New Tom Petty album dropping "Wildflowers - All the Rest"

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Brian Gupton, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. RC1

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    Tulsa, OK
    Haven't seen that, could be
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  2. Eric Weinraub

    Eric Weinraub Forum Resident

    I went f'ing all in and pre ordered the 9LP set. I bought the 3lp as well to tuck away... this is one of the music buying moments we'll be talk about for years.
  3. lonelysea

    lonelysea Ban Leaf Blowers

    The Cascades
    I’ll probably spring for the two CD version, hoping the remastering is good. I’m familiar with the album and think it’s great, but not nine LPs and $200+ great.
  4. jumpinjulian

    jumpinjulian Forum Resident

    They always try and gouge us Aussies.
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  5. Instant Dharma

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    CoCoCo, Ca
    Well Archives 2 is supposedly out in November. Sorry Tom Neil trumps all. Lol. What did I do there. ;)
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  6. cwitt1980

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    Carbondale, IL USA
    As noted. I see that now.
  7. WarEagleRK

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    Chattanooga, TN
    I didn't know about the Band's Stage Fright or the Neil Young one. This is an expensive time to be obsessed with music.
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  8. WarEagleRK

    WarEagleRK Forum Resident

    Chattanooga, TN
    Well it is Neil's archives, you might have to wait until the next election year before it actually comes out.
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  9. Sigma6

    Sigma6 Forum Resident

    Agree, however this is on another level!!
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  10. Sigma6

    Sigma6 Forum Resident

    Michael Fremer is claiming the whole set is mastered from analog tape:

    "Arriving October 16th in multiple formats and configurations, Wildflowers & All the Rest features the original 1994 Wildflowers album, newly re-mastered and cut directly from the original ½” analog master tapes by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering and pressed at Record Industry in The Netherlands, plus unreleased tracks, solo demos, live performances, alternate versions and more—all cut from analog tape." (my emphasis)

    Tom Petty’s Wildflowers & All the Rest All Analog Box Set Cut From ½” Master Tapes Coming October 16th From Warner Records

    He was asked to do QA on the test pressings.

    "The sound is uniformly 10-11 on the AnalogPlanet sonic scale." "Like all great analog (unlike digital), the louder you crank it, the better it sounds."

    As confirmed by @ryan de topanga, only the original album is cut from tape.

    Maybe Michael can't tell the difference between analog and digitally mastered vinyl as he claims.
  11. musicforlife

    musicforlife Member

    Great to finally see a release date for this great album and for the various editions for this release. Thank you to everyone involved.

    I tried to order the Ultra Deluxe Edition from the TP site but shipping to Australia is $110 USD that is around $150 AUD that brings the total price to around $900 + GST

    Warners Australia taking the p1ss now, 7LP Duluxe Ed = $700.00 AUD, 3LP Ed = $150.00 AUD the Super Deluxe version not available from Warners site....

    Why do us Aussies keep getting scr3wed on these releases....
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  12. PTgraphics

    PTgraphics Senior Member

    That Pono version really is great.
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  13. ryan de topanga

    ryan de topanga Forum Resident

    Topanga CA USA
    Just checking on today's comments.

    1) The live version of "Walls" was so good, and fit into the setlist so well, that we all decided to include it, even though it technically isn't a Wildflowers-era song.

    2) Just the original album was recut form the original 1/2" masters. Everything else was cut from my digital stereo masters (since I mix "in the box" in Pro Tools). The one thing I do that is different than everyone else I know, is that I actually bring my Pro Tools rig into mastering with Chris and we cut from that. That way we can adjust any individual element of the mix when we're mastering. Better control than just using EQ, compression and level.

    3) The 2496 Pono Wildflowers has the same EQ and level as the new 2496 Wildflowers. It should sound essentially the same. If you liked that, you'll like this.

    4) Disc 2 has remixes of California, Hung Up And Overdue, Hope You Never. The version of Climb That Hill, however, is a different, earlier version than the one on She's The One. It was was cut during the Wildflowers sessions along with those other songs.
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  14. windfall

    windfall Senior Member

    Still nothing moving on Warner European site. You would have thought they would at least try and coordinate these things. It's irritating, this assumption that the only people who care about Tom Petty's music are Americans.
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  15. joe1320

    joe1320 Forum Resident

    dublin, ireland
    Hopefully they list both five CD set and nine vinyl set too,
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  16. jumpinjulian

    jumpinjulian Forum Resident

    Judging by the outrageous prices and lack of the 5CD and 9LP versions on the Warner’s Australian site, you might end up being as out of luck as we are.
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  17. FJFP

    FJFP Host for the 'Mixology' Mix Differences Podcast

    I remember the crazy Aussie prices with AAT too - the EU ones weren't too bad I don't think (still more than US though...). Time will tell. As long as they don't reflect the crazy price Amazon is charging for the 7LP.
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  18. windfall

    windfall Senior Member

    There's no way I am going to miss out on the 5 CD so I will order from the US if I have to and sell some stuff to fund it!
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  19. Kiss73

    Kiss73 Forum Resident

    Looking at Warners Australia store, they are just stocking the same selection as Amazon. So no 5CD set, No 9 LP set.

    Having slept on this I suspect that if Warners Europe don't stock the 5CD, I will just give this set a complete miss. One thing about lockdown is I have been enjoying the music I have and it has really made me start questioning what music I need to buy going forward and an incomplete 4CD Wildflowers set doesn't seem to fit into that criteria. I keep my fingers crossed at the moment though that Warners Europe comes through
  20. FJFP

    FJFP Host for the 'Mixology' Mix Differences Podcast

    Good to know we're both in the same boat here!

    On the plus side, weren't EU people that ordered from the US getting it early with AAT?
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  21. Sex Lies And Master Tapes

    Sex Lies And Master Tapes Gaulois réfractaire

    Nantes, France
    According to the TP website, it's a 80 pages book :

    5 CD - Wildflowers & All The Rest – Super Deluxe Edition
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  22. FJFP

    FJFP Host for the 'Mixology' Mix Differences Podcast

    These Big Books are what draw me to the SDE versions of sets. I love looking at them, especially with a Track-by-Track like this one. The photos are always a big selling point too. It's why I got the CD/BluRay Abbey Road SDE over the Vinyl last year (though I eventually got that 3LP set for £19 on Amazon!). The 9Lp set probably doesn't need to be over £200 though, but I'd rather have it than not, and it's not going to be discounted...

    @ryan de topanga do you have any idea about the packaging? I'd love to know if this size wise matches the An American Treasure vinyl box.
  23. RJD1954

    RJD1954 Forum Resident

    Perth, Australia
    Yeah, I am wondering how much I’d get for the missus. Probably not enough...
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  24. The Killer

    The Killer Dung Heap Rooster

    The Cotswolds
    Same, I'm not missing out either so I ordered it from Warner, pretty sure I did this before and it ended up shipping from Warner EU.
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  25. FJFP

    FJFP Host for the 'Mixology' Mix Differences Podcast

    If it's not up on the EU store by EoD I might just place the US order... I can always cancel.

    @windfall if you don't have an account there yet, sign up first, and they send you a 10% off code!

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