Oldies dot com having a year end blow out, but.....

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    Oldies is having a year end blow out, and there are some interesting items in the vinyl section dirt cheap. HOWEVER. each record comes with a dollar per piece of vinyl, that's for Ba Ba Booey, shipping charge. Now I don't know what you envision when the banner says "free shipping on most orders over $50", means to you, but it doesn't mean "$16 in shipping on a bunch of records" to me. I understand if you are buying something bulky, or heavy having a surcharge, but you sell records, and you are selling them cheap, you have to expect people to stock up and have to send orders of 10-15 albums. Work surcharges into the price and make people feel they are getting a break at the $50 level. Still there are some fun items dirt cheap, but I deleted my entire substantial cart on principle. I have purchased from them during a blow out sale before, and had a pretty heavy order weight-wise, and received free shipping in the past. So I know it can be done.
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