Nilsson's PussyCats album *

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Greg Smith, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. Greg Smith

    Greg Smith Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Nilsson's ***** Cats is criminally underrated. or maybe i'm just am a sucker for sad dudes partying to numb the pain. I love the record and along with Walls and Bridges perhaps my fave thing Lennon did during this period...
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  2. GuyDon

    GuyDon Forum Resident

    A bit of filter overkill.

    I enjoy all of the Lost Weekend recordings and productions; probably my favorite Lennon solo period.
  3. kwadguy

    kwadguy Forum Resident

    Cambridge, MA
    Yeah, anyone who can't handle the name of this album is a totaly *****!
  4. Manapua

    Manapua Forum Resident

    Oh come on now, that word is verboten here????
  5. Dennis Metz

    Dennis Metz Born In A Motor City!

    Fonthill, Ontario
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  6. Muzyck

    Muzyck Just another anonymous canine Beatle fan

    It rhymes with wussy. :)

  7. petem1966

    petem1966 Forum Resident

    Katy, TX
    Ahh bowakowa...
  8. Cellar Drops

    Cellar Drops Active Member

    I don't see anything very objectionable about the first word.
  9. Mr.Sean

    Mr.Sean Senior Member

    The filters are fussy about pu$$y.
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  10. Shawn

    Shawn Forum Resident

    The album was originally going to be called Strange Pussies. Let's see how the filter deals with that.

    Edit: looks like the plural is OK. Huh.
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  11. Remurmur

    Remurmur Music is THE BEST!

    When I saw this thread title, I thought someone was pissed off at their family cat and needed to vent... lol

    We have two...been there...;)
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  12. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law

    Maybe if you spell it as one word:
    Like, "Tom Jones hit song, "What's New, Pussycat?"
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  13. Gary

    Gary Nauga Gort! Staff

    Well, if some folks didn't get into fights and used the word or talked about the different type of *****, we would not have had to add it in to the word censor. :)
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  14. Robin L

    Robin L Musical Omnivore

    Fresno, California
    Yeah but we usually require seven asterisks, not five.
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  15. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    I cant take the album. All it does is remind me of how Harry ripped his vocal chords out to the point of bleeding and ruined the most beautiful of voices. Oh, and thanks John for encouraging this.
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  16. ShockControl

    ShockControl Forum Resident

  17. ShockControl

    ShockControl Forum Resident

  18. drasil

    drasil Former Resident

    ...and now Greg knows how on the internet, no matter the venue or the age of its users, you can't have a reasonable discussion about one of the greatest 'wasted' albums of all time without invoking a bunch of kitty memes.
  19. Robin L

    Robin L Musical Omnivore

    Fresno, California
    Looks like that record's wasted. I'll bet the stylus is shot too.

  20. intv7

    intv7 Forum Resident

    Boston, MA, USA
    Some good songs, but is voice is wrecked to the point it actually hurts my throat to listen to it.

    Evidence that those guys kinda needed to spend some time away from each other for their health.
  21. ShockControl

    ShockControl Forum Resident

  22. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law

    This may be awful, but imagine HEAING it!!
  23. Chippoh

    Chippoh Forum Resident

    My post from a previous Nilsson thread:

    When I first dropped the needle onto "***** Cats" (typical Harry humor in that title, eh?), I had to ask myself, "What the he!! happened here?!". As I finished the listnening session with "Rock Around The Clock", I envisioned the studio where Harry recorded this mess as being roped off with crime scene tape and a lot of flashing lights from squads and ambulances surrounding the building.

    Harry's voice blown out and Lennon's squashed sound equaled a tough initial listen for me.

    Did Harry have throat cancer?

    Did Lennon record these songs on a Panasonic cassette recorder?

    Only 4 1/2 Harry songs?

    Two covers that I can't listen to without wincing in throat agony ( "Loop de Loop" and "Save The Last Dance For Me")?

    And all of this topped off with a "Rock Around The Clock" version that sounds like a garage band rehersal tape...Sad.

    I've since come to accept how rough this entire album is, but that dosen't mean that I love inferior Harry Nilsson product.

    Harry's songwriting abilities (especially lyrics) seemed to be in decline at this time in his life. I do enjoy Harry's original songs, but they really don't shine like his previous work.

    "Son Of Schmilsson". This is rock and roll.

    "***** Cats". This is rock and roll on drugs.

    On the '99 Buddha release of this disc, Curtis Armstrong writes some great ultra-informative liner notes. If not for the notes, pick this disc up for the bonus track demo of "Save The Last Dance For Me". Wow. Now that is the Harry that I had come to know and love!
  24. Robin L

    Robin L Musical Omnivore

    Fresno, California
    Sounds like a Beck sample to me.
  25. JamieC

    JamieC Forum Resident

    Detroit Mi USA
    Oh come on ya poozzies. Add that one!:whistle:

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