No Time to Die (2021 James Bond film). May include spoilers!*

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  1. None of the movies hew closely to the books that I've read (not all of them, mind).

    Knock yourself out, I'll enjoy the movie.
  2. Richard--W

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    I wasn't referring to the books. I didn't say anything about the books.
  3. What is your James Bond ?
  4. Roland Stone

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    Um, so the most successful Bond movies in the franchise's history -- Daniel Craig's -- are hits because they're Bond-branded movies . . . But at the same time they're "grotesques parodies" of Bond films. I wish you guys would make up your minds.

    MOONRAKER would be my idea of a grotesque self-parody.
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  5. wondergrape

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    We know that you feel that way. You are a minority.
  6. GregM

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    Part of the issue is that the world has changed so much since the Bond character was created.

    That was a time when nation-states had covert actions against each other in a cold war. Computers and mobile devices were not a thing, and neither were digital transmission. Satellite imagery was in its infancy. Nationalism was normal. Now it's frowned upon. The conflicts that arise now are based on factions or proxies supported by certain states, which then plead innocent. Amazingly it's not the same world at all as it was 100 years ago.

    @Richard--W isn't wrong, but there's no chance for the type of legit Bond he wants to exist in this world.
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  7. PH416156

    PH416156 Alea Iacta Est

    :) eh, it depends. The Connery movies sold way more tickets and were more profitable. Budgets were lower.

    Close numbers, and despite the huge success of Skyfall, the Brosnan and the Craig films sold approximately the same number of tickets. "Tomorrow never dies", famously opened the same day as "Titanic".

    All 26 James Bond Films Ranked At The Box Office

    1. Thunderball ($590 million)
    2. Goldfinger ($514.7 million)
    3. Skyfall ($358.3 million)
    4. You Only Live Twice ($336.4 million)
    5. Moonraker ($262.5 million)
    6. Die Another Day ($259.6 million)
    7. Tomorrow Never Dies ($255.8 million)
    8. From Russia With Love ($249.8 million)
    9. Diamonds Are Forever ($248.8 million)
    10. Casino Royale (2006) ($239.5 million)
    11. The World is Not Enough ($234.1 million)
    12. GoldenEye ($229.3 million)
    13. Spectre ($222.4 million)
    14. Quantum of Solace ($219.7 million)
    15. Octopussy ($202 million)
    16. The Spy Who Loved Me ($196.8 million)
    17. Live and Let Die ($187.3 million)
    18. For Your Eyes Only ($184.7 million)
    19. Casino Royale (1967) ($177.3 million)
    20. Dr. No ($177.1 million)
    21. Never Say Never Again ($164.9 million)
    22. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service ($150.3 million)
    23. A View to a Kill ($132.8 million)
    24. The Living Daylights ($122.7 million)
    25. The Man with the Golden Gun ($105.1 million)
    26. Licence to Kill ($81.8 million)
    "Obviously things shift quite a bit. Prior to accounting for inflation, only the Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan-led movies managed to make over $100 million. But after the adjustment, every single James Bond movie (outside of Licence to Kill) has managed to eclipse the century mark.

    Past that milestone, fifteen of the movies made over $200 million. And four more accrued over $300 million (with only one of those coming from Daniel Craig)"

    Everyone's entitled to their opinion, there are some things I like on Casino Royale and the subsequent Craig movies but it's undeniable that they turned a classic and beloved character into somebody else.

    As I usually say, release the Craig films as "Agent (insert your fave name here)" and no way you make all that money. Of course also the Brosnan flicks were helped by the brand, but at least the character survived, despite the Purvis and Wade touch on the later movies. They are the main ones to blame.


    Spot on. I miss a legit Bond too...
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  8. 40WattPhasedPlasmaRifle

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    These tantrums are tiresome.
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  9. shokhead

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    And stupid.
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  10. stricee

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    you guys take this stuff too seriously...its entertainment...thats all it is...nothing more nothing less
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  11. Richard--W

    Richard--W Forum Resident

    Criticizing movies and filmmakers is fair game, but you're not
    allowed to call forum members here names.

    My remarks are made calmly with an amused countenance.

    Your credulous simplicity is tiresome and _____.
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  12. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Walking by my local cinema they had a sign up. NoTime To Die here in 3 weeks.
    Guess first week in October.
    Sadly I’ve seen the trailer about 20 times ( waiting for other films to commence in cinema).... so a tad anti-climatic.
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  13. PH416156

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    No time to trailer? :laugh:
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  14. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    No inclination to see it ... now .. lol :D
  15. GregM

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    I don't disagree, but movies aren't made in a vacuum. They are a reflection of society and current events, and also a way for certain "types" in Hollywood--including many powerful, ambitious people--to try to exert their influence in a pretty insidious way, if you think about it. Movies are big business and billions of dollars are being thrown around. In that respect, it sort of demands you take it at least somewhat seriously, but certainly you can tune out and watch it as just mindless entertainment if you want. I certainly do that sometimes.

    I think @Richard--W is not making any sort of tantrum or stupid or tiresome point. He is right that Craig's Bond is antithetic to the real deal, but my point is that the world has become a parody of the way things used to be. So of course to fit Bond into this world, he will seem like a parody of the original character. It's also not an accident that we're now talking about the next reboot being a woman Bond or an ethnicity other than we've all known Bond to be since his inception.
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  16. twicks

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    Supposedly Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the new Indiana Jones, so anything is possible.
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  17. JediJones

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    I think it's more problematic if a director says that. Or a writer. Tim Burton famously said he never read Batman comic books. It really showed on the execrable Batman Returns, where he was no longer working with a writer who seemed to know the comics either. An actor is just a tool in the hands of a director, reading lines written for him by someone else. For instance, Margot Kidder said she never read Superman comics, but she played Lois Lane well.

    Siskel and Ebert were saying the Bond films were looking lackluster compared to other blockbusters since the 1980s. If anything, the Craig era succeeded because it got the films caught up to modern standards of action and stunts.
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  18. 40WattPhasedPlasmaRifle

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    The thread is about NTTD. Go take your ball and start a "Daniel Clueless Is NOT James Bond" thread. See how many people join you.
  19. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    The Scottish guy.
  20. stricee

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    daniel craig added a new dimension to the bond films ,hes not a sean connery craig became a more darker character as bond definitely better than the cheekines of roger moore or the goofiness of pierce brosnan more of a timothy dalton but even darker i like it...just my opinion
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  21. PH416156

    PH416156 Alea Iacta Est

    Correct. And political correctness at all costs has ruined the world (of movies, too)

    Wilson and Broccoli are also allowing Craig to co-produce. He's not just an actor, so his vision is part of what the films are now
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  22. JediJones

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    Well, it's true he was instrumental in getting Phoebe Waller-Bridge hired to rewrite this new film. Which means she might be able to ruin the two greatest action hero film franchises within only one year. Quite an achievement.
  23. GregM

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    She has the real license to kill.
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  24. Shoehorn with Teeth

    Shoehorn with Teeth Romans 6:23

    She also voiced that annoying droid in Solo. For some reason she keeps showing up in my favorite franchises and making them worse.
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  25. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Killing Eve is good.

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