Robert Marcus) 2:37
    Do You Believe in Magic? (John Sebastian) 2:38
    Twentieth Century Fox (The Doors) 2:14
    Hot Night in a Cold Town (Cushing-Murray/Littlefield) 3:47
    Peppermint Twist (Joseph "Joey Dee" DiNicola) 0:28
    China Girl (Joseph New/Jeff Silbar) 3:34
    Grandma's Theme (In the Baggage Coach Ahead) (traditional) 0:56
    Under the Boardwalk (Arthur Resnick/Kenny Young) 3:57
    Shama Lama Ding Dong (Mark Davis/William Peace) 3:15
    I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Thomas Connor) 2:38
    Rave On (William Tilghman/Joseph “Sonny” West) 3:16
    Do Re Mi (Woodrow Guthrie) 3:22
    Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out) (B.B. Cunningham, Jr./Gary Wayne McEwen/Jerry Lee Masters/John Hunter) 3:11
    Seventh Son (William Dixon) 2:40
    Jailhouse Rock (Jerome Leiber/Michael Stoller) 3:35
    Baby Please Don't Go (traditional) 3:14
    Life's a River [with Mick Ronson] (Michael Ronson/Sham Morris) 5:20
    Wild Night (George Ivan Morrison) 3:28
    Gambling Bar Room Blues (James Rodgers/Shelly Lee Alley) 4:00
    Without Expression (Terry Reid/Graham Nash) 5:05
    In My Time of Dying (traditional) 3:03
    Farewell Angelina (Bob “Dylan” Zimmerman) 4:36
    I Don't Know Why (Stevie Wonder/Paul Riser/Don Hunter/Lula Hardaway) 3:26
    Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way (Waylon Jennings) 3:07
    What Say You [with Travis Tritt] (Michael Bradford/Frank Myers) 3:19
    Wreck of the Old 97 (traditional) 3:58
    This Land is Your Land (Woodrow Guthrie/traditional) 4:10
    Mobile Blue (Milton “Mickey” Newbury) 3:02
    Early Bird Café (Lane Tietgen) 4:06

    John Mellencamp: 11 officially issued live cover songs:
    Pretty Ballerina [live] (Michael “Brown” Lookofsky) 2:54 Rain On the Scarecrow B-side
    Cold Sweat [live] (James Brown/Alfred “Pee Wee” Ellis) 3:23 Rumbleseat B-side
    Like a Rolling Stone [live 1987] (Bob "Dylan" Zimmerman) 6:28 Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First) B-side
    Like a Rolling Stone [live] (Bob "Dylan" Zimmerman) 6:55 Dylan 30th Anniversary Celebration V.A. [8/24/1993]
    Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat [live] (Bob "Dylan" Zimmerman) 4:15 Dylan 30th Anniversary Celebration V.A. [8/24/1993]
    Wild Night [live in Belmont Hall studios 1994] 3:34 (George Ivan Morrison) Rough Harvest bonus
    R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A./Little Latin Lupe Lu [live] 5:20 (JM/William Medley) The Concert For The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame V.A. [9/17/1996]
    Hey Gib [live] (traditional) 3:27 Cuttin' Heads bonus disc [10/16/2001]
    In My Time of Dying [live] (traditional) 2:26 Cuttin' Heads bonus disc [10/16/2001]
    I Couldn’t Believe It was True [live w/Willie Nelson] (Richard Edward Arnold/John Wallace Fowler) 2:53 Live And Kickin': Willie Nelson [6/3/2003]
    Do Re Mi [live] (Woodrow Guthrie) 3:49 Woody Guthrie At 100! Live At The Kennedy Center [6/14/2013]

    Additions? Revisions? Shama Lamas? :help: :winkgrin:

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    I hate saying this, but those early covers from the pre American Fool period are horrible, wouldn’t include any of them on any JM covers project.
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    For those of you who may never have seen this live performance, here's the ''White House'' version of ''Eyes On The Prize'' included in the collection.

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    That's a pretty good list there. It does look like you missed the Chestnut Street Incident version of "Jailhouse Rock" (around 2:10). The Honeymoon In Vegas version is the 3:35 one that you included.

    I still haven't figured out who wrote the first verse that John sings on his version of "Rave On" from Cocktail. I've never heard that verse on anybody else's version and I wonder if John himself wrote it.

    The show that produced the "Pretty Ballerina" live b-side has a bunch of great covers. That whole concert should be officially released! "Ya Ya", "Shoot Out The Lights", "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" and more were also performed.

    I defend the early years as much as I can, and can find something to like in all of the albums (and I love the John Cougar album), but this is pretty much true. I would say "Hot Night In A Cold Town" is the one exception.

    Was "Last of the Big Time Spenders" a cover? We had a good thread on that a while back about the origins of it and who was actually singing. That's a wild song! But it might be an original.
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    If we're sticking to a single CD of rock covers,this would do nicely.:)

    Baby Please Don't Go
    Jailhouse Rock
    Rave On
    Let It All Hang Out
    Under The Boardwalk
    Wild Night
    Without Expression
    Cold Sweat
    Like A Rolling Stone (Key West Intermezzo CD single B side)
    Leopard Skin Pill-Box Hat (Dylan Tribute Concert)
    All Along The Watchtower (MTV Unplugged)
    Gimme Shelter (Cuttin' Heads tour concert opener)
    Born In The USA (Springsteen Tribute concert)
    Down By The River (Neil Young Tribute Concert)

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    Rev Peyton Tweeted about the single:

    It’s been humbling how many people have recognized my guitar playing on the new
    single. To have a recognizable voice on the most popular instrument in a 100 year old genre is the stuff my dreams are made of. It was incredible getting to play with John too...

    He liked what I was doing with the song so much, that we recorded it together live to tape. We were knee to knee underneath 1930’s RCA ribbon mics. I used this guitar, my 1934 National Trojan.

    This beast doesn’t tour anymore. I use the one that
    built for me on the road, but the old Trojan is an old friend. And we get together whenever I get back home. If you haven’t heard the song, go give it a listen. I’m biased, but I think it’s pretty damn good...
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    John Cougar is indeed a great album. I also enjoy A Biography and Nothin' Matters and What If It Did?. As a big Mellencamp fan I appreciate Chestnut Street Incident for what it is. If it wasn't for those early albums we wouldn't have the hit songs and albums that everyone loves. Remember The Kid Inside was recorded as his 2nd album but wasn't even released initially. After the success of American Fool his former manager Tony DeFries used his Mainman label to release it. Speaking of early Mellencamp releases does anyone else remember the vinyl only U.S. Male EP? As for this release I was disappointed to see that a number of the songs had already been released previously. I wonder if Teardrops Will Fall and Stones In My Passway are the same versions that are on Trouble No More?
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    mellencamp is one of the few big 80's artists who aged gracefully as far as material goes. the other big names solo acts at the time bryan adams, springsteen, prince, MJ, all have great post 80's material but seemed to be lost on what sound and audience they want to cater too although that was technically always prince's deal
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    I always say this about Mellencamp. His 80s stuff rocks and has aged so well. Uh-Huh, Scarecrow Jubilee and Big Daddy are 4 amazing albums in my eyes. I never get tired of them and can listen at any time. I have to be in the right mood to listen to anything from Bruce between The River and Tom Joad. That said, I always have a real hard time ranking Mellencamp, Springsteen and Petty - 3 somewhat similar artists with similar careers that I've followed since my HS years. (1993-97). Just judging on studio material, Bruce probably has the strongest early material, Mellencamp the strongest mid-career and Petty have just been consistent all the way through with an absolute gem in each decade from the 70s -90s (Torpedos, FMF, Wildflowers) (in my opinion of course).
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    I'm not exactly sure of when the stuff on the US Male EP was done. The back of the EP is a little ambiguous. Referring to the year he spent in Bloomington starting in Sept 1976, the liner notes say, "This EP of pre-MainMan tracks is a result of those acquaintances" (which happened post-MainMan with Gulcher Records, who released this EP) .

    Is this John's first demo tape that he took to NYC to look for a record deal that they happened to release? Or the second demo, made with Sunshine Records? Both of those include "Kicks". Or perhaps they are re-recordings in '76/'77 done during that time in Bloomington (i.e. newly recorded versions of the pre-MainMan material)?

    Johnny Cougar* - U.S. Male

    The "American Fool" book by Martin Torgoff has a lot of great info on the early years, but it doesn't mention this EP at all.
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    American Blues Scene has an article about Rev and John's collaboration:

    “Eyes on the Prize” is the first single released from the upcoming album and features Rev. Peyton doing what he does best. His finger picking, slide work on a resonator guitar is reminiscent of Robert Johnson and Leadbelly, adding a dark legitimacy to Mellencamp’s Tom Waits-ish vocals.

    “Being asked to be a part of this project was such an honor,” writes Peyton. “I was nervous, I was excited, I stayed up all night working on this finger-style slide guitar version of the song. When I brought it to the studio John liked what I was doing with the song so much, that we recorded it together live to tape. We were knee to knee underneath 1930’s RCA ribbon mics, with my 1934 National guitar. It was one of the most powerful musical experiences of my life”.​
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    This album is getting some rave reviews, proving that John can do no wrong these days.


    Cryptic Rock: 5 Out of 5 Star Other People's Stuff Album Review
    12.04.2018 - A true storyteller who continually contributes new insights to the Americana zeitgeist, John Mellencamp is poised to deliver a brand-new anthology, the wonderfully-titled Other People’s Stuff, Friday, December 7, 2018, via Republic Records.

    A true-blue American Singer-Songwriter, Mellencamp is probably best known for his radio-smashing work in the ‘80s, such as the classic, radio-friendly mega-hits “Small Town,” “Hurts So Good,” “Jack & Diane,” and “Cherry Bomb,” among many, many countless others. In total, he has amassed some 20+ Top 40 hits over the past forty-odd years, been nominated for 13 Grammy Awards, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March 2008 by friend Billy Joel. Furthermore, as one of the creators of Farm Aid, along with Willie

    For Other People’s Stuff, Mellencamp ventures into compilation territory, bringing together 10 tracks that have not previously appeared alongside one another. Some come from studio albums, while others are rarities that initially appeared on tribute albums, Documentaries or, in one instance, was first performed at The White House for President Barack Obama. While the majority of the tracks appear to be remastered and remixed for inclusion, a few are identical to their originals – and most of them are actually not, ahem, other people’s stuff.

    To prove this fact, Other People’s Stuff opens with “To The River,” which is most definitely a piece of Mr. Mellencamp’s own personal ‘baggage.’ If you have ever wondered what any of Human Wheels would sound like updated for 2018, well, behold “To The River,” which originally appeared on the 1993 album. Here, the track appears to be remastered and remixed, allowing the band and their instrumentation to shine in bolder, melodic glory, all while highlighting Mellencamp’s stellar storytelling and kicking off this compilation with a warm kiss of nostalgia.

    You would never know that “Gambling Bar Room Blues” is not an original Mellencamp offering thanks to this smoky, bluesy retelling of the 1932 Jimmie Rodgers’ classic. Next, fiddle opens the bittersweet jam of “Teardrops Will Fall,” originally from 2003’s Trouble No More. Here, a warm, upbeat caress of sound belies the lyrical confessions of heartbroken sadness. If you’re a fan, you already know the track – and will love this remastered version, which is a subtle and respectful update to an already wonderfully-authored classic.

    He goes funky for the folksy percussion of “In My Time of Dying,” which originally appeared on 1997’s Rough Harvest. With Mellencamp’s vocals lower in the mix here, the band are allowed to shine – from the phenomenal percussion that anchors the entire track to the sweeping melodies of the fiddle. This flows perfectly into a more recent original reference, “Mobile Blue,” which represents Sad Clowns & Hillbillies. There’s no retelling here: this is the version of the song that appears on the 2017 collection – and that’s okay. It was great then and it’s just as great a year later, a sultry stroll through Mellencamp’s gritty, yet soulful American storytelling.

    In a world that seemingly looks to muddy every new musical composition with ridiculous effects, Mellencamp stays fully true to his minimalist vision on the powerful “Eyes on the Prize,” the collection’s first video/single. Originally performed at The White House in 2010, consider this a protest song, one that looks to make bold statements through its simplicity. Think about it and check out the video, which explores timely, hot button issues.

    That signature gritty storytelling encompasses “Dark As A Dungeon,” which originally appeared in the 2017 National Geographic Channel Documentary From the Ashes. A true glance at Americana, the song mirrors the Documentary, which explores the legacy of America’s coal-mining industry. Not another entry into the “war on coal,” both “Dark As A Dungeon” and From the Ashes look toward the humanity of the situation and not the environmental implications.

    To seek a respite from this emotional heft, Mellencamp and his gang go funky for the toe-tappin’ “Stones in My Passway,” which originally appeared on 2003’s Trouble No More. Then, this is followed by the lament of “Wreck of the Old 97,” a classic Folk song, one which Mellencamp initially recorded for 2004’s compilation of Folk ballads, The Rose and the Briar: Death, Love and Liberty in the American Ballad.

    Stretching his wings and going slightly left of center, Mellencamp ends with a 1968 classic Stevie Wonder hit, “I Don’t Know Why I Love You.” The raw confessional is perfectly-suited to Mellencamp’s gritty stomp, placing his own spin onto the track while maintaining a smoother vocal performance and echoing the sultry smoothness of the great Wonder himself. It closes the collection out with a bang, capping off an album that is truly an anthology of now unburied treasures.

    Despite the nature of the anthology, Other People’s Stuff is cohesive; these are songs that fit one another perfectly, all individual pieces of the great American songbook belonging to Mr. Mellencamp. The brilliance here is in how well each track fits the others and in how flawlessly Other People’s Stuff fits into the recent Mellencamp oeuvre – this could easily be the follow-up to 2017’s Sad Clowns & Hillbillies.

    Okay, so, in a sense, it is exactly that, but as an anthology that includes several covers, Other People’s Stuff rises above the typical compilation package that blindly mashes material together to try and buy an artist some time while keeping their name fresh. Mellencamp doesn’t need to buy himself anything – he is a known, beloved, as well as treasured commodity, and clearly there’s a reason for that. Enjoying rummaging through Other People’s Stuff, Cryptic Rock give John Mellencamp’s latest 5 of 5 stars.
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    Excellent lp. If you are an old fan from the 80's, you need to get this. It's kind of a return to that sound.
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    I don't have half of these songs, and I don't want to buy a bunch of compilations to get one song from John, so I am in. Looking forward to it. I wish it had more songs, but I'll take what I can get.
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  20. The Panda

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    I would have liked to see the unreleased Curtis Mayfield cover he recorded.
  21. Jackson

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    Never knew he covered Mayfield, which song.
  22. The Panda

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    don't worry if there's a hell below..............
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  23. JAuz

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    Thoroughly enjoyable album. As to be expected, it has a similar feel as Rough Harvest. "Eyes on the Prize" and "Dark as a Dungeon" are highlights of the songs I hadn't heard before. Who's doing the female vocals on the later? At times it almost sounds like June Carter, but I think it was recorded too recently for that.

    "I Don't Know Why I Love You" seems like a different style for John, and I like it. It sounds like there could be a horn section in there, and John shows some great exuberance. Why the fade out though? It was just starting to cook!
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    I much prefer the version 0f ''Teardrops Will Fall'' on this album to the one on ''Trouble No More'', it always felt and sounded out of place on that album. It not only sounds better on the new album, but works better as a duet, anyone know who the female voice is, she's terrific. Other tracks i especially love are ''Gambling Ballroom Blues, Wreck Of The Old 97 and ''To The River'' which to me sounds better here as well, and works better as an album opener than as a closer, the whole album is a terrific really, and sadly too damn short.
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    I thought this album was all already released covers not re-recordings of songs he covered.

    from his website

    Other People’s Stuff TRACKLISTING:
    “To The River” (originally from 1993’s Human Wheels)
    “Gambling Bar Room Blues” (originally from 1997’s The Songs of Jimmie Rodgers – A Tribute)
    “Teardrops Will Fall” (originally from 2003’s Trouble No More)
    “In My Time of Dying” (originally from 1997’s Rough Harvest)
    “Mobile Blue” (originally from 2017’s Sad Clowns & Hillbillies)
    “Eyes on the Prize” (originally performed at The White House in 2010)
    “Dark As A Dungeon (originally from the 2017 National Geographic Channel documentary From the Ashes)
    “Stones in My Passway” (originally from 2003’s Trouble No More)
    “Wreck of the Old 97” (originally from 2004’s The Rose and The Briar)
    “I Don’t Know Why I Love You” (originally from 2003’s An Interpretation of Stevie Wonder’s Songs)

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