SH Spotlight Now it can be told: Why did some of the DCC Gold's sound so "unique" compared to other CD's?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Aug 14, 2016.

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  1. paulisdead

    paulisdead fast and bulbous

    The Doors - The Doors
    Strange Days - The Doors
    Night Moves - Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band

    Waiting For The Sun - The Doors?
  2. ascot

    ascot Senior Member

    Elvis Is Back and 24 Karat Hits?
  3. ManFromCouv

    ManFromCouv Employee #3541

    Highway 61? To me it has a lot of similar characteristics to Doors s/t.
  4. ShawnX

    ShawnX Forum Resident

    Detroit, Michigan
    I'm taking three guesses.

    Queen - Night.

    Eagles. GH.

    Elton John. GH.

    My three favorites.
  5. longdist01

    longdist01 Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL USA
    Both Gold No Dice & Straight Up, Steve?
  6. hi_watt

    hi_watt The Road Warrior

    San Diego, CA
    Van Halen 1?
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  7. billnunan

    billnunan Forum Resident

    New Hampshire
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  8. Remy

    Remy Forum Resident

    Brooklyn NY
  9. Jimbo912

    Jimbo912 Forum Resident

    Williamsville NY
    Eagles "Hotel California"
    Steve Miller "Fly Like An Eagle
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  10. ManFromCouv

    ManFromCouv Employee #3541

    Fly Like An Eagle could certainly be one of the others.
  11. GerryO

    GerryO Forum Resident

    Bodega Bay, CA
    I'd be really shocked and shaken if "Waiting For the Sun" was one of the five.
  12. The Hud

    The Hud Go Chiefs!

    The Cars?
  13. Claus

    Claus Senior Member

    Highway 61 Revisited
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  14. RTurner

    RTurner Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    The Beach Boys - Endless Summer and Spirit of America??
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  15. steveharris

    steveharris Forum Resident

    Mr. Hoffman you`re killing us! Wich ones?:kilroy:
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  16. longdist01

    longdist01 Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL USA
    Ray charles?
  17. ashlee5

    ashlee5 Senior Member

    I will take a turn and guess that the others are Court and Spark and the first McCartney album.

  18. Gang-Twanger

    Gang-Twanger Forum Resident

    Before I read any further, I'm gonna' say the old Muddy Waters and Chuck Berry stuff you did way back when, before DCC.

    I use a Fisher 800C, and I've been saying for a while that I swear I can hear what sounds like a tube mastering chain on certain CD's and especially the old tube-mastered vinyl. The latter seems a bit obvious,but some CD's have a sound that just pops when I play it through the Fisher. The Temptations' "Gold" for one. And I have a CD copy of Muddy Waters' "Electric Mud", and that "Right On" series I've mentioned seems to have it as well. And another that pops like that is the Time/Life "Guitar Rock" series. I also have an oldies CD called "Happy Birthday Rock N Roll" from MCA (UK, I think) that sounds AMAZING. And Neil Young's catalog on the '80's Reprise CD's, and a lot of the old Warner/Reprise CD's from the '80's and '90's have a sound where you just know they used one very-juicy-sounding mastering rig (or at least that's how it seems through my tube-era system). It could be my speakers as well. Old alnico drivers seem to "read" a tube sound better. They certainly read it a hell of a lot better than they read a modern, all-digital sound. But I've been wondering why those certain CD's really pop like that. It's not just the style of music, although I'm sure whether or not it's a tube recording will certainly have SOME effect. But it's more than that because I've heard plenty of weak-sounding remasters (of tube-era music) that soumd like they were mastered with the newest state-of-the-art all-digital mastering gear (I'm no expert, but you'd think they'd be looking for that old-school sound). But anyway. Interesting thread.

    By the way, this stuff is a thing of beauty. Love the tape machine.
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  19. Gang-Twanger

    Gang-Twanger Forum Resident

    One more thing... Those old UA preamps are legendary. I bet that thing sounds very-sweet indeed.
  20. qwerty

    qwerty A resident of the SH_Forums.

    I would guess, based on a lot that I have learned here, that there is a LOT of music which would benefit from this gear (that Steve didn't get to remaster). More than the 5 disks it was actually used on.

    Unfortunately, I don't have enough DCC disks to make an informed choice as to which are the remaining answers in the quiz. So I'll guess the Leon Russell's?
  21. quicksrt

    quicksrt Senior Member

    City of Angels
    Heart's first album has a really nice "jumps outta the speakers at you" sound to it.

    I'll bet it was one of them.
  22. Gang-Twanger

    Gang-Twanger Forum Resident

    "Strange Days" does as well, but that's a tube recording most-likely, so it might just be that. And the "24k Gold In A Bottle" CD seems to have that pop to the sound.
  23. GetHappy!!

    GetHappy!! Forum Resident

    Pet Sounds.
  24. pdenny

    pdenny 19-Year SHTV Participation Trophy Recipient

    Hawthorne CA
    Spill the beans, boss! :frog:
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  25. old school

    old school Senior Member

    For sure Cream Wheels of Fire and Fresh Cream to round out the five.
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