New Santana album ""Blessings and Miracles" w/Winwood, Kirk Hammett, Rob Thomas, etc (??2021)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by pghmusiclover, Jul 6, 2021.

  1. jhw59

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    Rehoboth Beach DE.
    I liked the concert video. Shrieve was especially good.
  2. Chris Schoen

    Chris Schoen Rock 'n Roll !!!

    Maryland, U.S.A.
    Ya, Shrieve is the "youngster" of the band, at least from the original band.
    A buddy of mine from California, his cousin plays timbales (Karl Parrazo).
    Good people Santana is... :agree:
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  3. NJ Englishman

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    Bergenfield, NJ
    I agree. I absolutely adore Santana the band and think Carlos is a legend. Africa Speaks was excellent, I loved IV and Supernatural was a great comeback album, although he flogged the concept to death over the two subsequent albums.

    But I’m sorry… for me, sticking bongos and guitar licks all over A White Shade of Pale is like drawing glasses and a moustache on the Mona Lisa; I really didn’t like it. Think this is one Santana album I will be passing on.
  4. Hot Ptah

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    Kansas City, MO
    The Santana concert I saw in July, 2019, was one of the best concerts I have attended in 50 years of concert going. I will approach any new Santana album with hope and positive thoughts.
  5. agentalbert

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    San Antonio, TX
    Was interested to see Chris Stapleton sings on one of the new Santana songs.

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  6. Riktator

    Riktator Surfer of the Audio Waves

    Yawn. Really, Whiter Shade of Pale Carlos? Rob Thomas redux? Just sad. For a guy who has written and performed such amazing muscic to be reduced to this hurts. I was really excited for Santana IV and mostly liked it...can't say I'm much of a Neal Schon fan (post the first two Journey albums). Since that I usually try to give a listen but nothing has caught my ear since. I'd rather see him hook up with David Hidalgo and Louie Perez and push some boundries. That would be real.
  7. mattdm11

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    Cleveland, OH
    Not to hijack the thread, but what do Santana fans think of this track from Supernatural? I'm biased being a DMB fan but damn I think this is a killer track. Smooth as hell (sorry for the semi-pun).

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  8. jcarr73729

    jcarr73729 Forum Resident

    foobar2000 1.6.5 / Dynamic Range Meter 1.1.1
    Analyzed: Diane Warren / Blessings and Miracles (1)
    Santana / Blessings and Miracles (2-15)
    DR Peak RMS Duration Track
    DR3 -0.40 dB -6.33 dB 3:33 08-She's Fire
    DR8 -0.51 dB -14.50 dB 1:25 01-Ghost of Future Pull / New Light
    DR5 -0.40 dB -7.33 dB 3:18 02-Santana Celebration
    DR6 -0.40 dB -8.10 dB 3:56 03-Rumbalero
    DR6 -0.46 dB -8.04 dB 3:47 04-Joy
    DR4 -0.40 dB -6.12 dB 2:45 05-Move
    DR6 -0.40 dB -9.37 dB 4:54 06-Whiter Shade Of Pale (feat. Steve Winwood)
    DR5 -0.46 dB -8.02 dB 5:16 07-Break (feat. Ally Brooke)
    DR5 -0.46 dB -5.80 dB 4:40 09-Peace Power (feat. Corey Glover)
    DR4 -0.40 dB -5.66 dB 6:14 10-America For Sale (feat. Kirk Hammett & Marc Osegueda)
    DR5 -0.40 dB -7.83 dB 3:34 11-Breathing Underwater
    DR4 -0.40 dB -5.74 dB 4:35 12-Mother Yes
    DR7 -0.40 dB -8.57 dB 3:49 13-Song For Cindy
    DR6 -0.40 dB -9.16 dB 3:17 14-Angel Choir/All Together (feat. Chick Corea & Gayle Moran Corea)
    DR9 -0.40 dB -13.40 dB 1:47 15-Ghost Of Future Pull II
    Number of tracks: 15
    Official DR value: DR6
    Samplerate: 96000 Hz
    Channels: 2
    Bits per sample: 24
    Bitrate: 2573 kbps
    Codec: FLAC
  9. jhw59

    jhw59 Forum Resident

    Rehoboth Beach DE.
    DR6! Just like his last release. Very sad.
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