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    When it comes to capturing what's on a master tape for archival purposes, it makes sense to capture at the highest sample rate and bit depth as possible, also bearing in mind source limitations. But yes, further mastering of that transfer is where a release can fail or shine.

    I have heard wonderful recordings that were made at a time when 44.1kHz and 48kHz were the limitations of the equipment used, as well as awful recordings made using much higher specced systems... I'm most certainly not a sample rate snob :D
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    Yes, 48kHz might still be marginal for some (OK by me,) but 88.2 and up should be fine.
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    Speaking of digital... is the 2013/14 Five Leaves decent on vinyl? I've been holding off, but don't really want to go to the ends of the of the earth to track down a clean analog vinyl pressing either....
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    In my opinion yes it is. Certainly the copy I have (Back to Black series) is a quiet and flat pressing with nice clarity. I paid £13 - what's not to like?
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  5. Yes, I've already this. The reissue is better than the earlier AAA Fruit Tree. The latter sounds a little bit boxed in and closeted compared to the reissue. Or put another way, you can't tell the reissue is sourced from digital.
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    Drake tapes are at Abbey Road I believe. US copy tapes may have been in that fire. Who knows? I'm sure there are production masters of a lot of that stuff presumed lost as Universal are clueless.
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    Agree. No way it sounds digital (FLL).
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  8. I know Nick's entire catalog got a DSD transfer in the early 2000s - that is how the compilation SACD was created. I believe an earlier 24/96kHz PCM transfer was made for the earlier CD remasters.
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