new phono stage coming / plinius koru / interconnect ?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by James1972, Nov 12, 2019.

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    I have had a Plinius 9200 integrated amp for a few years. I've always been curious how much better a separate phono stage could be..... so, I found a decent deal on a Plinius Koru locally.

    Interconnects: there isn't a special interconnect I should use, right? A good quality RCA cable will work, meaning there isn't ideal phono stage interconnects?

    I have a short (.5m) Siltech set I will likely use initially.

    And ideally, how much space do I keep between the integrated and the phono stage? Bad idea to stack them?

    Thanks for any tips. Excited to hear it.
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    First, congrats on the upgrade. Hopefully, you'll find it surpasses your integrated amp's phono preamp section enough to satisfy the upgrade bug for a few years. Don't be afraid to resell it for something else if it doesn't knock your socks off. A dedicated phono preamp should sound head & shoulders above what you currently have for it to be worth it. :)

    With that out of the way, yes, you do need a special RCA cable ; a phono cable. They usually are shielded and are tailor made to accommodate the attributes of a phono signal. A regular RCA might or might not do the job OK but if you use a dedicated phono cable from a reputable brand, you should hear a pronounced positive difference in the end result.

    As for stacking, as long as there's enough space between them for appropriate airflow, it shouldn't be a problem on that front. However, be aware that some components might not be entirely properly shielded and might hum if they are close together, even when using a dedicated shielded phono cable. In such a case, separating the two will usually fix the problem. And in some cases, it can be a grounding problem. I had a phono preamp which hummed regardless of what I tried so in the end, I used a cheater plug (3-to-2 prong plug) to lift the ground which fixed the issue. Keep that in mind if you encounter this problem.

    Happy listening!
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