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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by marmil, May 22, 2023 at 1:38 PM.

  1. marmil

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    I need a new mat for my Rega 25. I had been using a VPI cork mat until it started to disintegrate. Then I used an Achromat for a couple of years until it started making sounds like my cartridge was dragging on the record (it wasn't). So right now I'm using nothing which I'm pretty sure is not a good idea. Any thoughts?
  2. Dino Villani

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    Check out Music Directs website, they have a couple on sale, open box..acromat by funk firm. I know you’ve tried them before but they are nice mats. Maybe worth another look. I have one on a vintage arxa and a vpi scout II and have had good luck with how they sound. Other than that, I have had nice luck with Ringmat Development , a little odd and lean but puts the cork where you need it on the record. Also from music direct. Good luck.
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  3. jupiterboy

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    I've been through a few recently trying to find something. I have an acrylic platter, and ended up keeping a Hanenite rubber mat from Japan. It may be too thick (3mm) if you don't have a VTA adjustment or way to raise and lower the tonearm.
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  4. Davey

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    I think it is actually 4mm thick so likely won't work well on a Rega with limited room for adjusting tonearm height, but for other users that can use the thickness, the Ultima THT-291 from Tokyo Bouon is a highly recommended mat, the hanenite rubber does seem to avoid most of the normal pitfalls of rubber mats ... Replacement Mat for Technics 1210gr

    I like silicone foam (not the normal ones made of silicone solid rubber) for mats so might investigate a Herbies Way Excellent mat in 2mm thickness for a Rega, albeit it is kind of expensive for what you get. I like to support the record with minimal damping, so wool mats work great in that regard when new, but static is a big issue for many users.
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  5. Dhreview16

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    Folks have different preferences, but Rega recommend that you don’t use mats on their decks, save for the felt ones that come with them.
  6. imsjry

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    At least with my Thorens TD-147, I replaced the original rubber mat with a Herbie's and I can't say it helped to decrease static or changed the sound any. Nice looking and feeling mat though!
  7. flvet

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    I like my Origin Live mats. I use one on my Origin Live TT and one on my VPI Classic 1. Very thin (1mm) which may work well on your Rega.
  8. Mr. Dean

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    Check out HiFi Heaven they carry all the colors of the Rega wool mats.
  9. KT88

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    Get a felt mat. All Rega dealers have access to Rega mats, black or in various colors. I encourage you to support your local Rega dealer rather than the usual online suspects.
    - Bill
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  10. 80smusicsean

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    I am giving up on acrylic mats. I have been using cork, but just recently learned about leather mats and felt mats. I don't see anyone recommending leather, though. I feel like leather would provide some benefits of the softness of felt, but also durability.
  11. KT88

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    That would be my next choice besides felt for platters that don't need a lot of damping. The felt is the ultimate isolator, and leather has a similar weight and density, but it is solid unless it has a thick suede and that side is up. With a tough hide side up, I'd say that its surface durometer would be similar to rubber. Another primary advantage to felt is of course cost.
    - Bill
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  12. Mr. Dean

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    I tend to agree but there are those of us that don't have a " local" Rega dealer. Me, being one myself.
    Sometimes the "usual suspects" are quite good and offer great customer service. HiFi Heaven included.
    My last two dealings with them have been outstanding. One with warranty service on a Rega MC cartridge
    and the other involving a trade for a new Rega P8.
  13. KT88

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    One reason why many people complain about not having a local Hi-Fi dealer or a local record shop is that business has declined for them over the recent years and they had to close shop (not picking on you, just pointing out a trend). I am constantly praised for maintaining my shop despite decreased sales volumes from "the good old days". They have some place to go and pick-up what they need, get advice, and have things repaired. Occasionally, people even buy Hi-Fi gear...
    - Bill
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  14. Boltman92124

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    Do you ship some products Bill? Would love to give you some biz out here on the West coast!
  15. KT88

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    I have really cut back on that. Way too much headache and credit card fraud these days. I do sell to people whom I trust and who call to speak with me in person. I always help out in some way and offer a much more personalized service without the BS and traps found elsewhere. You can always PM me to get started on a conversation if you like. I appreciate your interest and kindness.
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  16. Emergency Whiskey

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    If you have humidity-related static problems, a leather mat can be a good choice. I switched to one for a while, and while it didn't completely remove the static, it was a very noticeable improvement.
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