Newbury Comics - Buy 2, Get 1 Free On Clearance Items

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    I believe it's through the end of the week, but orange stickered items are buy 2, get 1 free.

    I found many great records in the sales bins, including:

    How Will The Wolf Survive Los Lobos reissue

    Paul Simon's In The Blue Light

    Dexter Gordon Live At The Playboy Jazz Festival put out for RSD last year.

    Boz Scaggs Out Of The Blues

    Thank You, Rock Fans!!, a Marshall Crenshaw album released exclusively to vinyl.

    And more..., as they say.
  2. felvis

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    In-store only, right?
  3. PB with J

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    Well, they have a 20% off online only for January 30 and 31, 2019 - so I assume the clearance is in-store only, as there does not seem to be a clearance choice on the website.
  4. felvis

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    Yeah, I was hoping that I missed a link. There are some nice deals online.
  5. MYKE

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    Facebook just informed me, so I'm sure looking...
  6. AnalogJ

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    Salem, MA
    This is in-store only. Each store's bins vary from store to store. I went to the Harvard Square and Peabody stores. Each store had 3-4 deep bins of clearance records. The Norwood store, much farther away from me, has many, many clearance bins, plus records scattered within the standard bins.

    But, unlike Bullmoose, Newbury Comics doesn't ship from store to store, nor store to consumer.

    Their retail prices tend to be above MSRP, and higher than Bullmoose. But the sale prices are anywhere from 20% to occasionally over 50% off. With this sale, you buy two and the lowest priced one is free.

    At the Peabody store, they had the LP box set of Led Zep's How The West Was Won for $100, having retailed for $160. They had the Buffalo Springfield box set (at about what Amazon now sells it for, but if you can find more expensive sets, it would be a good deal).

    I noticed that Harvard Square had The Concert For George.

    Anyway, the sale runs through Sunday (and it includes any clearance items in the store - clothing, novelties, etc).
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