New warnings on China-made electronic devices

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by ghost rider, Mar 11, 2018.

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  2. It's only a Citation/Misdemeanor. In certain Cities (SLO is one of them, so I followed this while it was developing). Not all of California.

    .... so far. Give it time. It will be everywhere in this State (and I thought plastic was recyclable - mostly water bottles. Guess what? SLO outlawed those on all City Owned Property - including the Downtown Farmer's Market on Thursdays). Now they are putting drinking water into CANS. SMH.

    It may make Felony status someday.
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  3. Michael

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    what's the problem? how did it get that bad? I'm like blown away with some of the laws in California...such a beautiful state. I always wanted to live there.
  4. ghost rider

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    So anything with a IC chip or a circuit board will get a warning in California. I guess modern life come with a risk.
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    A felony? You’re grasping at straws! :D
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  6. Can't get into it due to Forum rules.....
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  7. showtaper

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    And these warnings are generated by corporate lawyers and risk analysis experts. It's designed to limit liability.
  8. Michael

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    Gotcha. : )
  9. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    we're done with this...and I meant no disrespect to you or any other forum members from California.: )
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  10. jamesmaya

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    Mudwest, CA
  11. Michael

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    indeed. : )
  12. JNTEX

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    oil based?
  13. Hell on Reels

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    I predict similar labeling on bottles of dihydrogen monoxide
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  14. EdogawaRampo

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    Damn well about time. That can be some dangerous stuff -- blistering vapors, can cause episodes of choking when not handled properly. Needs a label and a disclaimer and directions on proper use and handling.
  15. Richard Austen

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    Once again the problem comes down to allowing corporation to have the rights of a person but whom can't be punished. This isn't a China issue - this is a global issue and occurs in the US all the time.

    Do you yourselves in the US a favour and watch this video from 1hour 30 mark to 1:40 - forget worrying about some amplifier from China - worry about what you and your kids are drinking. Then after you watch that 10 minutes start from the beginning.

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  16. quicksrt

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    As you reached for the plastic remote control unit for your big screen tv.......
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  17. Strat-Mangler

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    Simpler than that...

    As is finished typing on his Made In China plastic keyboard... ;)
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  18. ghost rider

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    I know the movie well and is related to this issue. It's another symptom of our modern insubstantial life style. This specific warning I posted about likely won't effect most of us. Most electronics most be recycled and is bought up by smaller corporations and or entrepreneurs that take it to 3rd world countries where unwitting workers with no other economic options cook it down separating all the metals to be resold by their employers. So it's those workers that will pay the price, hopefully a inexpensive way for them to protect themselves will be developed.
  19. ShallowMemory

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    You know the worrying thing about such an attempt to cope with endless warnings is we then ignore those that truly matter.
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  20. eddiel

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    lol. At a local grocery store they have these green handheld shopping cart thing. Had them for ages. Then one day I notice a sign that said "Please do not put babies and children in the green handheld shopping cart" (or something similar to that). I wondered what ***** had done just that, thus necessitating a warning sign.
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  21. Rolltide

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    I'd say the good news is the warnings that matter are a little more self-evident and rarely require the warnings. I think its easy to spot "artifacts of litigation" vs. necessary warnings about safety.

    That said, I spent a few minutes searching for an example of a legitimate warning and came up empty. I guess it depends on how one looks at it - I suppose if even one person thinks it might be a good idea to let their toddler play with a plastic bag, the warnings are necessary?
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  22. jh901

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    With any luck, CA will split into two States.
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  23. jh901

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    Burns when heated. Did you know it will steam at about 212 degrees?
  24. Otlset

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    Make cheap. You buy!
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  25. dirtymac

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    Yeah! Stupid warnings on cigarettes! Like cigarettes ever hurt anyone!

    Also, *weak*.
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