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    California Day
    That Record Collector piece is nothing new to me, I've bought the magazine every month for many years, including that issue.

    By Spedding's own admission, he did NOT audition for the Stones. Someone (he doesn't say who) asked him about his availability, that's all. He wasn't available. He did not audition.

    It's clear that you don't know the meaning of the word "audition", so I suggest you educate yourself a little better.

    Furthermore, for future reference, click-bait titles for articles (THE MAN WHO TURNED DOWN THE STONES) aren't generally the most reliable sources of information.
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  2. hutlock

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    What do you/did you play?
  3. John Fell

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    Clem Clempson also supposedly auditioned for the early version of Wishbone Ash.

    Deep Purple also tried to get Rory Gallagher to audition after Blackmore left but he declined.
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  4. FillmoreGuy

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    Keyboards/guitar. The Heads were looking for a keyboard player.
  5. John Fell

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    Pete Tolson from Pretty Things auditioned for the Scorpions but decided against it and left the auditions.

    Mick Abrahams auditioned for Humble Pie after Peter Frampton left but Clem Clempson got the job.
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  6. John Fell

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    Not sure if he actually auditioned or not but Leslie West almost joined Lynyrd Skynyrd as a replacement for Ed King until he demanded they be billed as Lynyrd Skynyrd featuring Leslie West.
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  7. John Fell

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    Peter Frampton has stated numerous times that he never auditioned even though it was rumored that he was being considered.
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  8. John Fell

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    I am not sure if these people actually auditioned but Uriah Heep supposedly tried to recruit David Coverdale and Ian Hunter after David Byron was let go.
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    Wow you got ME! :doh:

    I am duly humbled!:biglaugh:
  10. stonesfcr

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    To replace Izzy or Slash?, I don't think he has the chops to play Slash material

    More than Eric Avery IMO Pepper Keenan would been a really interesting choice, he has Hetfield's respect as a songwriter, Avery would been crushed under the two Metallica masterminds egos
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  11. MartinGr

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    Al Stewart auditioned as a guitarist for the Paramounts (later to become Procol Harum).
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  12. Beamish13

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    Navarro would have replaced Izzy at the time, I believe. When Slash left, Rose again reached out to Navarro
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  13. Wigru

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    There you go:

    Faith No More With Courtney Love Vocals (1984) Video Footage (fnmfollowers.com)
  14. S. P. Honeybunch

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    Slash auditioned for Poison when their original guitarist moved back to Pennsylvania.
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  15. Malc

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    Mike 'One Toke' Shipley for Jules Alexander's role in The Association, pre-Ramos...
  16. Dave SouthernMan

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    Think they jammed extensively but one of the cracks (Jokes made) was that Coverdale turned up with a bottle of Brandy and a German wife/gf. The crack being that they had just got rid of a Brandy swilling singer with a German wife.

    Coverdale wanted Box and Hensley for Whitesnake.

    The Ian Hunter story is quite lame I think if Mick Box's recollections are listened to.
  17. Riffraff03

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    Brian Johnson for Rainbow.
  18. Maranatha5585

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    Elton John for King Crimson..
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  19. MidnightRocks

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    I think you are correct. Clarke was just on that list of possibles that Genesis drew up.

    I think Elton John may have auditioned to replace Graham Nash in the Hollies.
  20. pbuzby

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    He did piano sessions for the Hollies and was nearly a session vocalist for King Crimson. He didn't want to join KC (and Fripp didn't want him), not sure about the Hollies but that also seems unlikely.
  21. MGSeveral

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    Got another one for you: Bobby “Boris” Pickett. Apparently he was too old. The reason I know this is that somewhere (I forget where) I saw the initial audition notes that showed the judges reactions to Mike, on a tv show, and I was able to pause it and I saw Bobbys name.
  22. Orthogonian Blues

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    Buckethead auditioned for both RHCP and Ozzy Osbourne.

    Both camps liked his chops, but found the man himself to be a bit too... eccentric.
  23. JoeF.

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    Mind blowing
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  24. laether

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    Tico Torres (Bon Jovi drummer 1983-) auditioned for KISS in 1980 when Peter Criss was out.

  25. I know it’s a laugh-line around here, but hasn’t Paul Rodgers legitimately been talked about a number of times for other bands? — both decades before Queen — and after his stint with (+) Queen.

    Am I imagining that he was considered — or rather, his name “came up” — for The Doors back in the early 70’s — but that he was literally not able to be contacted because he was out in the country for several months, some sort of hiatus or something.

    But I swear I’ve heard reports of his name — again legitimately — having been “thought about” by 2 or 3 other bands here and there over the years. And I mean beyond the semi-laugh-line mention of him here on the SHF boards.

    (Whether he ever actually ‘auditioned’ though, I realize, is an entirely different story.)
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