New St. Vincent album ("Daddy's Home") to be released May 14th

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Tlaloc, Feb 24, 2021.

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    Finally; this is her first release of real original material since 2017's Masseduction.

    From Pitchfork:

    "St. Vincent has teased her next album with a poster campaign. The new record is reportedly called Daddy’s Home, and it reportedly drops May 14 via Loma Vista.​

    "Images of the teaser posters have been cropping up across social media platforms. They feature a blond Annie Clark standing in a maroon suit next to what appears to be an album cover. “St. Vincent is back with a record of all-new songs,” a text panel reads. “Warm Wurlitzers and wit, glistening guitars and grit, with sleaze and style for days. Taking you from uptown to downtown with the artist who makes you expect the unexpected.” The poster claims that the record will be available May 14."
    See the teaser posters here.
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    This is one of my most anticipated albums of the year. Can't wait to see how she follows up Masseduction, which wasn't my favorite of her releases so far, but was still a damn solid pop album. Apparently she took some influence from Stevie Wonder and Sly Stone this time around, so it should be an interesting listen.
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    Yeah her last record a gave some serious listens but never quite got into the way her other records grabbed me.. it just sounded like she got the pop producer and made the pop album.. wasn't all that interesting or surprising how it came out... but excited for this new one.. love that she is referencing Sly and Family Stone in the interview she did last year about the new record...
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    I've been investigating her for about five years but never got hooked until a couple months ago. Now I'm an obsessed major fan. This will be the first new album since I've been a fan. I'm curious how I'll feel about it.
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    Nowhere, man.
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    I got into her from Masseduction but I think it's not her best album (although she has no bad ones.) The others take some time to grow but I would rank them:
    Strange Mercy
    St Vincent
    Marry Me (I love this album but it really stands out among her best work as feeling a bit lightweight, still it has a couple of her all time best songs: All My Stars Aligned and Your Lips Are Red plus Human Racing if you're into that sound)

    I'm really intrigued by her 70s aesthetic and influences this time, I can't even imagine how it will sound. I will admit I'm a bit disappointed she's gone for another Jack Antonoff production but there's no denying he's quite versatile.
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    St. Vincent Teases 'Daddy's Home' Album via New Ad Campaign
    St. Vincent Teases 'Daddy's Home' Album via New Ad Campaign
    Advertisements point to her sixth studio LP arriving in May and its first single "Pay Your Way in Pain" is coming soon
    By Calum Slingerland
    Published Feb 24, 2021
    Late last year, St. Vincent revealed that a new album was "locked and loaded" for a 2021 release, and it appears some accompanying advertisements have revealed details of Annie Clark's sixth album ahead of time.

    An image of two album-related adverts circulating on Twitter, Reddit and other internet fan communities points to the arrival of a new LP called Daddy's Home on May 14 through Loma Vista.

    Channelling ad aesthetics of a bygone era, the posters promise "Warm Wurlitzers and wit, glistening guitars and grit, with sleaze and style for days." That copy certainly lines up with Clark's claim that the forthcoming disc will be "a tectonic shift" from 2017's MASSEDUCTION.

    Earlier this month (February 17), Facebook music community Indietrónica shared a larger version of the album's cover that appears in the poster's bottom right corner. The post claims that a single titled "Pay Your Way in Pain," produced by Jack Antonoff, will arrive March 5.

    It remains unclear where in the world the Daddy's Home posters were plastered, but you can take a peek at them below. Clark previously teased a new live show to accompany her new sound, whenever touring becomes a reality again.

    "My last tour was a whole bunch of production and high-concept video and razzle-dazzle and I can't go any further with that," she explained to Mojo last year. "I'm going to come down and just play. I don't think high-gloss sheen is going to be that resonant with people because it will feel very much 'let them eat cake.'"

    MASSEDUCTION's release was followed by a 2018 acoustic rework of the record called MassEducation, as well as a remix collection in 2019.

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    thanks so much for the info. can't wait. loved the last release in both it's iterations.
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    Looking forward to it. She's definitely one of the most interesting musicians around at the moment.
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    Heard a sneak peek of the first single today and it caught me right away. Some seriously slinky synth grooves on this one! Real futuristic Sly/Prince vibe, both in terms of the crazy layered vocals and the funk. Can't wait to hear the whole album!
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    Link to the sneak peek single sample? Please & thanks!
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    I'll second that, I've been dying to hear a bit of the new single.
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    I'm not too familiar with St. Vincent's music, but that poster is very clever in its homage to 70's advertising styles...
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  16. FingerPickin'Triumph

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    Pre-orders are up and the new single is playable on her web site - can't seem to get a link for the youtube url at this point.

    LP, cassette, picture disc and, yes, an 8-track.

    St. Vincent Official Online Store
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    Looking forward to this with curiosity. St. V is an interesting and undeniably talented musician who I've yet to really get on board with. Her early indie-adjacent stuff was solid enough but didn't really stand above the field it was playing in, while her later flirtations with a pop-as-commentary-on-pop feels a bit studied and clinical for me to actually enjoy it. I'm in my late 30s and I lived through the 1990s: I do not need any more ironic detachment in my life.

    I also think she played a significant part in utterly wrecking Sleater-Kinney.

    Frustrating because there are signs there that she can really rip, as this excellent Big Black cover shows -
  22. Greg Smith

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    Looks and Sounds like she's in the Young American's stage of her career, I'm liking the new song....Can be frustrating as an artist, but she most definitely has 'it' and will last the pace.
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    They played the new single on BBC 6 Music earlier. I liked it on first listening. Very electronic and a bit left-field as you would come to expect from Miss Clark.
  24. IHeartRecordsAz

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    Well I was absolutely NOT expecting an 8-track version of this album. She’s definitely taking the “73-74” vibe seriously, then, which I hope is a good thing when it comes to the music.
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    Just posted this in the St. Vincent thread, but maybe it should go here...


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