New quality presses of previously "unobtainably" priced records

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    I've picked up a few great re-releases recently that were previously unobtainable due to the prices, so I thought I'd share a few. And it'd be great to hear a few others!

    Almost Famous Soundtrack. This was previously going for $500-800. The new press is awesome. Silent vinyl. Beautiful tipon gatefold $50 for Special edition from Udiscovermusic: Almost Famous (20th Anniversary: Exclusive Vinyl Edition) (2021, Vinyl)

    Santana - Supernatural: All previous copies were $500+ . The new press is available for $50 on Amazon. Pressed on silent vinyl at MPO. Great mastering. Santana – Supernatural (2019, Vinyl)

    A Boy Named Charlie Brown: Originals all $100+. New press AAA cut by Kevin Gray $25: Vince Guaraldi Trio – A Boy Named Charlie Brown (2021, Vinyl)

    Kenny Burrell - Midnight Blue: All originals and any audiophile cut is stupid money. New AAA Kevin Gray press $25 - Kenny Burrell – Midnight Blue (2021, 180g, Vinyl)

    Kenny Burrell - Introducing Kenny Burrell: Originals are $500+. New AAA press is $35 when in print. Will be back in print shortly: Kenny Burrell – Introducing Kenny Burrell (2019, 180g, Gatefold, Vinyl)

    The Royal Ballet Performances - Original is STUPID money. New AAA presses is $75 and sound ****ing spectacular. In print from Acoustic Sounds. Ernest Ansermet, Orchestra Of The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden – The Royal Ballet Gala Performances (2016, Vinyl)

    Roger Waters - Amused to Death: Original is a $300 record. New AAA press is $55 - Roger Waters – Amused To Death (2015, 200 Gram, Vinyl)

    Lee Morgan - The Sidewinder. Original is between $500 and $700 on Discogs. New AAA Kevin Gray cut is $25. Lee Morgan – The Sidewinder (2020, 180g, Vinyl)
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    The album Paint a Picture by Fantasy is priced around £1,000. Early 70s prog.
    However my reissue ordered via Record Collector magazine has just arrived.
    Great sound and excellent album.
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    Kenny Dorham - mono Quiet Kenny: Original $1500+, ERC $700, Craft AAA Kevin Gray cut $80 (retail was $25)
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