New Pink Floyd vinyl reissues

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by ptijerm, Apr 9, 2016.

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    Thanks for the info. I missed that. Just to "supposedly released" comment was only based on the fact that no date of release was mentioned on the Amazon UK listings AND when sorted by date of release, the listings were given just ahead of items already released. Through past experience with Amazon, this could be interpreted as items with release dates that have passed. Of course I have no way of verifying whether these items have been, or will be released...or even whether they are legit to begin with. Hence the reason for my original post to see if anyone else had any info on these vinyl 'releases'.

    A mystery for sure...
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  2. ptijerm

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    I would argue Amazon UK has lost theirs by listing these damn things without any official press release.
  3. ptijerm

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    That's what I'm thinking.
  4. PH416156

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    Let's hope so :)
  5. kayley10

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    I stand corrected.

    Dark Side, WYWH, The Wall, The Divison Bell and The Endless River are already out on vinyl. For once, the Floyd AREN'T reissuing something which is already out! If people want vinyl of those, they're already out (they probably already have them).

    As I recall, something similar happened with The Endless River. It was uploaded with cover art (which was quite a shocker, believe me!) and suddenly changed. First the page didn't exist and then it was "Unknown Title" by artist "Al Cohol".
    Much to my surprise, when it finally did get announced that was the artwork after all.
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    I guess I'm not doing it right. When I go to and search on pink Floyd and filter on release date, I'm not seeing these vinyl releases.
  7. Tommyboy

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    New York
    Not on this forum regarding vinyl. Anything that has been remastered from a digital source has been frowned upon. Quite unfairly at times.
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  8. Millington

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    Maybe Floyd are not into "big press push" But their new record company, will certainly be. Wanting to claw the money back after their investment
  9. Millington

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    It is called cutting corners!
  10. Millington

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    Sorry, my mistake. I meant the guy who was selling Animals for 800 greenbacks + tracking. I think he lost his marbles.
    Not you:oops:
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  11. ptijerm

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    LOL...don't worry about it.
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  12. ptijerm

    ptijerm Forum Resident Thread Starter're not doing anything wrong. As Wild Frank posted earlier today, it seems that Amazon UK have removed the listings.

    A number are still available to order on Amazon Spain's website, however:

    The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
    A Saucerful of Secrets
    Obscured by Clouds
    The Final Cut
    A Momentary Lapse of Reason
  13. Perfect sound forever

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    Silly isn't it?
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  14. Preston

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    Good for you: I have one of these and it sounds great (to me)!
  15. dbsea

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    I feel like a lot of people don't make the distinction between say, a good modern pressing from a 24/96 digital files, and "digitally remastered" 80s releases which only provide at best CD-level sound with all the disadvantages of vinyl such as surface noise.

    I had a 1986 DMM copy of Money Jungle that sounded, while not bad, pretty uninspiring. I took a chance on it because it was cheap, but have since sold it. The digital processing is proudly touted on the back of the album:

    "DMM Direct Metal Mastering. Original historical master tape."

    "The original 3 track tapes of this session have been remixed to digital tape in order to greatly reduce analog tape hiss and to improve the quality and balance of sound."

    The technology just wasn't there to do this right. There is a reason this album doesn't sound great, and it doesn't have anything to do with the often unfairly maligned DMM process.
  16. Flaming Torch

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    I have just looked on Amazon UK and my guess is that the vinyl releases of Dark Side, WYWH and The Wall from 2011 (I think) are now deleted. Hope I am wrong. Maybe they will be repressed with the new labels as per the 2016 cds which are quite nice. I certainly hope for vinyl next year if not before. 2017 being 50 years on from 1967.
  17. Vinyl Addict

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  18. El gaitero en las puertas del amanecer
    A Saucerful de los Secretos
    ummagumma *
    Oscurecido por las nubes
    El corte final
    Un lapso momentáneo de razón

    * I love the translation for Ummagumma in Spanish :tiphat:
  19. Millington

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    Si si Senor.
  20. Millington

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    I think you are on the right path there. 50 years since the first LP, something to celebrate with. I still think they will be in a big fat box, maybe, where applicable AAA.

    I get a feeling it will be next years Beatles Mono Box or the recent queen box set, which I didn't touch with a barge-pole!
  21. No that's a Dylan song :tiphat:
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  22. SergioRZ

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    Soy Milk! :D
  23. Crazyhorse11

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    On points out in the comment section the following...not sure how credible it is though.

    "A Pink Floyd “Early Years” box is coming in late 2016. Floyd’s present-day engineer Andy Jackson has confirmed that he has just started work on it. The 6-song vinyl E.P. “copyright extension” set of two 7″ E.P.’s is a taster for the forthcoming box."

    SDE Reissue Preview for 2016 | superdeluxeedition »
  24. marigoldilemma

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    Then the question is, will the Early Years box be coincidental with a wider vinyl release of the catalogue? Man, I hope so. Mono Piper is #1 on my list, but an entire PF box would be so nice.
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  25. What's considered early PF ? Stopping just prior to Dark Side?

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