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    This is an overview of all the albums we discussed, based on the song-by-song rating. If we rated the album on its own, the average is added.
    The albums in 'purple' have an average album rating of 3,75 or higher.
    I have also added the albums we did discuss, but didn't do an album discussion, like the Camille album.
    Hint for The Estate: Camille is our #2 on the list. That would be perfect for a RSD release :wave:

    [​IMG] is somewhere in the middle of our list:

  2. Lance LaSalle

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    I've redone the list of "upcoming songs" with input from @thekid87 . Note: I've decided to add the 1-800-NEW FUNK songs from 1992-1993 here because it makes no sense to hold it up as an album when it's arguably even more of a compilation than Crystal Ball and The Vault.

    Note: Prince did not release an album proper in 1993, as he released the three disc Hits/B-sides box, but he was extremely prolific.

    So after I do the rest of the 1992 songs, I'm going to move on to songs recorded in 1993 and released later, as well as other side projects. At The Kid's suggestion, though, I'll hold off on some 1993 songs to hold up after their proper 1994 albums that they were recorded alongside.

    The next "proper album" will be The Voice by Mavis Staples. It's not all side projects, though and I've highlighted in Purple the 1992 and 1993 songs that were released under Prince's name.

    My Name is Prince (October 28th)
    • 2 Whom It May Concern (Prince)
    The Hits/The B-sides (October 29th)
    • Peach (Prince)
    The Vault: Old Friends 4 Sale( October 30th)
    • The Rest of My Life (Prince)
    • She Spoke 2 Me (Prince)
    • When The Lights Go Down (Prince)
    • My Little Pill (Prince)
    • There Is Lonely (Prince)
    • Extraordinary (Prince)
    In The Storm - El Debarge (November 5th)
    • Tip o' My Tongue (Prince-Kirk Johnson)
    Celine Dion -Celine Dion (November 6th)
    • With This Tear (Prince)
    Precious - Loïs Lane (November 7th)
    • Qualified (Prince, Johnson)

      (note: there were other songs on this album that had Prince instrumental input but he was neither the writer or the producer of them, save one "SEx", which we've already covered, and this is a remix of that with a new vocal. I'll mention them, but I won't hold them up for rating.
    Allegiance -- Howard Hewitt (November 8th)
    • Allegiance (Prince)
    Itunes Release- Rosie Gaines (november 9th)
    Pain (Prince, D. Channsin Berry)

    George Clinton CD-R single (November 10th)
    • Paradigm {recorded 1991-1992, overdubbed in 2001, released in 2001}
    1-800-NEW-FUNK (November 11th)
    • MPLS/MPLS Reprise - Minneapolis
    • Color - The Steeles
    • Standing At the Altar - Margie Cox {recorded 1991}

    The Hits 2 (November 14th)

    • Pope
    The Vault: Old Friends 4 Sale (November 15th)
    • It's About That Walk
    Crystal Ball (November 16th)
    • Acknowledge Me
    • Ripopgodazippa
    • Hide The Bone
    • Calhoun Square
    • What's My Name
    • Strays Of The World
    • The Ride
    Carmen Electra (November 16th)
    • Go Go Dancer
    • Good Judy Girlfriend
    • Step To The Mic
    • Fantasia Erotica
    • Everybody Get On Up
    • Fun
    • All That
    • Just A Little Lovin'/Carmen Electra album discussion

    Let's Get Started - Louie Louie (November 24th)
    • Get Blue
    • Dance Unto the Rhythm
    Sax a Go-Go - Candy Dulfer (November 26th)
    • Sunday Afternoon
    In A Word Or 2- Monie Love (November 27th)
    • Born To B.R.E.E.D.
    • In A Word Or 2
    Heaven Help Us All - The Teels (November 29th)
    • Well Done (actually recorded in 1990)
    Millennium - Earth Wind And Fire (November 30th)
    • Superhero
    Hey Man Smell My Finger -George Clinton (December 1st)
    • The Big Pump (recorded 1989)
    I"m Ready -Tevin Campbell (December 2nd)
    • The Halls of Desire
    • Uncle Sam
    • Paris 1798430
    • Shhh
    1-800-NEW-FUNK (December 6th)
    • 2Gether -The New Power Generation
    • 17 -Madhouse

    On December 8th, I'll start holding up songs from The Voice, by Mavis Staples, 8 of 12 songs of which were written or co-written by Prince. (note: if any songs don't stream, I will go to the next song so this may come earlier.)

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    Thanks for figuring out a way to boost the placement of the Around the World in a Day!
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    2 Whomever It May Concern - basically an extended promo for the album set over the top of one of the 7 remixes. Nothing to see here. Whatever happened to P putting some of his most creative work on the b-sides of his singles?


    (funny to hear the 'on CD and cassette' bit - no mention of the vinyl release at all!)
  5. Piiijiii

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    I was thinking the same :wiggle:

    2 Whom It May Concern

    No need to repeat myself. 1/5
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  6. Lance LaSalle

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  7. iveivan

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    2 Whom it may concern


  8. Purple Jim

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    2 Whom It May Concern
    Just a publicity montage so it can't really be judged as a "song" as we are doing on this thread.
    No vote.
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    2 Whom It May Concern...nothing to see here.
  10. thekid87

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    2 Whom It May Concern

    This is indeed a commercial for the album, packed in a song. For what it is it's kinda nice and an interesting way to promote the album. The musical backdrop is funky and lifted from one of the 7 remixes: 7 (After 6 Long Version).
    There are some fun elements added to that backdrop, but as a whole it's just a commercial and not a convincing song.

    This is a 2 out of 5
  11. Andrecrabtree

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    2 whom It May Concern


    I've not heard it for over 20 years. I remember liking the way he sings Blue Light.
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  12. thomas kozlowski jr

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    2 Whom It May Concern
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  13. Piiijiii

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    Another hint for The Estate: Lovesey is our #3. Time for a super-duper deluxe edition. :hugs:

    It's all there: a perfect live show, great b-sides, fantastic outtakes, an early - more simple and jazzy mix - according to an Eric Leeds interview I read once. Plus Prince recorded/filmed some of his aftershows, who knows what's in the vault? The Black Album could also be included :thumbsup:

    If the cover art won't help sales they can also use the censored version from the United Arab Emirates version: :D[​IMG]
  14. thekid87

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    The Netherlands
    Absolutely :goodie:

    Lovesexy/The Black Album Super Deluxe Edition :righton:
  15. Chris Bernhardt

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    The Symbol album is better then Diamond and Pearls but not by much. The production is bloated , the band is over hyped , and the videos are a turnoff. This is why I left the flock . I bought Come and the Gold Experience but don't remember anything about them. I might have gave them 1-2 listens. I do like Welcome 2 America , so I have faith there will be some interesting material ahead.
  16. Isaiah Tolbert

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    2 Whom It May Concern

    It is just an advertisement for the album with some clips of all the songs on it. I always loved the video, it was cool to see Prince in his chain hat in the studio pushing buttons.
  17. masswriter

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    "2 whom" - 2/5

    a great way to promote the album, though ...
  18. Popmartijn

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    It has certainly been going on for a long time, songs that consist of collages of other songs. I won't call it sampling as its use is more to answer a lyric in the song. I also have a bunch of these kind of songs on some Stax and Motown compilations. Prince uses the style to create an advertisement for his own album, providing snippets of each song (in order!).
    That said, I've never liked those kind of songs much. They often sound too much of a gimmick (which most, if not all, of them actually are) and not really a proper song. 2 Whom It May Concern is no different. It's passable as an advertisement for O+> but as an actual song less so.
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  19. Michael Macrone

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    "2 Whom It May Concern": I don't buy singles for the ads.

  20. alugjk

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    2 Whom It May Concern

    This does not concern me.

  21. alugjk

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    I doubt that this was released on vinyl in the US. I am not sure when exactly it happened but by the early 90s it was pretty much impossible to find any major label album release on vinyl in the US. 12" singles - yes. LPs - no. We had to go searching for imports for those LPs. It happened sometime between Graffiti Bridge and Diamonds and Pearls.
  22. Lance LaSalle

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    Today's song is "Peach", written and produced by Prince.

    Prince – Peach Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

    "Peach" was recorded in late June 1992 at Olympic Studios in London while Prince was there for the Diamonds and Pearls tour.

    Prince: all vocals and instruments

    Sonny T: bass guitar
    Michael B: drums
    Mayte: backing vocal
    Kim Basinger: vocal (sampled)

    "Peach" was originally released on Prince's The Hits/The B-sides box set in 1993. It was also released as a single (though the American single mix omitted the word "titties". It was also released on 4Ever in 2016.

    A live Version of "Peach" was released on:

    • The Sacrifice of Victor (VHS/laserdisc, 1995)
    • One Nite Alone...The Aftershow: It Ain't Over! (2002.)
  23. croquetlawns

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    Peach is better than about half of the Symbol album. It's hardly deep, but it's very catchy - 4/5.
  24. thekid87

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    Our votes for "2 Whom It May Concern" (15 votes):
    1 - 8x
    2 - 6x
    3 - 1x
    4 - 0x
    5 - 0x

    Average: 1,4667
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  25. YMC4

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    naturally, i've always liked Peach...actually (much) prefer it over Cream.
    i just wish he would've sung it octave higher or put it in a different key even.
    it lacks bit of energy as is (vocal wise ~). something like Chaos & Disorder treatment would've been more welcomed.

    still, it should've been lot bigger hit than it actually was :cry:
    i remember at the time, there was hardly any promotion for that Hits package... which was a damn shame :shake:
    regardless of how noble his intent might've been with that whole mess with WB (mis-guided is the more fitting word here ;)), it ended up being Loss/Loss situation for all that were involved (his products, label, fans & ultimately himself). i'm sure we'll get to all of that in the next few months but...damn shame :mad:
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