New Springsteen Album "Western Stars" June 14*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by FingerPickin'Triumph, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. INSW

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    To me it's a stronger version of Kingdom Of Days.
  2. JAuz

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    I really like the vocals, something that he did well on a few Magic songs (e.g. the way he sings "my poor Bill" on GITSC). Not sure of about the lyrics yet, but I'll have to let this one sink in. Good first impression though.

    When listening to the album this song will come directly before "Hello Sunshine", so we can put those together now.
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  3. RSteven

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    Brookings, Oregon
    I actually had no idea Bruce could sing like that is such a wide open upper register. I like it a lot, but do wonder how it would sound in a live concert setting. So far I am really digging the vibe of the whole album.
  4. DavidD

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    I seriously don't think Springsteen can duplicate this vocal, live. There is a big sound canvass, and instrumentals I wasn't expecting. I'll be curious to see how it sounds within the album context. I see this cut immediately precedes Hello Sunshine, so I'm off to see how it rolls together.

    Thanks for posting it up :tiphat:

    P.S. I really like the segue from song to song :righton:
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  5. INSW

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    Fifth time around Into it, as the kids say. The Glen Campbell/Jimmy Webb description seems pretty accurate so far.

    Far out.
  6. The Panda

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    Marple, PA, USA
    I like this better than Sunshine, but it is kind of MOR. Yea, I can't see him hitting these notes night after night.

    Some people here who I presume to know and care about him a lot than I said these vocals and songs are 5-10 years old. I guess I can't argue with that.
  7. INSW

    INSW Forum Resident

    It is a bit MOR, but the guy is 70. The vocals and production are interesting. I could definitely see him performing this on The Starlight Vocal Band's summer TV show.
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  8. ragged company

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    Cleveland, OH
    Working On A Western Dream

    How old is this stuff?? Hello Sunshine scratches newer territory than Here Comes My Miracle
  9. Turbo2k

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    I like it, beautiful vocals. But as a whole I think I prefer Hello Sunshine so far. Both songs makes me excited for the album.
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  10. PacificOceanBlue

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    The Southwest
    Has there been any indication that Springsteen is going to tour behind this project? I suppose it could be interesting to see him perform this material with a symphony backdrop (Rod Stewart certainly took the Songbook projects on the road by incorporating a Songbook set into his normal rock show), but I wonder how it come off if Bruce played a rock set, and then incorporated this MOR/Western extravaganza into his show.
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  11. INSW

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    Playing this with the ESB would give Soozie actual necessary parts to play.
  12. daveidmarx

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    Astoria, NY USA
    Is that still running? :confused:
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  13. mbrownp1

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    Ugh. Worse than the first track. Awful.
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  14. PacificOceanBlue

    PacificOceanBlue Forum Resident

    The Southwest
    True. I think if Bruce bypassed a big rock show, and played theaters like he did during the Joad/Dust tours, and presented this new material, as well as some of his other catalogue rearranged to fit this musical direction, he could conceivably pull off something unique and possibly musically rewarding. That said, such a tour would be costly to produce if he played with symphonys on a nightly basis, and he might not get the same fawning praise and reviews from the press and the public, but he took similar chances with the Joad, Dust, and Seeger tours, so it is not out of the realm of possibility.
  15. Dr. Zoom

    Dr. Zoom Forum Resident

    Monmouth County NJ
    My very early take is that this is nice, inoffensive music suitable for a dentist office.
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  16. PacificOceanBlue

    PacificOceanBlue Forum Resident

    The Southwest
    It could also make for an enjoyable elevator ride (back when elevators played music).
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  17. rs4951

    rs4951 Forum Resident

    I have often been fooled by a good lead single and Bruce has caught me out a more than once this millenium, so liking Hello Sunshine was tempered with memories of previous promises unfulfilled..and this second song...hmmm..I hope it is not one of the best two tracks on offer.
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  18. mr_spenalzo

    mr_spenalzo Forum Resident

    The ratings ended a few pages back, but I can't resist...

    For some context, I became a fan in 2002 when my dad gave me a copy of Nebraska. As a teenager in the 90's, I wasn't very interested in the man's music. I did like Born in the U.S.A. and Tunnel of Love before puberty (my dad took me to see him on the TOL-tour when I was 10).

    The Rising ★★
    First album released after becoming a fan, so I'm quite fond of it. However, looking at it objectively, it's a bit long with a few mediocre songs. A shorter album might have been 4-star.

    Devils and Dust
    The closest to a Nebraska released during my fandom. Bruce does understated really well.

    Seeger Sessions
    A fun little record. I love how loose this sounds. Saw him for the second time on this tour, 18 years after the first time.

    Might have got an extra star if it didn't give my ears migraine. Some really good songs (though also a few that are a bit wooden).

    Working on a Dream
    I can't remember the last time I listened to it, but do remember not being very impressed. 2 stars, because it feels wrong to give any Bruce record 1 star rating (which would put it among the worst of the worst of all time, and that would be a little severe).

    Wrecking Ball
    Haven't listened to this in ages either, but recall liking a fair few songs here (and sincerely disliking one or two... "Jack of all Trades" comes to mind)

    High Hopes
    A bit like David Bowie's Scary Monsters: some covers, some reworking of older songs going on, but the songs are just enjoyable, and maybe this isn't a popular opinion but for me his best album of the past 20 years.

    Looking forward to the new album. "Hello Sunshine" is a beauty.
  19. DBMartin

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    The Netherlands
    Hey, what happened to the new song? I can't find the video anywhere anymore!
  20. FingerPickin'Triumph

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    Washington, D.C.
    Stuck with work....have not heard yet and the links have all gone to link heaven.
  21. maccawings

    maccawings Forum Resident

    Jersey Shore
    It has a very 70’s feel to me IMO. Was able to grab it before they took it down. Already pre ordered iTunes so song should download at midnight
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  22. INSW

    INSW Forum Resident

    That's because you have not experienced the Wyoming night sky like Bruce and I have.
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  23. DBMartin

    DBMartin Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
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  24. let him run...

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    Colchester, VT USA
    How many amongst us, are consistently just one thing throughout our entire lives. Yeah, he's a rich suburban guy now, but not always. He was a relatively poor kid growing up. Anything any of us have been or have gone through still remains. It's not so easy to simply shed the skin of our past. Easy? It most likely impossible.
    You may see a rich suburban guy, when you look at Springsteen. I'll bet when Bruce looks in the mirror, that's not what he sees.
    As far as acting like a cowboy, I see folks all the time who dress like rock stars, wear sports jerseys, dress like high rollers, high rollers who dress down...all sorts of different things that they are not. Lots of cowboys! Most of whom have probably never sat astride a horse. It's clear Bruce has had a thing for the solitude of the American Southwest for decades. Top down, dirt roads, the whole nine yards.
    Motorcycle rides across a wide horizoned expanse, which might be as close as you get in 2019 to a cowboy on the open range.
    It's certainly a lot closer than the 5'9" 300lbs guy in the football jersey, eating a pizza all by himself, is to being a running back.
  25. Dr. Zoom

    Dr. Zoom Forum Resident

    Monmouth County NJ
    All fair points. I’m probably just jealous because I can’t pull off the cowboy look like he can.
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