New Record Day Review of Tekton Impacts good thing or bad thing

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Manimal, Aug 5, 2019.

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    I totally understand how you feel.

    There is good and bad in what Tekton does. The good is that he listens to his costumers and will make improvements when needed instead of setting on his hands for a couple of years before doing anything as most manufactures will do. I really applaud him for doing this but in the case of someone like yourself i can see how this could be bothersome. But you know you could like your speakers more than the so called improved model.

    I have the latest model of the Double Impacts which have the wider dispersion of the mid-range as opposed to the earlier model that had the more focused mid-range which means the earlier models had a smaller sweet spot. Depending on who you talk to many like the earlier model better.
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    One thing is certain - drama sells on YT.
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    Are they doing this for consumers? Seems more like they got busted and were forced into it based on how they handled the now removed emails. Total PR. What happened to NRD was using them as a sacrificial lamb and total fraud of a review. Now it’s all true. Maybe the rumored lawyer Tekton uses to sue everyone wasn’t as good he thought and Tekton had to make amends for their slander?

    LARGERTHAN Forum Resident

    If this New Record Day fella had any keenness for timbre and tonality, he'd probably stop talking.
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  5. Regardless of motive, at the end of the day, he called out some flaws in the speaker, which were substantiated and acknowledged by both consumer and designer alike. For the owners who never noticed and still like their product, carry on as all speakers have flaws regardless of cost.

    I recently bought a new 2019 VW Golf Sportwagen and the very next day..less than 24 hours later.. VW announced they were discontinuing the model. It's like they waited for my sale to go through, then pulled the plug!
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    It has nothing to do with the review being talked about. Tekton seems to have a habit of trying to please everyone thus making changes on the fly so to speak and this is where most of the criticism comes from. His speakers are good he just needs to believe it himself instead of trying to please every Tom, Dick and Harry.
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    Years ago i traded in my Land Rover 107 4 cylinder for a LandRover 107 with the new 6 cylinder which was supposed to be leaps and bounds better than the 4...... well time proved this to be false. This still bothers me decades later.

    As you mentioned no speaker is perfect. I question all reviews and reviewers i even question myself at times. I have heard the so called best and even the so called best cannot replicate the real thing, so flawed to my ears.
  8. New Record Day

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    If anyone has actual questions about how this all went down and aren't interested in speculation, I am happy to answer.

    FAQ Highlights:

    1. Yes, I accepted payment for the review a year ago and yes, that was a stupid decision.
    2. I am not going to change anything about how I feel about the speakers and no, another new review isn't going to pop up with golden record awards and bull$hit.
    3. Not everyone likes my past work and i've learned a lot since then. Ill continue working my ass off to provide as fair of a review as possible.
    4. Ive had my lawyer draft out a disclosure that needs to be signed before doing reviews so I don't end up in this kind of mess ever again.
    5. The conversation was not scripted and its the first time Eric and I have spoken since the last emails he sent to me. (No I wont be talking about those emails)
    6. I got sick and tired of reading the insanity in the comments section of the review which is the #1 reason I made the decision to pull it. (I did not engage with any of the comments).
    7. Do I like the drama in all this? No. I hate it. I have maybe gotten 3-4 hours of sleep each night since that dumpster fire of a review was posted.
    8. Am I still charging for reviews? No. This is the only (paid for) review in the history of my work. Lesson learned.

    Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

    PS: Im not sure if the 150hz blip CAN be the midrange considering the mid-woofer is crossed at 300-350hz. I am still exploring that.
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    I can tell you with certainty that the Harbeth 30.2 and the Raidhos are very neutral sounding speakers and fairly flat. So if you don’t do room treatments the sound will be tilted up to your personal preference in sound signature. Compare it to Bowers and Wilkins with a recessed signature above 5khz and you’ll think it sounds harsh. Harbeths are absolutely divine, specifically the 40th anniversary editions which are tuned to have less of a bass hump and also less of a bbc dip. No doubt characteristics of the excellent Harbeth Radian driver, the soft dome tweeter, and Alan Shaw’s refinement of the crossover.
  10. justanotherhifienthusiast

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    Why did you spend 15 minutes disparaging private emails with Eric in the first place? I understand you now know that you’ve made a mistake, but what was going on in your head when you decided to initially do it? Not trying to be hostile, I’m just genuinely curious.
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    TEA FOR ONE Forum Resident

    I give you credit for coming clean about accepting money to do a review. I had 2 problems with this whole situation.
    1- a manufacturer paying for a review.
    2- a reviewer taking money to do a review.
    You did the right thing by admitting your part.
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  12. Helom

    Helom I'll take the monkey coffins

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  13. Xarkkon

    Xarkkon Would you like a Custom Title?

    thanks for coming on to clarify. regardless of our views and our comments, additional colour and input is always helpful. I also appreciate it that you're not being defensive and are owning the mistake.

    Would it be possible to share your lawyer disclosure once it is drafted? I would be curious to know the do's and don'ts that you and the manufacturers will be agreeing on. I've had my doubts on some of your reviews in the past. This sharing of your rules of engagement would help us better understand the context of your opinion.
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    Biggest issues I had was of course being paid for reviews but most of all the review felt like punch back for some beef you guys had.
    Carry on and sin no more.
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    The impressions that I am getting is that the monkey coffin speakers work fine in small to medium size rooms but seem to fall short of being able to pressurise large rooms at high SPL's with strong dynamics.

    I don't see anything particularly special about the Tekton's, with the exception that they are in large cabinets, gorilla coffins, as it were. These increase the efficiency and enable more sound output to more effectively pressurise large rooms.
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    I was happy with my Zus, but am even happier after seeing this dumpster fire.
  17. avanti1960

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    exactly. they are more like club / PA speakers.
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    I have a pair of Zu, Omen Definitions that I bought used. They retailed for $3,200 new at the time and I bought them used on eBay for $2,500.

    While I think the Zu, Omen Dirty Weekend's are a excellent speaker for $1,000, I don't see anything particularly remarkable about the Omen Definitions. They sound decent and sound basically nice with tube amps and are 12-Ohms, so they are tube amp friendly, but are nothing really remarkable for the $3,200 retail price.
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    Check this wisdom out. In my opinion it’s like trying to find the perfect art for your wall. Enjoy
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  20. New Record Day

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    This was now the 3rd time filming the final thoughts. I had already finished the final review 3 weeks prior and was editing when he told me he changed the design. This alone was a PITA of having to go back and redo the video and now that he made the decision to kill off the speaker and didnt even tell me, I was at a loss. There were other ways to splice into my final review and communicate what needed to be said but in the end, I just made the decision to use his words, not mine. Had I jumped in and just said "well, actually the speaker hasnt just changed in design, its actually been killed off completely" it would have been effective but also damn confusing for the viewers. Instead, the only context I had for his reasoning is what he told me in email - so I made the call to just let him do the talking. In the end, it was unprofessional and not the right way to deal with it.

    Thanks, it was a mistake that I have learned from.

    Sure. I see no issues with that. Ill followup when I have it complete.

  21. justanotherhifienthusiast

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    Firstly, thanks for responding to me. I'm sure you've learned your lesson. No hard feelings.

    I've opined this opinion before, on your youtube comments but was never sure if you saw. Me and all my hifi friends agree that your older review style was better. The way you broke up the sound qualities into sections was easy to follow. I always found your little descriptions quirky and interesting. I've never heard anyone else say 'These little guys will transport you to treble town!" I miss that kind of verbiage. I don't think you need to try so hard when it comes to interviews and stuff. The KISS (Keep It Stupid, Simple) philosophy is the best when it comes to hifi.

    Too often people get emotional in this hobby... it should be fun! At no point in the review process should anything be a 'PITA' as you put it. It's my personal opinion out of all the 'Youtube hifi reviewers' out there you are probably #1 when it comes to video production quality and presenting what you're hearing in a easy to understand manner.

    Your review style reminds me a bit of Herb Reichart. If he was 40 years younger, maybe. Heh. He's quite a colorful character, and if he would do video reviews of his speakers, I'm sure the final result could look something like yours.

    Keep up the great work, Ron, all the best.
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    well link was not working......
    a friend of mine bought a pair of DI and I helped him set them up.....
    I thought they SUCKED, very harsh on top edgy as hell and the low end seemed undefined and they were wired out of phase from factory
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