Nicolas Cage.....why does a talented actor, who had a promising start end up acting in B movies.

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    Thanks - I embarrassed myself. :)
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    Man, his career was on life support when Pulp Fiction came out. Within 3 years, he was in the $20M club.

    Pulp Fiction (1994) $150,000
    White Man's Burden (1995) $500,000
    Get Shorty (1995) $4,250,000
    Broken Arrow (1996) $8,000,000
    Phenomenon (1996) $8,000,000
    Michael (1996) $12,000,000
    Face/Off (1997) $20,000,000
    Mad City (1997) $20,000,000
    Primary Colors (1998) $17,000,000
    A Civil Action (1998) $20,000,000
    The General's Daughter (1999) $20,000,000
    Battlefield Earth (2000) $10,000,000 + Profit Points
    Lucky Numbers (2000) $22,000,000 plus 20% of gross
    Swordfish (2001) $20,000,000
    Basic (2003) $15,000,000
    Ladder 49 (2004) $20,000,000
    Be Cool (2005) $20,000,000

    Actor John Travolta [The Movie Times] - Box Office, Movies, Gallery, Biography, and more
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    Cage was never my favourite but I always recognized his undeniable talent. Strangely enough, I haven't seen many films praised on this thread yet.

    Another good example of a great actor with a ton of mediocre films - Samuel L. Jackson.
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    One of my favorite movies.
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    Dare we mention darling of the cinema Robert Downey Jr. who most people thought was on the way to the nut hatch when Ironman came along.
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    Vampire's Kiss will always be the greatest movie ever made.
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    In the '80s, he was so charming and quirky. I loved him in Valley Girl, Peggy Sue Got Married, Moonstruck, and Vampire's Kiss. He reminds me a little of Melanie Griffith who was so charming and quirky in her '80s films like Something Wild, Body Double and Working Girl, and then Hollywood tried to turn her into a conventional leading lady while trying to downplay her quirkiness. I think Cage was able to transition to action hero and leading man better because he had a number of hits like Con Air, The Rock and the National Treasure films. But I prefer his '80s films.
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    I enjoy several of his movies, some are really good also, but...and this is the one thing that irks me about Cage, he always seems to be "Playing himself", you know, when an actor kinda falls into a way of acting that never radically changes, and they are not aware they are doing the same looks and gestures in every movie.

    I never fully believe he IS most character, but see him as Nicholas Cage trying to act like a character.
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    He's got handful of great movies and a truckload of crap movies. Very good actor though and an oscar winner.
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    An actor of approximately the same vintage as Cage (and an occasional co-star) who's in the same boat is John Cusack... like Cage he still gets the odd role in something good (eg Love and Mercy) but he's mostly doing horror and action movie drek.
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    How Nicolas Cage blew $150 million on mansions, his own private island — and a real dinosaur skull

    Best known for his roles in movies such as "National Treasure" and "Leaving Las Vegas," Nicolas Cage was once a top earner in Hollywood, worth $150 million.

    But Cage didn't hold on to his fortune for long. He squandered it away on a string of expensive and often eccentric purchases, eventually facing foreclosure on several properties and owing the IRS $6.3 million in property taxes.

    Now worth around $25 million, Cage is taking roles left and right to help pay off his debts.

    As chronicled in CNBC's "The Filthy Rich Guide," here's a glimpse at some of Cage's craziest purchases.

    Cage once owned 15 residences, including a $25 million waterfront home in Newport Beach, California, a $15.7 million countryside estate in Newport, Rhode Island, and an $8.5 million abode in Las Vegas.

    He also purchased, for $3.4 million, the infamous LaLaurie mansion in New Orleans, known as one of the most haunted houses in America.

    Over in Europe, Cage purchased not one but two castles for $10 million and $2.3 million, respectively

    $3 million got him a deserted island in the Bahamas.​
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    He still has it, talent that is.
    Just not getting good parts anymore.
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    I've always felt like Cage is a fan of B movies and that he enjoys off-the-wall, quirky stuff. He wants to try a bit of everything. I think that's pretty cool.

    What's his famous quote? "I want to be Bob Denver on acid playing the accordion."
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  15. Cage when he’s on can be an excellent actor but when he’s in crap, he can’t elevate it unless he plays it over the top (by at least making it interesting)unfortunately he’s also at the mercy of the director and too much of a professional (unless the director recognizes the gonzo nature 9f the film)I’ve always felt Cusack is an underrated vote (both he and his sister are marvelous)
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    I watched Vengeance on Netflix over the weekend. Awful movie.
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    I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this but, compared to what Harvey Keitel’s up to these days, Mr Cage is doing just fine
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    gotta eat especially when one over spends...I'll watch anything he's wife and I love him...
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    we liked Stolen...good twist.
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    Bruce Willis is doing direct-to-video recently. I thought that he was still just below A-list but I thought wrong.
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    I could put up with that kind of broke.
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    it's time for a real good movie again from Cage. as mentioned, when he is good, he is great!
    when he's bad, he is a disaster. come back!!
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    He got Hollywood-ized after the 1980s then he got old.Sorry pal you're to old for the part.Yeah but I still gotta eat!Bada-boom Bada-bing B movies.
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    This one is a real piece of crap. Still like Cage though...

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    any B movie that Nic is in he elevates the movie to an enjoyable level...I really like Nic...

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