Old Dog Old Tricks? Bob d Jukic back on Ebay Again

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Peter Marchesi, Dec 3, 2018.

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    I didn't know he ever left.

    I felt for the suckers paying $100.00+ for comment records or $30 records anyway.

    But then not really - if they don't want to do the research or effort to score good quality at 10% of the cost, let them get ripped.
  4. He probably gets them because people know he can sell them for those insane prices.

    I can give you a personal experience on how this might happen. I had a family friend that was aware of my interest in records in general and Beatles in particular. He asked my opinion on a copy of the Lennon "Roots" album he had and what is was worth. Asked if I wanted to purchase it. It was the real deal. He managed the plant where it was pressed. I gave him an offer ($600.00) but suggested that he could probably do much better if he tried getting a well known seller to take a look and try to broker it. I told him to contact Perry D Cox with the details and see if he could help. It went up on ebay and sold for $1,630.00. How much do you think he would have gotten for it if he was a small time seller with no history and put it up for sale himself?
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    Interesting story. Thank you for it. But how much did your family friend clear in the eBay sale? (Did his part of the proceeds beat your $600 offer?)
  6. It sold on ebay for $1,630.00. He had an agreement with Perry D Cox but I don't feel I should get into the detail. His take was well in excess of the $600.00 I offered.
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    both he ( and esterdamin ) sell the same records ( same exact pressings) over and over again...just keep a watch on their items , and have no worries , within 6 mos to a year ...there is a good chance the same exact record will be up for sale (about a 50 / 50 chance )
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