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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by PRW94, Nov 4, 2017.

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    I used the post of someone pining for the release of "Let it Be," the movie, on the Beatles Christmas release thread to offer the opinion that I didn't think it would ever see the light of day.

    Full disclosure, I own an official release of said movie that I no longer can play (it was on one of those RCA video discs that were like records that came out in the early '80s) and a Mirror Spock boot on DVD sourced from the Japanese laser disc.

    I said I figured Macca would never want that out, because it revisits the acrimony. I figured Olivia wouldn't want it out because George throughout the whole thing was so sour and grumpy he appeared to have been sucking persimmons. I figured Yoko might want it out since she's in it so much, even though her husband is obviously stoned to the gills on heroin and was giving off "I don't give a caca" vibes in every scene until they got to the rooftop. I figured Ritchie really could care less.

    I was told that all of those people save the Widow Lennon have no problem with it coming out.

    I offered my .02 ... worth about that much ... that aside from the rooftop (and I'll backtrack and add the three music videos, although John's incompetent bass playing kind of messes up "Long and Winding Road" and the title tune), root canal is preferable to watching that depressing record of a disintegrating band whose members really have no use for each other anymore, screwing around and jamming off-key in the studio, while one acts like a schoolmarm trying to reanimate the dead and stave off the inevitable. I offered my .02 that people who've never seen this movie and bought it would store it away after one viewing, never to be revisited except maybe to fast forward to the rooftop.

    I was told "music fans will still want to buy it."

    So, help me out here.

    1. Why specifically do you want this movie out? (Full disclosure: I absolutely, 100 percent, without question believe it should be released.)

    2. I've Googled extensively, and the only direct quote I can find from any Beatle on re-releasing this movie is Ritchie three years ago in Rolling Stone, saying "Yeah it looks like it might come out." I did find a quote in an interview with Tony Richmond, the cinematographer who filmed the movie, in the February issue of American Cinematheque magazine this year, where he said it will never come out, that Yoko and Olivia have vetoed it because they don't want the acrimony revisited. (Someone in the other thread was teeth-gnashing about Yoko still having a voice in this; I will point out that even though I have zero use for her, she as John's widow has every right, just like the spouses of every one of us non-Beatle schmucks posting here should we croak, to control and administer his affairs/estate.) Those who said the others have no issue with it, could you provide documentation of that? I'm not calling anyone untruthful or saying it doesn't exist, I'd just like to see verification for my own knowledge. The thing is, I figure the guy who shot the thing for Lindsay-Hogg ought to know what's really going on with this.
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  3. I think it should be released because it's an important historical document.
    That said, it's not something I'd want to watch too often.
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    That actually is why I think it should be released.

    I just think those who HAVEN'T seen this movie, and are expecting it to be some kind of revelation or oracle, etc., will be sadly disappointed. It basically shows these four incredibly talented human beings were just that, human beings.
  5. Champagne Boot

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    For me, it's simple: I like the Beatles. And that electric take on Two of Us that they were goofing around with the first couple days, shown in the film in a really rad version with Paul and John looking like they're genuinely enjoying themselves, is absolutely worth the price of admission.
  6. Absolutely.

    Also, the hardcore fans have seen grainy copies for years, why not give them a perfect transfer to enjoy?
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    It used to be on TV at Christmas when I was a kid. I'd like to see it again but don't think it's very good.

    peace and love✌Dave
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    There are some good moments, including that one. But then you have Paul whining out the background vocals on "Across the Universe," pissing John off royally.
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    Here's what I expect will happen. It will be a multi-angle, added documentary on the documentary with hardbound book, bonus multi-disc DVD/Blu-ray box set on Criterion. It will not be cheap, you will watch it a handful of times and it will collect dust on your shelf afterwards.
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    But the thing is, they've got to get a 4-0 vote to do that ... Macca, Ritchie, Yoko and Olivia. 3-1 doesn't get it done.
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    It will happen eventually, each year the cupboard becomes more empty. My original comment is that when it happens it will be somewhat anticlimactic.
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    Honestly ... I'd pay good money for a remastered (audio and video) copy of the last 20:59. :)
  13. PRW94

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    I don't see it as all that depressing, really. i never got that from it aside from 30 seconds of bickering. i thought it was an interesting behind the scenes of the Beatles rehearsing and recording.
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    That's partly why I want to see it. Humans are far more interesting than sanitized myths. Most of the great music documentaries show the less flattering side of the subjects. The rest are just extended videos.

    Besides, anyone who responds to this thread is already familiar with the story, down to the famous scenes and quotes.

    My last reason is more personal--it was the midnight movie practically every weekend of my childhood, and the screenings dried up just around the time I was old enough to go. So it would be nice to finally cross this off the list.
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    I found it to be interesting, but not a great movie. I have watched it a few times since I bought the VHS when it was released. I'd like a cleaned up copy on DVD.
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    My two cents. Eventually all the parties will realize there’s still money to be made, downplay the animosity, real or imagined in the making of the film and get it out to the public in multiple packages.

    I don’t care if I watch it once every ten years, I want a clean blu-ray version with excellent audio for my personal collection.
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    As noted though, this is just an intellectual exercise until the four people on this planet who can make this happen decide to do so, and again it must be a unanimous vote.
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    They look tired. Fatigue causes a lot of depression and grumbling. They burnt out. They should have stopped for 6 months, got some rehab and then talked about things with a clear mind. I think they totally lost the muse and the reason.
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    Personally, I'd rather see Shea, but there are problems there, too. Much of the original TV audio was adulterated in the studio, because there were mic issues with "I Feel Fine" and a dropout during "Help" and Ritchie made utter hash out of "Act Naturally," which thankfully was dropped from the set. Not meaning to shift gears, but would you rather see pristine video and the warts and all audio if they put Shea out, or just a cleaned up version of the TV special?
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    I don't get the argument that we'll just watch it a few times and put it on the shelf. That's what I do with all my favorite movies - doesn't diminish their value.
  22. mpayan

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    I dont think either Shea or Let It Be is going to be anything but a cobbled mess.
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    I like watching filmed footage of the Beatles playing music. That's why I think it should be released, along with additional such footage from those sessions.
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  24. CBS 65780

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    My immediate two cents ... Anthony B. ('Tony') Richmond is hardly in a position to be commenting on Let It Be's release. He lensed it. That's it. He has no investment / ownership of it. The 'Yoko and Olivia veto' as a reason for its non issue doesn't - shouldn't - gain any more credibility just because it comes from a crew member. Let him talk about his work on Nic Roeg's Don't Look Now, The Man Who Fell To Earth and Bad Timing, fine, but with all due respect, what would he know? Nobody ever asks the members of the shooting crew on The Day The Clown Cried what they think about it ever being released. They won't know. It's outside of their pay grade!
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    Why do you refer to Ringo as"Ritchie", as though you are personal friends with the man? :confused:

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