New Springsteen Album "Western Stars" June 14*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by FingerPickin'Triumph, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. siebrand

    siebrand Forum Resident

    I don't no why.
    really cannot explain.
    But reading your words I immediately thought of that superb "TEMPEST", during about 10/12 minutes...
    Listening to that song.... when it's over... the only thing I want to do is... listen to it another time...
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  2. siebrand

    siebrand Forum Resident

    that version (my opinion, of course...) simply seams ridicolous,

    if you compare it with this version of the Walkabouts ....

    take a listen to it...

    you will be dazzled

    by the way... Why nobody talks about the Walkabouts???
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  3. siebrand

    siebrand Forum Resident

    doesn't appear even the name of Bruce.....
  4. siebrand

    siebrand Forum Resident

    I do not like the sound of vinyls, especially when they are not "really well done", but, apart from here ...
    the longer the duration of the facade on 33 rpm ... and the less dynamic we find.
    It is known that, as a rule, an LP that does not exceed 15/16 minutes bu side, can enjoy a better DR.
    I wish all those choosing for the vinyl record that it wil be so.
  5. Dellarigg

    Dellarigg Forum Resident

    He's always been an artist who wanted hits, because the artists he admired had hits, everyone from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to Frank Sinatra, Elvis, and Johnny Cash. Hits = impact on the culture. What artist doesn't want that?
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  6. Dbstay

    Dbstay Senior Member

    I am impressed that the fact that the artist posted a photo of HIMSELF on HIS twitter account has ruined some lives here. This board is getting "too millennial".
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  7. RoyalPineapple

    RoyalPineapple Forum Resident

    Nothing wrong with weakness. It's human, it's relatable. It communicates.

    If there's anything I dislike about (many of) Bob's 21st century "cut and paste" songs, it's that there isn't a great deal of warmth or humanity shining through.

    Like most artists, he's at his most compelling when he let's his guard down.
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  8. FingerPickin'Triumph

    FingerPickin'Triumph Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Washington, D.C.
    the car alarm outside my house bothers me more than the Springsteen twitter pics.
  9. musicaner

    musicaner Forum Resident

    True. Tempest is about heroism. Nobody shows weakness, they walk right to their death. Not something Bruce could write.
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  10. DavidD

    DavidD Forum Resident

    And still you don't see why.
  11. INSW

    INSW Forum Resident


    The Rising?

    Johnny 99?

    Streets of Philadelphia?

    Dead Man Walking?
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  12. siebrand

    siebrand Forum Resident

    Don't know if Bruce could write such a song, but, Tempest, tolds us about people knowing they'll gone to die...
    The song "Nebraska" ? what does it talk about? :hide:
  13. Dr. Zoom

    Dr. Zoom Forum Resident

    Monmouth County NJ
    ...or 300 other songs
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  14. Dr. Zoom

    Dr. Zoom Forum Resident

    Monmouth County NJ
    Isolation. The dark place where people go when they get cut off from everything. In 2019, it could be about the guy who loads up on automatic weapons and mows down people in a school or nightclub. Sadly, it's every bit as relevant today as it was in 1982.
    It's why Nebraska is a timeless album.
  15. siebrand

    siebrand Forum Resident

    yes indeed...
    Now the jury brought in a guilty verdict and the judge he sentenced me to death
    Midnight in a prison storeroom with leather straps across my chest
    Sheriff when the man pulls that switch sir and snaps my poor neck back
    You make sure my pretty baby is sittin' right there on my lap

    That song tells us about someone knowing he'll die in short time. Isn't that the same in Bob Dylans "Tempest"?
  16. Dr. Zoom

    Dr. Zoom Forum Resident

    Monmouth County NJ
  17. stanlove

    stanlove Forum Resident

    Is he guilty of Cultural appropriation?
  18. stanlove

    stanlove Forum Resident

    Charles Starkweather
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  19. daveidmarx

    daveidmarx Forem Residunt

    Astoria, NY USA
    Therein lies the problem. In the '70s, Bruce was regularly turning in stone cold classic albums, and yet he'd describe them with the faintest of praise, usually as something he could just barely stand to listen to. Cut to 2019 and we get a Bruce describing his new album as "a jewel box of a record". Sheesh! I mean, I sincerely hope it IS, but could you imagine Bruce in 1975 describing Born To Run with those words? It just seems a little too much at times. Bruce hasn't made an album that I've personally wanted to play over and over since Magic (twelve long years ago). I'm hoping Western Stars will be a great record, but at this point the odds are stacked against it. All the flowery descriptors will not improve a mediocre record. But having said that, I really hope it IS a good album.
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  20. JoeF.

    JoeF. Forum Resident

    New Jersey, USA
    You make a very good point, but what I think is going on is that once someone embraces an artist, they are embracing that snapshot of the artist. What I mean is, people accepted and expected Bowie to be a chameleon-and they looked forward to his next moves. They may not have liked what he was into, but it wasn't a deal-breaker....because you knew he would do something different next time around.
    Back to Bruce, I personally know some female fans who were extremely put out that Bruce cheated on his first wife. Others when rumors emerged that he cheated on Patti with some Jersey girl about a decade ago. They were angry, almost as though Bruce cheated on them. That's because they bought into Springsteen's solid citizen/"good guy" persona and they felt he let them down. These same people could care less how many girls Mick Jagger has been with--married or otherwise--over the years. Why? Because they bought into the idea that Mick was a lothario and a cad and a ladies man and they accepted him that way. They could still enjoy his music.
    Bruce is locked in everyone's mind as this bard of "the workingman", a socially- conscious liberal who has never forgotten his roots, a hard-working showman who leaves everyone--not least of all himself--exhausted after every show.
    He can't stray to far from this.
    If it's revealed that he uses heroin, beats his wife, berates his kids, is a lousy tipper, or cheats on his taxes, he's through.....
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  21. JoeF.

    JoeF. Forum Resident

    New Jersey, USA
    Yes, that struck me too. Why is he telling us what to think of his album before we've even heard it?
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  22. walrus

    walrus Forum Resident

    Minneapolis, MN
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  23. adm62

    adm62 Forum Resident

    Toronto, Canada
    There are 2 or 3 posters, they know who they are (they are present and correct here), who run to any Springsteen thread primarily to slag him off, mainly because he is not as good now as he was in the 70s and 80s. They are like girlfriends who he cheated on. Check out the live downloads thread, lots of off topic postings, mainly negative and some of them have posted more than 100 times in that thread alone. It is extremely tiresome and I wish they would take a break.
  24. JoeF.

    JoeF. Forum Resident

    New Jersey, USA
  25. matt79rome89

    matt79rome89 Forum Resident

    I suggest using the "ignore" feature. It makes the Springsteen threads a lot better, however there are some users who toe the line for me seeing as they make decent posts on other topics. You're right though, it's really odd. There are a lot of people just angry with him and can't let it go. It's both sad and frightening they just can't stop saying the same thing over and over and over.

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