New 'Star Trek: Discovery' TV Series a Go at CBS All Access*

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by dirwuf, Nov 2, 2015.

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    I'm also very concerned about which universe will be utilized. If it's the one in which Abram's movies were set in, I very probably won't watch it. Because those movies weren't Star Trek movies to me - instead they were slick action/adventure movies that just happened to use ST characters, ships, etc. :shake: (sheesh, the bridge of the Enterprise looked like some kind of upscale hair salon. :rolleyes: And a cadet barely out of the academy being made captain - what the heck?).
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  2. I suspect, regardless of what universe they belong to, that Paramount will put pressure n them to adhere to what made the series so successful. Now that could be a bad thing as well--Paramount did the same thing with Enterprise and it screwed up the first year and half of that series. They could also err to far on giving the show runners too much leeway and we could end up with the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
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    Never gonna happen for a host of reasons, not least of which is that most of the cast are poor actors.
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    I wonder what non-human, non-emotional character (who's really the most "human" of all) they'll have this time, to replace Spock/Data/Odo?
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    Donald Trump?
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    You saying that Trump is "the most human of all"?! Egad! :p

    But seriously, it might be time to go back to a Vulcan first officer, perhaps a full-blood Vulcan.
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    A little backup of what I mentioned earlier about Trek's global success - during an earnings report conference CBS president and CEO Les Moonves made the following comments regarding international plans for extended distribution:

    "All the series have done well in terms of streaming. Added in to that, Star Trek is a huge international franchise. Our international distribution guy is going crazy; he can't wait to get out to the marketplace and sell that.

    Right away, we're more than halfway home on the cost of the show from international alone. The risk is small in seeing the track record. We think it'll be great and bring in a lot more subscribers. We're really excited about it.

    [The new show is] world-class effort that will make all "Star Trek" fans proud."
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    For me to consider watching this it has to -

    1. Have all new plots and new characters. Okay I'll settle for 95% all new plots at least. Just no reboots/re-imaginings.

    2. No appearances from other past show members - ESPECIALLY TNG cast as no one wants to see their heroes old and fat. Plus half of them weren't that good anyway.

    3. No knowing winks to other tired material.

    4. Less politics and more action/drama.

    Just want some new and original stuff to come from the Trek universe.

    Won't happen though.
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    I pretty much disagree with everything you've said.

    There are no new plots, only new ways of telling old plots or storylines. And it's a given that there will be new characters.

    While I don't necessarily want this to happen, I would be okay with seeing Picard or Worf again in a limited capacity. They both hold up well to this day.

    Continuity isn't a bad thing.

    Strongly disagree on that one. Political intrigue has always played well both in TNG and especially in DS9, so bring it on.
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    I am somewhat a fan of NEXT GENERATION STAR TREK, but not sure they can pull this off.

    The movies were far too glitzy at the expense of characters and maturity.
    Not sure trek can survive anymore.
    The TV world and we as people have changed too much in the last 15 years.

    No matter what they end up doing it will not appeal to many.
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    A bit of satire that nicely sums up the reaction of many Trek fans since the announcement.
    "Dear CBS:

    How dare you?

    Don’t you realize that the most stress-inducing, anxiety-provoking, cruel thing that you can do to a Star Trek fan is to announce that you are going to give us a new Star Trek series?

    I speak for all Star Trek fans (as will the next guy who comes along, albeit with totally different views) when I say that we know exactly what we want in a Star Trek series. We want it to be socially relevant, action-packed, and set during Captain Kirk’s original five-year mission. Except that we also want it to be not-too-preachy, not-too-much-action, and set one hundred years after the Dominion War.

    There is one thing that we all know, with 100% certainty, and that is this:

    You are going to **** it up.

    For this reason, we demand that you cancel the new series now, 14 months before we will ever see what it might have looked like.

    In the few short days since you announced the new series, you have thrown small pockets of the internet into total chaos. See for yourself! (We apologize in advance for ultra-nerdy made-up terms like “nuTrek,” “Abramsverse,” and “JJTrek.” Try to sift through that **** as best you can.) Fans have rushed to their keyboards to correct other fans as to what is or is not “real” Trek. And whatever it is, you don’t get it.

    We now have more than enough information to know that this series is going to be ****.

    CBS. January 2017. Alex Kurtzman.

    The evidence is damning. The utter disrespect of the fan base is staggering. We know everything we need to know to make our decision now. As one true fan on a Star Trek website put it -- one day after CBS made the announcement -- “I'd rather reject it now, and hope many fans agree that this is likely a decline in quality for trek, and not a sign of improvement.” And he is exactly right.

    Start Trek preached IDIC, or Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations (actually, that was just a slogan that Roddenberry made up to sell some ****ty jewelry to the fan base, but that’s not the point). I’m here to tell you that what Star Trek fans really want for the new series is ND;MC (No Diversity; My Combination). In other words, each fans knows exactly what he or she wants, and we will accept no compromises. How can you tell what a Star Trek fan wants? You won’t even have to ask, because they won’t shut up about it. But the psychology behind it is this:

    Remember when you were younger and awkward and you didn’t have a lot of friends and you first discovered Star Trek? THAT is the best Star Trek ever, and the only hope for the franchise is to duplicate it, indefinitely. Short of the passage of time, you, CBS, are responsible for our inability to recapture our youth and happiness.

    Also, we demand quality. Star Trek has a long history of impeccable drama and story-telling. We will accept nothing less than stories about things like: the captain’s dog pissing on a tree, a crew member’s brain being removed to manage an entire planet while his body walks around by remote control, the annoying alien cook accidentally jamming up the warp engines with cheese, intergalactic hopscotch, falling into the bushes and being sentenced to death by half-naked people, going faster than Warp 10 and turning into lizards, etc. The bar has been set very high, and we are not going to let you **** it up.

    And what’s up with charging us 6 bucks a month?

    We Star Trek fans are not used to being gouged for money by corporate money-grubbers, by selling us the same DVD ten times over, for example, or an Enterprise shaped cheese-cutting board, or the aforementioned ****ty jewelry. We won’t stand for it.

    In summation, and let me be clear:

    We want it for free.

    But first, we want you to cancel it.

    If you don’t think we can make your life miserable, please see the many, many signatures below this petition. Can you imagine if all of us, at the same time, refused to watch the new series? That will hit you where it hurts.

    Technically, you are getting off easy with this petition. If you fail to respond to it, our next move will be to begin to certify a class of people for a class action lawsuit against CBS. The intentional infliction of emotional distress that you have already caused since your announcement on Sunday is inexcusable.

    Stop the bleeding.

    Cancel the show."
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    Okay I see, you want a boring unoriginal show that just rehashes old plots and characters.

    Maybe you should stick with the old DVDs? That seems exactly what you want. Maybe a night in watching all the really exciting "Troi has a headache!" episodes?:laugh:
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    I think someone overestimated the power of Star Trek to draw an audience especially one willing to pay for watching this latest abomination.
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    There have been over 700 Star Trek episodes and you want plots that haven't been done before? The key is how well the plots are executed, not how original they are.
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    Strawman much?

    And maybe you should stick to mindless action flicks like Transformers?
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    Sorkin dialogue with space ships and phasers? That sounds absolutely horrible.
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    It was a joke...
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    Okay, that's good. ;)
  23. "We want it for free". I don't work for free.
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    Welcome to the Star Trek fandom.

    4 years of "GIVE US MORE STAR TREK" post-Enterprise and Abrams did just that in 2009, with the bonus of making it using characters everyone already loves. Cue the vocal minority of rabid Trekkies: "you erased the prime universe!" (nope), "this is nothing like the tv show" (no, but it's like the movies; you remember Wrath Of Khan, right? the movie with a REVENGE ACTION PLOT punctuated with moments of Kirk pondering his mortality) "where's my canon?" (ugh.)
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    The rebooted movies are just generic action flicks set in space. To be fair, many of the previous Trek movies weren't exactly stellar either, but they were closer to that indefinable Trek essence. Which perhaps reinforces the oft voiced truism that Trek works best in the medium of episodic TV.
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