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Ocean of Violets: Prince song by song

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Lance LaSalle, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. croquetlawns

    croquetlawns Forum Resident

    You know it's a great b-side when, almost 40 years later(!) you can still sing the chorus as soon as you see the title. Better than some of the album tracks - 5/5.
  2. A-Tone

    A-Tone Well-Known Member

    She's Always In My Hair.

    Could have been an album track perhaps, could have been an A-side, instead it went down in Prince history as one of his classic B-sides, and deservedly so.
    Great track, never quite worked live though, at least from the versions I've heard.

  3. sunspot42

    sunspot42 Forum Resident

    San Francisco
    Congratulations! ;)

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  4. sunspot42

    sunspot42 Forum Resident

    San Francisco
    (That sounds like something I would do...)
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  5. sunspot42

    sunspot42 Forum Resident

    San Francisco
    "She's Always In My Hair" stomps all over half of what made it onto ATWIAD, although I don't think it's quite A-Side material and stylistically doesn't fit with that album. Bit dull, and I've always thought it was seriously overrated as a B-Side. It's no "Erotic City", which bests most of his A-Sides.

    3/5, not quite strong enough to merit a 4. He should have held it and cut it again for Sign 'o The Times though - it would have fit onto that record perfectly with slightly different production and arrangement.

  6. Piiijiii

    Piiijiii Hundalasiliah

    Ruhr Area, Germany
    Good morning! :)

    She's Always In My Hair

    This is so great. It doesn't sound like Purple Rain but really fits into the ATWIAD era. Should have been on the album but those AAA+++ b-sides are one of the many things that made Prince fans happy. And of course another b-side with an extended version!!! Did any artist do this?

    The song is about a woman I adore ... Jill Jones!

    A huge 5/5
  7. Orthogonian Blues

    Orthogonian Blues Forum Resident

    London, UK
    She's Always In My Hair.

    Is it just me, or wouldn't it be really annoying to have someone 'in your hair' all the time?

    Maybe this ambiguity is part of what makes this smouldering slab of funk rock so brilliant.

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  8. Gavaxeman

    Gavaxeman Take me back to dear old Blighty...

    West Midlands U.K.
    She’s always ..

    A great b side , definitely album worthy in any form 4/5
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  9. Lance LaSalle

    Lance LaSalle Prince of Swollen Sinus Thread Starter

    I don't think it particularly fits on Around the World In a Day -- but then what does? And the above alternate tracklists are pretty interesting: perhaps a double album would have had room for this slight throwback to the synth funk of an earlier era. But it's pretty good, I like the overall sound in general....synth funk it is, but with a pretty prominent and tasty rock guitar . The chorus is interesting: there's a weird chord change in the middle of it and that warps it and give it a little oomph, a little bluesy darkness that sets it apart from your average Prince Time/Family song.
  10. Purple Jim

    Purple Jim Forum Resident

    She's Always In My Hair
    Prince really coming into his stride now. Fabulous song.
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  11. Arthur Pewty

    Arthur Pewty Forum Resident

    My local R&B station at the time played She’s Always In My Hair more than any songs off the actual album, which is astonishing to me. This is by far one of the strongest songs of the period, and the extended version is everything.
    It’s vaguely psychedelic but extremely catchy. I love the guitar tone and the little melody shout out to Sex Shooter. Heck, I love every single thing about this song, especially the climactic final minute or so. And I believe it’s strong enough to have been an A-side single.
  12. JUNKIE

    JUNKIE Forum Resident

    She's Always In My Hair, great song 4.5 / 5.
    Around The World In A Day album 4 / 5.
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  13. Vagabone

    Vagabone Forum Resident

    Leeds, UK
    She's Always In My Hair

    Sounds like a co-write with someone intent on sabotaging a classic song.

    Prince: (sings) "She's always in my hair"....
    Sabouteur "-MY HAIR"

    That has always sounded wrong to me, like after a great build up we were now going to get a massive pop chorus, but it always peters out almost immediately. Also, I've never come to terms with the title. I guess it's clever to take a negative phrase and give it a positive spin, but I don't want anyone to be in my hair.

    Other than those things, it's a great song.

  14. Popmartijn

    Popmartijn Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    Well, Girl was an old song that wasn't in consideration for the album at all. When Prince needed a B-side he picked up this 'oldie' from his vault, but for the album he was looking for new material. And Hello wasn't even recorded when the album was finished so that makes it difficult to include it.
  15. Lance LaSalle

    Lance LaSalle Prince of Swollen Sinus Thread Starter

    if it meant regaining lost hair, I could deal with it.
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  16. groovelocked

    groovelocked Forum Resident

    Columbus OH (USA)
    She’s Always In My Hair..

    ATWIAD could have been a double after the success of Purple Rain, and included all the extra tracks mentioned, in full-length forms.

    Hair gets a 5/5 both edited and full
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  17. Joker to the thief

    Joker to the thief Forum Resident

    London, UK
    This is one of those Prince songs where you go "how on earth did that not make it on to an album?" and is exhibit A for explaining why Prince's B-sides are considered as strong as his album cuts (well ok, maybe erotic city would be exhibit A for me, but it'd for sure be a close exhibit B). So catchy and playful - and also a little weird. It's all of Prince's best attributes at once. An incredible, indelible classic 5/5
  18. thekid87

    thekid87 Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    She's Always In My Hair is a classic Prince guitar song. For many fans this was the prime example of Prince's misjudgment on what to put on an album. Meaning, 'why did he release [that song] on ATWIAD, when he could have added She's Always In My Hair'. That thought alone made this a legendary (mythical?) song and a fan favorite. It always shows up on best-of lists. Even D'Angelo recorded his own cover version of the song:

    Prince also couldn't resist it and added the song on his 1993 tour and performed it after that on occasion, like with 3rd Eye Girl. That 2013-2015 version was probably the most exciting one... pure raw guitar rock!
    The studio version has a bit more bells and whistles. The original 1983 version is very similar to the released version, but without most of the bells and whistles, more raw rock and a heavier drumbeat. That's the best studio version for me.

    This is a typical song that could have been earmarked for Purple Rain part 2. Maybe that's also my slight reservation for the song. It feels like a return to the Purple Rain Prince in stead of looking forward. She's Always In My Hair is a classic Prince song, but because of that slight reservation in my mind one of his lesser classics... if that makes sense.

    This is a (minor) 5 out of 5 for me.
  19. petercw2

    petercw2 Forum Resident

    dallas, tx
    She's Always In My Hair - 5/5
    ...arguably my favorite Prince track of all time, and to this day boggles me that it was left as a b-side.
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  20. the real pope ondine

    the real pope ondine Forum Resident

    i think im in 3/5 territory, i like the Dirty Laundry organ opening, and then when it first goes to the chorus, then it loses me, maybe its one i need to hear a few more times...
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  21. possumdude

    possumdude Forum Resident

    She's Always In My Hair - when I first got into Prince about 5 years ago, this track blew my mind. I couldn't believe it when I learned that this was a b-side and he regularly left stuff this good off of his albums in the 80's. Now that I've had time to sit with it and explore a lot of his other output, the sheen has worn off a little bit. Still a great pop song, but not the cream of the crop.

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  22. Andrecrabtree

    Andrecrabtree Forum Resident

    Shes Always in My Hair. 5/5

    This could have been a single. Pop perfection.
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  23. She’s Always In My Hair

    Sounds like a song that should have been left off an album. It does very little for me. I do like the little transition to the chorus. It has a few nice musical touches. It has a nice chord change. It doesn't move me in any way. It includes a snippet of the melody from Sex Shooter which is fine by me.

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  24. robcar

    robcar Forum Resident

    Denver, CO
    Ha! I had forgotten about Batman, to be quite honest. I remember liking that album although I haven't played it in years and years. I guess I'll wait until we discuss it to decide if I prefer it over ATWIAD or not.

    (Note that I'm a big fan of Graffiti Bridge, so Batman might be a little more in my wheelhouse than ATWIAD is.)
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  25. Lance LaSalle

    Lance LaSalle Prince of Swollen Sinus Thread Starter

    Batman’s not that bad at all; but the unreleased Flash album from the same period is pretty bad: hard rock with electric beats, very dated and hard to take.

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