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    It's speculated that Dooku, as a former Master Jedi, was always in control of his emotions and thus never fully taxied to the dark side. Reva does not possess any of this discipline. Dooku was a political idealist who probably thought he could control or at least not be controlled by Sidious. Reva's motive is purely revenge, just like Maul. Again, you would think that this Sith-like goal would have sullied her in some way. Call me crazy.
  2. I do too. Sure, there are some silly elements in Obi-Wan but I still enjoy it for what it is...entertainment.
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    Honestly I’m a little surprised that Vader didn’t see potential in Third Sister to fully bring her over to the dark side. She has so much hate in her that it wouldn’t have been that hard to totally corrupt her.
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    Episode 5 is one of the greatest things in Star Wars history...

    PS - Reva is phenomenal.
    PPS - either you are awake or asleep...I'd rather be awake.
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    If you’re referring to me, I’ll “like” whatever makes sense to me. Not sure why my that’s relevant?

    In real life, I try to see things in terms other than absolute black and white.

    Calling out one side for watching a certain network and all the associated tropes — gender, race and “privilege” — is truly lazy and it comes across as intolerance masked as virtue.

    To clarify my original point, a lot of modern film and TV suffers from having story come second to political correctness of the day.

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    Your last two paragraphs say it all. If you don't like it that's OK. Please stop watching and commenting further though. Thanks. I don't understand why people would ever continue to watch something they despise. Comes across like you are the one with an agenda...
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    No agenda, just want stories devoid of one, other than to entertain, provoke, inform. Not necessarily all at once.

    I don’t get why you’re trying to provoke me by saying I can’t comment here. As a lifelong Star Wars fan, heck, just as someone watching in general, I think I can offer my opinion.

    I watched the first 3 episodes of Obi-Wan, I didn’t think it was great. I like all the leads, but Ewan as Ben just reminds me too much of the prequels, which I think were pretty bad.

    I wanted to like it, but I just couldn’t get into it. The tone seems off. Even the scenes with Vader somehow seemed off, too cartoon like. It could be that nostalgia affects how I view the original trilogy (I’m sure they had their hokey moments), but every character here seems too one note. And Ben isn’t the most exciting character… I thought he would be. Maybe it gets better.

    For what it’s worth, I enjoyed most of The Mandalorian and I’m looking forward to the Andor series.

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    No, I wasn’t referring to you. Did you even like a meme? I don’t think so.
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    Please point us to a show...any show...that doesn't have an agenda.

    And if you want a story to "provoke" that would require an agenda, no?
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    These points are well taken, but I for one was not expecting "Obi-Wan would still be darting around like Errol Flynn." After ten years, you have to expect some belly fat so to speak. But the show can't have it both ways. It can't depict Obi-Wan as he always was: a consummate professional, faithful, and loyal friend, who would do anything to protect the boy, including declining (at least initially) Bail Organa's call for help, while also showing him so shaken that he can barely use the force anymore. That strains credulity. Protecting the boy means staying in touch with the force and, dare I say, communing with Qui Gon Jinn, as instructed by Yoda at the end of Sith. The hero's arc for Obi-Wan is Padawan (Episode I) - Jedi Knight (Episode II) - General (Clone War hero) (Episode III) - desert hermit / wise monk (Episode IV). It's this last part of his story that needs fleshing out (hence the new series), which has to explain how we go from the powerful warrior who defeated General Grievous and Anakin in one week to the self-sacrificing, enlightened hero, who can lay down his lightsaber and say with conviction: "You can't win, Vader. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." And for those of us who watched Rebels, we also know that five years from now, Obi-Wan defeats Maul in one move! All this suggests to me is that Obi-Wan never let himself go. That the writers of the series portrayed him differently as a way to emasculate him per some commentators here seems unlikely to me. Rather, I think the writers, as you say, are not fans of the franchise and have therefore not spent anytime chewing on these things. They may not even have watched Clone Wars or Rebels.
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    Well, cheers, but I guess we disagree on everything. The idea that the writers are not fans and are not familiar with the canon from Clone Wars or Rebels is pretty out there to me, with the level of oversight Lucasfilm has. Research will show that Dave Filoni, pretty much the mastermind between Clone Wars and Rebels, was consulted on these scripts, and is a strong influence on the Kenobi show - apparently, the idea of even having the Inquisitors from Rebels in the Kenobi series at all, was Filoni's idea. So I find it unfortunate that you can't enjoy the show but some of your reasoning seems unsound.

    Re: Qui Gon Jinn, haha funny that we are having a relatively serious convo about all this, but we've seen that Kenobi has been trying his darnedest to commune with him, to no avail. I know, it doesn't make sense to you, I hear your perspective. But the idea that Kenobi would go from General/Clone War hero to desert hermit/wise monk with no problem, after everything that happened at the end of Ep III, is unthinkable to me. It's also, what you seem to suggest, just boring. Kenobi just hanging out and talking to Qui Gonn (about how to sacrifice oneself as needed) and still being a badass with the Force in his little hut? I think it's a far more compelling storyline to take to have Kenobi be climbing back out of a dark place, a dark place that's completely understandable considering the Republic and the Jedi Order going bust and everybody getting killed. There may be a season two of this show, I think there's time for Kenobi to get back to where we see him in the original Star Wars movie (or that scene in Rebels). I think you're pre-judging it before the story is over. What I'm seeing in the series is kind of a textbook example about how to create a compelling character arc. We are getting to see Kenobi go through is own "hero's journey", and part of that is "refusing the call" at first; i.e. his (rather brief) resistance to leaving Tatooine to help Organa. And I don't get the sense that Kenobi has intentionally tried to avoid staying in touch with the Force - we literally seeing him trying to connect with it very early on. What I'm hearing from some fans just sounds like fanwank about wanting to see their childhood role models as perfect. But I'm probably overreacting, that's what all us fans do at times. Wish you were enjoying the show, sorry to hear.
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    'Obi-Wan Kenobi' director teases a 'very dark time to be a Jedi'
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    This TV show is really badly produced, acted, and edited. So may empty beats. So much dull action.

    But the story itself is good.

    So far in broad strokes:

    It's a pretty cool story:

    Obi-wan is in hiding and looking over Luke.

    He's defeated and suffering a lot of guilt.

    A Jedi hunter, REVA, takes a particular interest in Obi Wan because Vader will give her power if she delivers Obi Wan.

    Leia is kidnapped and Bail Organa contacts Obi Wan to save her.

    Obi Wan reluctantly agrees, but is unsure of his abilities.

    Obi Wan meets a fake Jedi scammer on a planet who provides some useful info.

    Obi Wan, with the help of others saves Lia and retreats to a planet that has a Jedi underground pipeline.

    Tala, a member of the underground arranges to transport him to safety.

    Vader goes to the planet and terrorizes and murders locals in an attempt to draw Obi wan out.

    Obi Wan is drawn out and face Vader in combat.

    Tala escorts Leia to a transport but has to leave because she know Obi wan will be killed by Vader.

    The Jedi hunter Reva kidnaps Leia again.

    Vader easily beats Obi Wan but before he's able to kill him Tala saves him and takes him to another planet.

    On the new planet Obi wan tries to convince people to help him rescue Leia.

    Tala agrees, while the others say they cannot help.

    Tala infiltrates Vader's castle, where Leia is being kept, and arranges to get Obi wan onto the base.

    The Jedi hunter know Leia has details about the underground and starts to torture her.

    Tala calls the Jedi Hunter away on a pretext.

    Obi wan grabs Leia and start to make escape.

    Obi Wan and Leia are trapped but they escape thanks to the force.

    Reva and the base all scramble to find Leia and Obi Wan.

    Tala gets away and helps Obi wan and Leia to the hanger to escape.

    Reva confronts them and looks like they are going to kill them until two members of the underground arrive to help Obi wan, tala and Leia escape.

    One of the underground is killed.

    Tala, Leia, and Obi arrive on a planet where the underground needs to evacuate.

    Reva has secretly placed a tracker on Leia’s droid and Vader rushes to the planet.

    The underground members cannot escape because their route is sealed off by Leia’s hijacked droid.

    Reva arrives and Obi Wan discovers hat she was a padawan who saw her friends slaughtered by Anakin and that she secretly wants Vader dead.

    Reva storms the fortress and kills Tala, and Vader arrives to go after Obi wan.

    The underground folks find a way out and while their ship is taking off Vader forces it to the ground and destroys parts of it with the force.

    But the underground is on a different ship that was waiting and takes off while Vader is distracted by his rage.

    Reva discovers Luke on Tatooine……
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    Wow...just when I thought this couldn't get any dumbed down even more.
    Let's try to forget the whole thing looked like a 1990's sci-fi 3rd rate cable only show...just awful effects, photography.

    Story makes zero always. Flashback scenes were useless exposition, we know Anakin is impulsive...big deal.

    Sorry, no humanoid is going to be able to breathe on a volcano/ash dump planet. They had a base there why?
    Stormtroopers shot at a big ole' door with a peashooter..these people have super advanced tech...that door should have been breached in a few seconds...oh wait, it was.

    Why not just land on the upper door, cut a hole in it, sleep gas everyone inside...series over.
    Stormtroopers just wade into the line of fire to get cut down by mill sleep gas grenades...concussion bombs..nothing. Now the Empire has to pay out even more survivor benefits due to zero tactical prowess.
    Once again, Lightsabers that can cut through 5 feet of whatever material door just knock the bad guys down..go boom. And no, it doesn't matter what color they are...stupid stupid stupid.

    Vader can sense Kenobi, but grabbed the wrong ship...stupid stupid stupid.

    That aforementioned upper door, instead of using tech available to these advanced races...used the wiring harness from a 1963 Zenith console television...good going.

    Then to button things up, the transport takes off scott free (with no hyperdrive no less),
    while everyone on the Star Destroyer must have accidentally set off the sleep gas grenades they should have sent to the surface...another winner !!
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  15. I might agree. Both my kids and my SW-loving sister (my "First Sister" went to the original with me when I was 7 years old) all agree: Obi-Wan has been quite good, superior even to the "pretty good" The Mandalorian. And all of us thought Episode V was the best one in the Obi-Wan series so far. We really enjoyed it.
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    Solo is so underrated. Excellent movie!
  17. Good Lord. Overthinking to the n'th degree. There are FAR stupider moments in movies: every Rambo film, Speed, Top Gun . . . these little nitpicks are just silly.
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  18. We liked Solo, too. Liked The Mandalorian. Didn't like Book of Boba Fett quite as much, but enjoyed it a little.
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  19. bru87tr

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    I been wondering about BOBF. Trailer didn’t grab me but planned on watching. Seems many agree with you.
  20. fuzzface

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    Loved TBOBF. If you go into with preconceived notions of what and how it should be you might be disappointed. Like every other one of these shows.
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    I assume this is referring to the Third Sister. I think her southern accent is incongruous with a menacing dark Jedi type character. I'm sure she's a very nice person in real life, and her acting skills are not sharp enough to hide her inherent niceness as a human being. And that southern accent has such a friendly tone that when she's trying to be menacing, it comes off very watered down. It makes me think of what if Daisy Duke was a Sith Lord :D.

    Seems this is an Obi-Wan movie that they've divided up into 6 episodes so they can release them over a span of 6 weeks, hoping to draw in more subscribers. I waited a couple of weeks before paying so I could see all the episodes in one month. Sticking it to the man!

    Yes, the show is not great. But honestly, I just enjoy being in the Star Wars universe for a bit. And isn't that what Star Wars is all about? Even the original 3 movies were not masterpieces of acting or writing. Instead it was a journey into this lovable world where light triumphs over darkness, filled with iconic characters. And in this world of trouble, it's nice to escape into that beloved fantasy world, even if the structure itself is not perfect. I'm thrilled Disney is financing the creation of more Stars Wars content. The Mandalorian was a huge hit. Hopefully they'll keep it coming, flaws and all.

    Ewan still has the goods, and the Leia little girl is great.
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  22. Kind of in between. We had come off The Mandalorian and had really liked it. Book of Boba Fett just wasn't as consistently interesting with the editing and some of the writing playing into that. But we never felt like it was a chore to watch. We enjoyed but just didn't love. Quite frankly, it's been completely different with Obi-Wan, which we've loved like Rogue One.
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  23. This is some Jedi level nerd stuff right here. Can anyone out nerd this post? The gauntlet has been thrown down lol
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  24. Isaac K.

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    His post is a little pedantic and more or less boils down to an argument in semantics, but he isn’t wrong. There is a definite difference between what mainstream audiences think the genre entails and what the originators of the genre meant it to be.
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    When they started using some of the classic musical cues near the end you realize how essential they are to the drama, and how this series was hampered emotionally at times due to a rather bland soundtrack.

    Overall, it was a good show.
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