New Pink Floyd vinyl reissues

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by ptijerm, Apr 9, 2016.

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    Got it. Thanks
  2. Gordon Shumway

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    not Melmac anymore
    Hello forum,

    can you help me out here?
    I just discovered that I like the 70s Floyd.

    Currently I own this german '76 pressing of Dark Side and I have to say it is one of my finest sounding vinyls.
    I just touches me and sounds sooo amazing.
    One thing is for sure: I want more.

    Now the question arises wether it's smart to track down early german presses of AtomMother, Meddle, WishYouWere and Animals or should I go with the 2016 Grundman remasters?

    I am asking because I have the naive suspicion that "something" that I might feel in the music might got lost in the new remastering.
    Is this a valid concern ?
    Don't have knowledge about technical production/(re)-mastering.
    My fear is to miss out on the magic that only AAA vinyl can offer.

    One thought that crosses my mind lately is: "what's the point of listening to the 2016 remaster on vinyl. You could better listen to a remastered CD instead".
    I can't explain these thoughts.

    Maybe you could explain this issue to me..

    Thanks in advance
  3. lucan_g

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    Personally part of the question is how much money you want to spend? NM/M AAA copies of an album like Meddle can be very expensive and in pristine form hard to come by. IMHO, the Grundman of Meddle also sounds great. Animals is another that sounds really good to me -- but I'm not a AAA purist and so others will feel differently.

    As for why a digitally sourced vinyl as opposed to CD? I guess this depends if you can go in with open ears, or if you will go in being biased to hearing what you expect to hear. It also depends on your system. My turntable set-up is better than my CD player -- and so good vinyl always sounds better on my system. The mastering on vinyl is ofter not as compressed as well, and I find the Floyd remasters to sound very good. As always -- I care more about the sound coming out of my system -- than the source going into it.

    My 2 cents.
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  4. Gordon Shumway

    Gordon Shumway Well-Known Member

    not Melmac anymore
    I don't own a CD player.
    My Vinyl setup I would describe as middle class but I have nothing to compare it against.
    No audiophile special things involved here.

    Like you said, I have this suspicion that the remasters involve some part of digital process that will make the music sound cold and lifeless.
    That's just a fear I have.

    Budget is tight but I want the best bang of my buck.
  5. If you're looking for AAA don't bother with the 2016 remasters. Having said that, those remasters are generally quite good and many give them higher praise than that. The 2016 remasters were cut for vinyl so your listening experience between the vinyl format and CD will be different.
  6. Gordon Shumway

    Gordon Shumway Well-Known Member

    not Melmac anymore
    to be honest I am not exactly sure what AAA means. All Analoge Audio ? What does that mean? No digital circuits involved in recording and mastering?
  7. Ctiger2

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    You should track down originals.
  8. sharedon

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    AAA – A fully analogue recording, from the original session to mastering. Since at least the mastering recorder must be digital to make a compact disc, this code is not applicable to CDs. While it was originally intended that the code could be used for analog releases, which would have the final letter ″A″, this virtually never occurred in practice.

    SPARS code - Wikipedia
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  9. Gordon Shumway

    Gordon Shumway Well-Known Member

    not Melmac anymore
    What am I missing out on going the 2016 road instead of the AAA older pressings ?
  10. lucan_g

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    That’s individual. One thing you will be missing is excess snap, crackle, and pop.

    Oh... you will also be missing Stefve Hoffman Forum bragging rights.

    But you will gain great music at a very reasonable price. (Pro tip— grab Obscured By Clouds and Relics with the money you save.)
  11. Colocally

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    Surrey BC.
    That's all well and good, but would cost him a lot of money whereas the new copies are very good and can be picked up easily.
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  12. Gordon Shumway

    Gordon Shumway Well-Known Member

    not Melmac anymore
    I still don't understand the extra value audio wise of the older pressings.

    What is it that the AAA pressing offer over the 2016 remaster besides collectors value.

    Can the AAA originals make you hear the music differently ?
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  13. Chrsal

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    I have some older and original pressing of Floyd albums, but the 2016s sound great and are what I listen to now if I want to hear Floyd. They did an awesome job with them. I would love to see them do the same for the first two Gilmour and Waters solo albums. Don’t think I need another version of the same MLOR/DB concert.
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  14. dkurtis

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    The SHMF is about finding the best-sounding pressing of a specific title that fits your budget. While opinions differ on the specific best, there usually is a consensus on the top-tier releases. No one can own all of the pressings on any given title, but by the end of the thread, members will have compared the obvious contenders. Often, the current reissues will get you close to the best audio of an earlier released, yet unavailable and expensive pressing. That's what the 2016 reissue Floyd series does. There are many SACD/CD enthusiasts here that go through the same process to find the best digital release. Regardless of your format preference, the members here are knowledgeable and experienced. The threads are always a great read and you can then target the best product for your budget. It's one of the greatest recorded music sites on the internet.
  15. Channel Z

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    Dark Side Of The Moon now seems to be disappearing from major retailors. Walmart, Amazon have none in stock. Target has it and is selling for $59.99. There is still some on eBay for $30.00 or so now. Others are climbing up in price. Acoustic Sounds still have it at $29.99. Maybe a repressing is underway, but if you want this I'd spring for it now, to be safe.
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  16. eyeCalypso

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    Colorado, USA
    There will always be a repressing of DSOTM about to hit the shelves.
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  17. marcb

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    DC area
    Ignorance can be bliss and a little knowledge can be dangerous.

    If you don't even know what AAA means, I wouldn't spend time chasing it. All other things equal, the differences range from incredibly subtle to indistinguishable. More than likely you wouldn't be able to tell the difference the vast majority of the time.
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  18. Slick Willie

    Slick Willie Decisively Indecisive

    sweet VA.

    With the new ones you're getting one person's (James Guthrie) take on how they should sound vs how they were originally presented.
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  19. Gordon Shumway

    Gordon Shumway Well-Known Member

    not Melmac anymore
    ok, now I think to know a litte bit more.

    It‘s now doubtfull for me to assume I have the setup or the ears to chase AAA vintage pressings.

    What is the consensus about thr WYWH 2011 remaster vs 2016 remaster?
    Doug Sax vs Bernie Grundman
  20. Echoes Myron

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    They are both good. I recommend you just buy the whole Pink Floyd catalog on 2016 vinyl. They all are inexpensive, well mastered, and sound great.

    In the future you can seek out original copies of favorite titles like Dark Side of the Moon and Meddle.

    But let's put it this way:

    2016 Dark Side of the Moon: $30

    1973 UK Dark Side of the moon first press with
    A2/B2 in the deadwax in NM condition: $1,500
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  21. Gordon Shumway

    Gordon Shumway Well-Known Member

    not Melmac anymore
    I just received a 2011 Doug Sax WYWH copy.
    It was an impulsive eBay buy an I estimate that it‘s low risk because it can be easily sold (? true ?)

    The record looks okay to me but there are some strange stereo channel separation cut outs in Shine on pt2.
    The guitar moves to the left and the right channel cuts out for a splitsecond.

    My system runned fine for the last weeks. The stylus is clean.

    Is this an error in the mix? On purpose but irretating from D.Sax?
    Dont know.

    I will clean the record as good as a can an will further investigate.

    Do you notice what I am trying to describe in your 2011 copy as well?

    Compared to my 400010 German pressing it sounds a bit sterile. This might be due to all digital mastering (?)

    WYWH is my favourite album besides DarkSide so I already own an inexpensive older german version.
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  22. Classicrock

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    South West, UK.
    Most UK copies don't play quiet even if well cared for. For digital I think WYWH does come pretty close to the analogue cut with benefit of clean surfaces. I prefer my noisy in parts original Animals. The new More is better than any 70s press I have owned. Rest are close enough apart from DSOTM - seek out a very early UK pressing or the 40th Anniversary from 2003. I think the reissues are no brainer but obviously minty original UK pressings are the ultimate given pressing quality not always so great for much of the 70s. DSOTM is the major disappointment to me but if you don't have an A2/B2 or A3/B3 or the 30th to compare it's probably fine.
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  23. theMot

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    For how many millions of copies of Floyd albums there are out there it’s bloody hard to find clean originals. Such great albums that people have just played them to death over the years! Same story with all the great bands really. It’s often easier to find a somewhat obscure or niche album in true NM condition than Floyd, Beatles, Zep etc
  24. Classicrock

    Classicrock Forum Resident

    South West, UK.
    Also crazy over priced considering they are common. Even the solid triangle isn't exactly a rarity but anything in playable shape may be a challenge. People just played them on autochangers with heavy pickups and worn styli. Oh and didn't put Lps back in jackets etc. Most of the cream of used records had been trawled up by dedicated vinyl enthusiasts before the resurgence took off. Eventually more should hit the market again.
  25. Goldy

    Goldy Failed to load

    Not really. I find only the first pressings to be beat up more often, which I attribute to the theory they've been played more as the music was still new. Later vintage pressings are easy to find in very clean condition.

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